SanDiskUltra ® SD™, SDHC™ and SDXC™ memory cards

SanDiskUltra ® SD™, SDHC™ and SDXC™ memory cards
SanDisk Ultra® SD™, SDHC™ and
SDXC™ memory cards
Unleash your camera’s potential with the speed and proven
reliability of SanDisk Ultra® memory cards. From fast-action
pictures to Full HD† videos, you won’t miss a moment
with the card that’s built to capture your most
precious memories. To get more of your
camera’s performance, go with a name
you can trust. SanDisk®, the global leader
in flash memory cards.
Available capacities:
2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB*
‚‚ Step up to 15 MB/second** speed for faster
picture transfer
‚‚ Class 4 enabled—great for more Full HD† video
‚‚ SanDisk Ultra® SDHC™ is the best choice for your
point and shoot camera
‚‚ SanDisk Ultra® SDXC™ memory card is perfect for the
latest high-megapixel SDXC format cameras and
HD camcorders.
‚‚ Backed by a limited lifetime warranty††.
* 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage.
**Up to 15MB/sec read speed/write speed lower. Based on SanDisk internal testing; performance may
be lower depending on host device. 1 megabyte (MB) = 1 million bytes. X=150 KB/sec.
† Full HD video (1920x1080x30fps) and HD video support may vary based upon host device, file size,
resolution, compression, bit rate, content and other factors. See:
††10 years warranty in Germany and regions not recognizing limited lifetime warranty
Not all devices support SDHC or SDXC cards. Check device manufacturer for more details.
SanDisk, the SanDisk logo and SanDisk Ultra are trademarks of SanDisk Corporation, registered in the U.S.
and other countries. The SD, SDHC and SDXC marks and logos are trademarks of SD-3C LLC.
©2011 SanDisk Corporation. All rights reserved. 80-11-01816, 4/11
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