Lake Controller on iPad

Lake Controller on iPad
Lake Controller on the iPad
Easy and intuitive, with the “feel” of analog faders
and controls, Lake Controller is now available via the
ultra-portable iPad.
How It Works
Since the launch of iPad, many audio professionals
have been looking for a way to run Lake Controller
on this small, cost-effective, and remarkably
ingenious hardware platform. Unfortunately, the full
Lake Controller software application is designed
to run only on a Windows OS. However, at Lab.
gruppen we have tested various VNC remote
desktop solutions. As a result we now can offer
remote access of Lake Controller using iPad,
retaining full functionality of all touchscreencontrollable features.
Lake Controller on iPad utilizes Virtual Network
Computing (VNC), a graphical desktop sharing
and remote control system based on the RFB
(remote frame buffer) protocol.
VNC Server is a software program that enables
the Windows computer (server) to share its
screen, and for a remote client to take control of
it. The VNC client (or viewer) is the program that
interacts with the server from the iPad using the
shared screen interface.
The VNC protocol (RFB) is elegantly simple,
based on one graphic primitive from server to
client (example: place a rectangle of pixel data at
the specified X,Y position) for screen information.
Event messages are carried from client to server
for remote control.
Technology Reference Note
A VNC system consists of a client (the iPad),
a server (the Windows host computer), and a
communication protocol.
Software requirements
In addition to Lake Controller, the following are needed:
VNC Server for the Windows host for Lake
Controller: RealVNC (by RealVNC Ltd) available
from for $30.00, free for
Windows XP. This is the VNC Server for the PC
Windows computer.
b. On the Target line, add the following
after the Lake Controller shortcut target:
VNC Client for iPad: ezDesktop VNC (by Antecea
Inc.) available from Appstore for $9.99.
* Other software combinations may work as well.
Setup and configuration
Follow these step-by-step instructions:
Client: Enter Appstore from your iPad and
download ezDesktop VNC and RDP. This is a
free app with a time-limited VNC connection.
With the VNC Remote Desktop “In App
Purchase”, full access is granted for $9.99.
3. Run the installation. Start the VNC Server and
a. Authentication tab: It is recommended to set a
VNC Password Authentication.
b.Capture Method tab: Select the “Use VNC
hooks to track changes”.
c.Desktop tab: Remove wallpaper. Remove
background pattern and disable user
interface effects.
5. Set the screen resolution on the computer
running VNC Server to 1024 x 768 for optimum
resolution match with iPad.
4. Lake Controller: For Lake Controller to run
smoothly and effectively on the VNC Client, a
few Command Line Options must be entered
to the Lake Controller shortcut. (For full
description please see section 21, Command
Line Options, in the Lake Controller Operation
a.Right click on Lake Controller shortcut in
Start menu. (Shortcut to “C:\Program Files\
Lake\Lake Controller vX.Y\Lake Controller.
exe” where X is the major version and Y is
the minor version.”
7. Connect the VNC Client on the iPad to the VNC
Server on the computer by entering the
computer’s IP address in the VNC Client.
6. For Windows 7, Disable Windows Aero Themes
Right click on desktop and choose
b. Scroll down and select the Windows 7 Basic or
Windows Classic theme.
8. Done! You are now ready to interact with your
Lake devices with Lake Controller via the iPad
L A K E P R O C E S S I N G ▸ S w e d en
in t erna t iona L con t ac t ▸ in f o @ lakeprocessing . co m
U S & C A N A D A C O N T A C T ▸ in f o @ T C G - a m ericas . co m
w w w.l
Technology Reference Note
2. Server: From your Windows computer go to
html and download the appropriate VNC
server depending on your OS and requirements.
For Windows XP based systems the Free
Edition version is sufficient; Windows 7 requires
the Personal Edition at a cost of $30.00.
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