DVI Compliance Test Solution - TDSDVI

DVI Compliance Test Solution - TDSDVI
DVI Compliance Test Solution
TDSDVI Data Sheet
Features & Benefits
Wide Range of Tests enable Complete Validation to Standards
Automatic One-button Testing ensures Faster Testing with Higher
Comprehensive Range of Tests for Transmitter, Cable, and Receiver
Testing – