HS Hi-R NEO 900

HS Hi-R NEO 900
HS Hi-R NEO 900
For first class surgery
Strong Name – Strong Product
Our highlights:
Enjoy high optical visualization with Haag-Streit SurgicaL’s
for intraoperative OCT (iOCT)*. Live scans on the anterior or
microscope HS Hi-R NEO 900 for ophthalmology and hand
posterior eye’s segment support a number of procedures and
surgery. It allows superior judgment and treatment with best
ensure surgical outcome.
depth perception and 3-dimensional vision due to its 25 mm
Modularity – this key word describes the accessory structure
stereo base.
of the HS Hi-R NEO 900. On demand, the ophthalmoscopic sysThe microscope’s integrated display gives instant feed-back on
tem EIBOS 2 as well as the TOCULAR can be added. Standard
all important settings. By a single glance you find information
accessories are available like observers, cameras, a recording
on the positions of focus, zoom, and X-Y coupling as well as the
system, a keratoscope, a motorized slit lamp, a depth-of-field
level of illumination. To maximize the freedom of positioning
diaphragm, and foot switches.
the microscope, an inclination mechanism has been integrated
For the carrying system also various options, including the
ranging from -70° to +90°. Fine adjustments can be made in
choice of illumination (halogen and LED), arise. Take advantage
sterile manner during surgery.
of this modularity for optimal patient care, cost efficiency and
In the variation HS Hi-R NEO 900A NIR, the microscope is ready
fast return on investment.
* Pending FDA approval. Not for sale in the US.
Halogen or LED
light source
»Individual configuration exactly for your needs
»Impressive optical image quality
» Extraordinary movability, precise positioning
» Highly economical due to modular design
Floor stand FS 2-25
Rotatable ocular with reticle
for alignment of toric IOLs.
For examination of the cornea.
HS Hi-R NEO 900A
offers the assistant full stereoscopic vision. The 0° assistant
scope with its 12.5 x oculars has its own magnification changer
(5 steps) and focusing device allowing both surgeons independently to select the focal plane and magnification. It easily swivels laterally, and, for relaxed working, the eyepiece head may be
inclined and rotated into the most comfortable position.
Light router LR 1000i
Image injection with LR 1000i
for phaco operation parameters
(Geuder Megatron S4).
The microscope’s integrated red reflex enhancer is especially
designed to clearly show all details during polishing the capsular
bag. For light hazard protection even at low illumination levels a
bright reflex is visible. The red reflex enhancer can be individually
adjusted to always achieve a perfect red glow as well as switched
off for corneal surgery.
Depth of field
With the large depth of field achieved by HS Hi-R NEO 900 focussing
procedures are limited to a minimum. To increase this effect also in
high magnifications our Double Iris Diaphragm can be added.
Light router LR 1000
For facing surgeons in
hand surgery.
Optional equipment
MIOS stands for Microscope Imaging and Operation
System. Its prime functions are recording of operation scenes, capturing and recording of snapshots,
together with proper identification of patients’ and
hospital data. Images and video streams can be
stored on DVD-R/-RW, HDD, USB sticks, and external
USB hard disks or transmitted to the hospital PACS
via DICOM.
(Microscope Display) turns the operating microscope
into a microsurgical image control center. The high
resolution screen, mounted next to the oculars,
provides images or data for the surgeon which
she/he may see by momentarily looking up from
the oculars. The touch screen allows control of
numerous functions.
For best visualization we recommend our
HAAG-STREIT camera C.MOR HD as well as the
monitor C.MON HD.
Important for vitreoretinal surgery is the non-contact
Various camera attachment systems like light
wide angle ophthalmoscope EIBOS 2, which is rota-
Routers and especially the Beam Splitter T are
table around the front lens. EIBOS 2, covered with a
sterile drape, is flipped down for the operation. The
focus mechanism and the inverter are integrated.
The slit illumination (integrated into the HS Hi-R
NEO 900) can be applied very effectively through
the EIBOS 2 in the starting phase of a vitrectomy for
better vision of the vitreus.
Halogen or LED
Mechanical solutions
The floor stands FS 2-11 (halogen) and FS 2-15 (LED)
are equipped with newly designed mechanical brakes,
which are preadjusted in the factory for free-floating
movements as well as for stable working positions.
The light source is mounted externally for easy access.
