Bid Specifications
Bid Specifications
Telex SoundMate Multi-Channel
Personal FM Transmitter PST-170
1. General Description
The Personal FM Transmitter is designed to provide auditory assistance in both personal and
group situations. It operates on the 17 narrow-band channels in the 72-76 MHz band. The
Personal FM Transmitter is light-weight and battery operated for convenience and portability. It
runs on two (2) AA batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH) and can be paired with an economical, durable
personal listening receivers.
2. System Components
1. The FM Transmitter must transmit 17 FCC-approved narrow band frequencies (in the 7276 MHz radio band) available for the transmitter. The transmitter must identify
numerically with a back lit LCD indicator the designated radio channel being transmitted.
2. The FM Transmitter must function with directional and omni-directional lapel
microphones, or with head worn noise-canceling boom microphones.
3. The transmitter must have Enhanced Dynamic Range (E.D.R.) feature to improve Signal
to Noise and audio quality when used with the SR-400 in E.D.R. mode.
4. The FM Transmitter must have two audio input jacks. One jack must function with the
microphone input and the second jack must function with auxiliary inputs, such as tape
recorders, televisions, or other audio sources.
5. The FM Transmitter must have an on/off power switch.
6. The FM Transmitter must have a “Power On” indicator light which glows red when
7. The FM Transmitter must have charge contacts to accommodate charging the unit.
8. The FM Transmitter must be powered by two AA-size removable batteries. Either
rechargeable nickel metal hydride or non-rechargeable alkaline batteries can be used. The
transmitter must operate for a minimum of 7 hours when using rechargeable batteries
which are fully charged.
9. The FM Transmitter must have a three year parts and labor warranty.
3. Specifications
Audio Input Characteristics --------- Mic: TA4M connector, 7.75 mV RMS input for +/- 25 KHz
deviation, 10K ohms nominal impedance
Aux. Input: -----------------------------3.5 mm (0.138 inch) jack, 100 mV unbalanced, 10K ohms
nominal impedance
Antenna --------------------------------- Permanently attached trailing wire
Modulation ----------------------------- FM, +/- 25 KHz deviation
Frequency Response (System) ------ 100 Hz to 10,000 Hz
Automatic Gain Control Range ----- 30 dB
System Signal to Noise -------------- 58 dB, > 77 dB with E.D.R.
Preemphasis --------------------------- 100 micro seconds
Maximum Power --------------------- 80K micro Volt/m @ 3 m
Power Requirements ----------------- (2) AA batteries, Alkaline or Ni-MH 8 hours alkaline, 7
hours Ni-MH
Size ------------------------------------- 3.9 inches high x 2.7 inches wide x 1.0 inch thick (9.9 x 6.9 x
2.5 cm) excluding belt clip
Weight ---------------------------------- 5.1 oz. (145 grams) including batteries
FCC ID --------------------------------- B5DM521
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