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iFamCare HELMET H1 Quick start guide
Quick Start Guide
Designed in California
iOS • Android
Helmet Camera
1 Helmet
Power Adapter
1 Quick Start Guide
1 Power Adapter
1 Wall Mount Kit
Getting Started
Your Wi-Fi
(not included)
What you need to get started:
Your Smart Device
(not included)
Step 1
Step 2
Launch the app and tap “Install a
New Camera”
Verify that your phone or tablet is
connected to a Wi-Fi network.
* Your router must provide Wi-Fi connection
for Internet access.
Connect the power adapter to the back
of your camera. Wait until you hear the
startup jingle.
From App Store or Google Play, download
the iFamCare App onto your supported
device (phone/tablet).
Enter your password and follow the
* If you enter your Wi-Fi password wrong, reconnect
the power adapter then follow Step 2.
** If you have an account on iBaby Care App, you
can simply login with your existing account information.
Installation Failure or Router Change?
! Make sure your phone/tablet is
! Put the monitor in10 feet of your
! Your router must be set at 2.4 GHz
! This camera is high definition, please
! In case of failure or router change,
! If any video loading issue, please
connected to a Wi-Fi network.
router until the installation is done.
frequency. Please do not use 5 GHz.
ensure having an Internet speed of
at least 3 Mbps.
reset the monitor by holding the reset
button at the back of the monitor for
20 seconds until you hear a jingle.
lower the resolution through Settings >
Display Settings.
For more information & support, please visit
Customer Care:
+1 (650) 396-2436
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