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You've probably noticed that all of your electronics get hot when they run for a while. Electronic
components generate heat when they're working, and your laptop is no different. There are two major
reasons why laptops have more of an overheating problem than desktops. First, since laptops are
smaller than desktops, those electronic components are crammed in there more tightly. Since they're
closer together, and since the casing of a laptop is so narrow, there's not much room for the heat to
How can you keep your laptop cool?
1. Check your fans.
Making sure your laptop's cooling abilities are working well can go a long way toward avoiding
or fixing a problem. You can check your fans using a fan-diagnosing tool that may be available on
the manufacturer’s website.
2. Clean the air vents.
Laptops use airflow to aid with cooling. They have intake vents near the front of the case, and
exhaust vents at the back. The easiest way to clean the vents is to blast them with compressed
air. You can also go over the vents them with a slightly damp cloth.
3. Only use your laptop on a flat surface.
Despite their name, laptops are not really designed to be used directly on your lap. Any soft
surface impedes airflow into and out of the cooling vents. It also can cause heat to get caught
underneath the unit.
4. Use a laptop stand or cooling mat.
If you must use your computer in your lap, a laptop stand puts some distance between the
bottom of the laptop and the surface you're using it on, creating a space where heat can
dissipate. Another way to go is a laptop pad or mat, which are made from a heat-managing
The heat characteristics of your laptop are always changing, depending on age, environment and power
usage. Be aware of your laptop's fluctuating temperatures and learn how different situations can
increase the heat.
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