Seamless picture quality at 60 FPS H.264 encoding for

Seamless picture quality at 60 FPS H.264 encoding for
USB 3.0 Video Capture Device - HDMI® / DVI / VGA / Component HD Video Recorder - 1080p 60fps
This USB 3.0 external video capture device lets you record 1080p HD video and stereo audio to your computer
system. With multiple video inputs including HDMI, DVI, VGA and component, the capture card can record
original content from various sources such as computers, camcorders, security systems, POS terminals, and
servers. With a framerate of 60 FPS (frames per second) and H.264 encoding, this is the perfect solution for
capturing high-definition video for editing, compiling, and archiving.
Seamless picture quality at 60 FPS
Record lossless video at 60 FPS ensuring every frame of content is saved, unlike 30-frame-per-second capture
devices that only catch half the action. 60 FPS exactly matches the output of most computer video cards, which
is great for recording the output from your PC, server, or POS station when creating software training
and tutorial videos.
H.264 encoding for wide device compatibility
The included software encodes in H.264, the most widely adopted video codec in the world, ensuring your video
captures will be compatible with almost any device platform such as PC, Mac®, iOS® and Android™ with
no editing or converting required. H.264 is also widely supported by most software titles including Adobe
Premiere® and Windows Media® Encoder. Plus, the software not only lets you capture and export videos, but it
also lets you take screenshots, schedule recordings and instantly stream your video source over the
Internet using online services such as Twitch or Justin.TV.
This USB capture card is capable of capturing lossless raw video making it compatible with Microsoft®
DirectShow. With raw video capture you can record video using your preferred third party DirectShow software
such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).
Flexible Input Solutions for Convenient Compatibility
With multiple A/V input options you can capture from a wide variety of sources including HDMI, DVI, VGA, and
component. You can also use this capture card with A/V adapters to record other video sources such as SDI
using our SDI to HDMI converter (SDI2HD). Support for a variety of A/V device is ideal for archiving analog
video footage into a digital database.
The device also includes easy-to-use software that’s compatible with NTSC and PAL systems, making it a
must for professional video archiving applications where source media can change from project to project.
The USB3HDCAP is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.
Will not record digitally encrypted content.
Not compatible with ASmedia, or Etron USB 3.0 host controllers. If your system has one of these nonsupported controllers you can alternatively add a PCI-express USB 3.0 controller card such as the PEXUSB3S4V, PEXUSB3S400 or PEXUSB3S4.
Computer System Requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 (32/64-bit)
CPU: i3 Dual Core 2.8GHz or higher
Memory: 2 GB
USB 3.0 host controller (Confirmed support with: Intel, Renesas (NEC), VIA, AMD, Fresco FL1100)
Record video for training and tutorial purposes from varying video output technologies
Stream live video feeds online with streaming services such as twitch
Use with ST122HDMILE HDMI splitter to capture HD video game play at 60 frames per second, while
playing on a different display
Convert analog video to digital in professional video archiving applications
Seamless picture quality with USB 3.0 bandwidth enabling you to capture 1080p video at 60fps
Record from virtually any device, with support for HDMI, DVI, VGA, and Component video input sources
Supports 2-channel stereo audio (HDMI / RCA)
NTSC and PAL systems supported
Supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio
Technical Specifications
Converter Type
Industry Standards
Audio Specifications
General Specifications
Maximum Analog
Maximum Digital
Supported Resolutions
Wide Screen Supported
Connector B
Connector B
Connector B
Connector B
Connector B
Connector B
Connector B
Connector B
OS Compatibility
2 Years
Format Converter
Video Encoding: MPEG4/H.264
HDMI or Component RCA Stereo
This product is not compatible with Etron USB controllers, or ASMedia 1042 / 1042A
USB controllers.
1920x1080 (1080p/30/50/60)
Video input: 1920x1080 (1080p/30/50/60)
Video Output: 1920x1080 (1080p/60)
1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p, 480i/p
1 - USB 3.0 B (9 pin; SuperSpeed) Female Output
1 - HDMI (19 pin) Female Input
1 - DVI-I (29 pin) Female Input
1 - Stereo Audio (2 x RCA) Female Input
1 - Component Video (3 x RCA) Female Input
1 - Composite Video (1 x RCA) Female Input
1 - VGA (15 pin; High Density D-Sub) Female Input
1 - S-Video (4 pin; Mini-DIN) Female Input
Windows® 8 / 8.1 (32/64bit) / Windows® 7 (32/64bit) / Vista(32/64) / XP(32/64)
Confirmed compatible USB 3.0 host controllers: Intel, Renesas (NEC), VIA, AMD,
Fresco FL1100
Incompatible USB 3.0 host controllers: ASmedia, Etron
Product Height
24.5 mm [1 in]
Product Length
114.4 mm [4.5 in]
Product Weight
106 g [3.7 oz]
Product Width
75.5 mm [3 in]
20-80% RH Non-Condensing
Operating Temperature 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F)
Storage Temperature
-5°C to 40°C (23°F to 1604°F)
Shipping (Package)
410 g [14.5 oz]
Included in Package
Included in Package
Included in Package
Included in Package
Included in Package
1 - USB 3.0 HD Video Capture Device
1 - A/V breakout cable
1 - DVI to VGA adapter
1 - USB 3.0 Cable
1 - Instruction manual
Certifications, Reports and Compatibility
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