OmniJoin Overview Guide

OmniJoin Overview Guide
OmniJoin Overview Guide
A quick start reference tool
for new OmniJoin users
...........Starting a Meeting
............Mobile Devices
Starting a meeting
Your meeting room, audio and
video settings and screen layouts
Starting a meeting
How to start your meeting
1. Open your web browser on your PC and go to:
2. Enter your email address and password if prompted
Enter My Meeting Room
4. Follow the on screen instructions to temporarily install OmniJoin.
OmniJoin will open a separate window, titled: ‘OmniJoin (your name’s) meeting room’
Use the ‘configurator’ window to test your camera, speaker and microphone levels.
(See ‘Audio and Video Settings’ for more help).
Adjusting sound and vision before your meeting
When you start your own meeting or join someone else’s, the media configurator window
opens automatically. This helps you make sure sound levels are properly adjusted so you
can hear and be heard, and gives you a chance to check your web camera is working.
Audio and Video Settings
Adjusting sound and video during your meeting
You can adjust sound levels at any point in your meeting by clicking on the ‘Audio’ tab
and click ‘Device Settings’ on your meeting room toolbar. This allows you to increase
or decrease speaker and microphone volume, or mute them altogether.
Select your webcam and preview the video image:
1. Click on ‘Video’ tab
2. Select ‘Video Settings’
Click drop down
list to view and
select available
Make sure you
can see yourself
in the frame
Inviting attendees
Inviting other people to your meeting
In your Meeting Room, click on ‘Invite’ and then select how you wish to invite
attendees. Selecting ‘Invite by email’ or ‘Invite by link’ will notify your attendees.
Both options automatically generate the unique code they need to enter the meeting.
Scheduling a meeting
The default address to login via a web browser:
If using the presence client, you can access the web portal to schedule a
meeting through the Meet Now tab, and then click ‘My Account web
portal page’.
Click ‘Schedule
a Meeting’
Your request will appear where
you can specify the meeting
Add the email addresses of the
people you want to invite to your
meeting and click Save.
Your meeting will then be listed
under My Meetings.
options allows
the meeting
environment to
be configured
Layout Style
Choose from 7 different screen layouts
To choose the best layout for your meeting, click on the layout button. If you are unsure which layout is best for your meeting, select meeting modes.
Choose your
screen layout
Meeting Modes
Offering both preset and step-by-step customisable modes, hosts can change several
settings at once with just a few clicks during meetings, and quickly configure new meeting
rooms using the scheduler. Whether it’s an informal briefing, a team presentation, a group
collaboration session or a high-profile corporate meeting, there is a meeting mode to suit
your business environment. Simple, easy to configure and change throughout the session
to adjust to any work situation.
Hosting a meeting
What you can do as a Host
and how to change attendee roles
Now you are a host, what can you do?
What meeting Hosts are able to do
When you set up a meeting, you are automatically given exclusive control of the most important meeting functions. These are known as ‘Host Privileges’.
Invite new
people to attend
Start a group
chat or chat
with individual
Share your
& PowerPoint
Record the
Control other
participants’ sharing
privileges and
audio and video
Lock or unlock
the meeting to
control access
Remotely control
computers and
access their
files (with their
Share whiteboard
graphics, web
browser window
and media files
Hosting a meeting
Changing Roles
Host privileges can be given to other participants. This is useful if one of other people in the meeting has input in to the meeting or material to share.
clicks on
Enter Password
Sharing and
Selecting screens, applications,
documents, media and web browsers
to share with participants
Sharing and Collaboration
Sharing your desktop screen
Sharing your desktop is useful if you have several files or folders to talk attendees through.
When you share your desktop, everyone in your meeting room will see everything on it, along with all your cursor actions and events.
As a host or presenter, you will only see the desktop, your participants will still be in the OmniJoin meeting and will also be able to view your desktop.
Click Share
tab and select
If you have 2
screens confirm
which one you
want to share
Your screen will
now display the
sharing tab and
be bordered in
Click little red ‘X’
to hide document
from other users
Your screen
will have a green
frame to show it
is being shared
Sharing and Collaboration
Sharing applications
Sharing an application is an extremely useful tool if you want use all the editing features within that application to collaborate and develop content.
Almost any application can be shared and other participants can have full control of its features, just as they would using it on their own PC.
Click on
Application in
the Sharing tab
From the
thumbnail images,
choose the application
or applications you
want to share
Your screen will
now display the
sharing tab and
be bordered in
Click pen icon
on the now
sharing tab to use
annotation tools.
Your screen
will have a green
frame to show it
is being shared
Sharing and Collaboration
Sharing files
Hosts and any user with Presenter status can select and share a document during a meeting. Share files, documents and media files from your
computer or OmniJoin Cloud. These sharing features are ideal when you do not need to make changes to the files during the meeting. File Share is
generally faster with lower bandwidth than Screen Share.
Choose a
document from
your files
and click ‘Open’
Click Yes to
create permanent
folder of meeting
Open file from as
a title and then
choose from either
my computer or
omnijoin cloud.
Use top toolbar to
scroll, size, save &
print document
Click little red ‘X’
to hide document
from other users
Use toolbar to
annotate and mark
up documents (Hosts
and users with
Annotation privileges
and above only)
* clicking yes means the document will permanantly
be in the room. not recommended if the room will be
used more than once.
Sharing and Collaboration
Sharing files and handouts
This feature allows you, as a Host or Presenter, to copy files to a shared meeting folder that other users can then access and download.
Click on Share tab
and click Share
Files are copied
to a folder all
users can access
for downloading
Choose ‘From
My Computer’ or
‘OmniJoin Cloud’
Click Yes to
create permanent
folder of meeting
Using the interactive drawing function
Selecting and using the whiteboard
Whiteboard is a real time, virtual drawing board for sketching charts and diagrams and creating notes to share with other users.
To activate whiteboard, click on the share tab and select ‘Whiteboard’ from the top bar menu.
Meeting Hosts, and any user with Annotation Privileges (controlled by the Host), can use whiteboard. All users can view it.
Click on ‘Share’
tab, and select
Click little ‘X’
to hide whiteboard
from other users
Annontation tools.
Select paint, line,
freehand drawing
and shape tools
Chat Function
Chatting with groups and
individuals during meetings
Chat Function
Communicate with other meeting attendees,
individually or in groups
click chat
and chat with
all attendees
or specific
Save and print
Chats and paste
text into Chat
messages here
iOS Mobile devices
Using OmniJoin on iPads and iPhones
Mobile devices
OmniJoin for tablet and smartphone
OmniJoin is a true ‘collaborate anywhere’ system. It is available for Windows and Apple
desktop and laptop computers and for iOS mobile devices.
The mobile interface is unified with a familiar look and feel to desktop versions. So to help
you find your way around on your iOS device, here are the main screens and features as
they appear on tablets and smartphones.
Video and
document share
layout, with layout
selection window
Video on
Main tablet screen layouts:
Meet now
Video only
Share layout
with active
chat window
Mobile devices
OmniJoin for tablet and smartphone
Main smartphone screen layouts:
Landscape and
document share
layout, Host
only video
Full screen chat
Video and
share layout
schedule screen
Video only layout
Further information
For further information please contact
your local OmniJoin representative.
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