Configuring the Zoiper on iPhone 3.6.1 for SIP Registration

Configuring the Zoiper on iPhone 3.6.1 for SIP Registration
 Configuring the Zoiper on iPhone 3.6.1 for SIP Registration This guide shows you the steps to configure a SIP phone to register with Twilio. If you have any feedback on the following guide please email us at: ​ General Notes ●
Please see separate instructions on creating Programmable Voice ­ SIP domains. This guide assumes these steps have already been done. User­credentials are required to register phones. IP ACLs alone are not sufficient. Your AuthorizationName should match the username on the SIP endpoint and both of those should match a user credential that you entered on Twilio's console. A SIP URI is: sip:username@SIPDomain or sip:phonenumber@SIPDomain When this document refers to ​
it represents: yourdomain​
region​ where you have selected ​
on Twilio’s console (globally unique) and ​
which is initiallly US1 (North­Virginia) only and other regions later. Enter the following details as seen in following image: a. Account Name: ​
Your choice b. Display As: ​
Your choice c. Username​
: This is the ​
for authentication. It must match the username configured in the Twilio console credentialList. d. Password​
: This is the password corresponding to the username in the credentialList that you configured for your TwilioSIPDomain. e. Domain​
: ​
TwilioSIPDomain f. Toggle Enable ­ if registration succeeded you will see ​
Registered ​
for Account Status. g. Save In your accounts page the green icon below indicates you are registered and the arrows in both directions indicates you can make and receive calls. Congrats ­ you’re done! For troubleshooting you can: 1. Settings > Advanced Settings. If Verbose Logging is OFF, turn it to ON and tap Apply Changes. 2. Reproduce the problem. 3. Settings > Advanced Settings. Tap Send Log. A prompt appears. 
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