A tray (with transformer) to carry a camera control unit
may be attached to the column.
For most ergonomic control of the microscope
Haag-Streit Surgical recommends its newly designed
corrosion-proof foot switches. While EF 5000 is
connected to the floor stand via cable, EF 5001 controls
14 functions of the microscope wireless via bluetooth.
HS Hi-R NEO 900
with M.DIS on floor stand
Foot switches
FS 2-11 / FS 2-15
EF 5000 / EF 5001
with 14 functions
High-tech solutions
Electromagnetic brakes in the floor stands FS 2-21 (halogen)
and FS 2-25 (LED) support the smooth movements of the
microscope and stable working positioning.
The front side accepts a high-resolution monitor (optional).
The floor stands are computer-controlled with a graphic
display for programming the individual start settings of
the operating surgeons and the surgical procedures.
The microscope parameters, brightness, and the floor
stand balance are also controlled on the graphic display.
The shape and internal reinforcements make the floor
stands extremely stable against vibrations. The cables
are completely covered in a cable duct.
HS Hi-R NEO 900A
on floor stand FS 2-25
Graphic display
Ceiling units on request. Subject to alterations
Rosengarten 10
D-22880 Wedel, Germany
Telephone +49-4103-709 04
Fax +49-4103-709 355
HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL distributes products manufactured by MÖLLER-WEDEL through dedicated representatives as well as national sister companies globally. You can find their contact
addresses under www.haag-streit-surgical.com.
MÖLLER-WEDEL is not only developing innovative products but also producing them conscious to the environment. Fulfilling an Enviromental Management System according to ISO 14001 is
the guide line. While all certifications are ongoing for HAAG-STREIT-SURGICAL, MÖLLER-WEDEL maintains a Quality Management System for Medical Products according to ISO 13485, certified
by TÜV. All products are CE-labled.
30 010b02 – Printed in Germany
Technical Data HS Hi-R NEO 900
Technical Data HS Hi-R NEO 900
Operating microscope HS Hi-R NEO 900 HS Hi-R NEO 900A
Optics apochromatic with correction apochromatic
of residual aberration
apochromatic, optimized
for Near Infra Red (NIR)
175 mm
4.4 x to 26.6 x
175 mm
4.4 x to 26.6 x
7.9 mm to 47.4 mm
27 mm to 51 mm
surgeon 200°, assistant 160°
7.9 mm to 47.4 mm
27 mm to 51 mm
surgeon 200°,
assistant 160°
surgeon 10 x, assistant 12.5 x
surgeon 10 x,
assistant 12.5 x
11.5 kg 11.5 kg
Floor stands FS 2-11 FS 2-15 Door height Maximal arm reach Swivel area
Height at oculars Carrying capacity Weight Light source including backup Permanent filters
Operating voltage Max. power consumption Brakes Foot switch Optional equipment
1777 mm 1223 mm 2 x 300°
970 mm to 1650 mm 4.5 kg to 15.0 kg 198 kg 2 x 150 W 2 x 50 W halogen LED UV, IR
100 VAC to 240 VAC
600 VA 450 VA preset, manual 14 functions
trays with transformers, monitor arms
FS 2-21 FS 2-25
1936 mm
1320 mm
2 x 270°
1075 mm to 1795 mm
5.5 kg to 17.0 kg
240 kg
2 x 150 W 2 x 50 W
halogen LED
1200 VA electromagnetic
1000 VA
Ceiling units on request. Subject to alterations
HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL GmbH • Rosengarten 10 • D-22880 Wedel, Germany • Telephone +49-4103-709 04 • Fax +49-4103-709 355 • info@haag-streit-surgical.com • www.haag-streit-surgical.com
50 010b02 – Printed in Germany
Stereo base 25 mm
Working distance
(standard, exchangeable)
200 mm Magnification (mot. zoom 1:6) 3.9 x to 23.2 x Focus (mot.)
+17 mm to -13 mm
X-Y coupling 60 mm x 60 mm
Diameter visual field 9.0 mm to 54.2 mm Illuminated field
31 mm to 59 mm
Eyepiece head, inclinable 200° Diopter setting
+5 D to -8 D
Oculars 10 x Rotation
540°, electromagnetic
coarse -70° to +90°, fine +/- 10°
UV, softlight, daylight, blue
Weight (without accessories) 9.2 kg HS Hi-R NEO 900A NIR
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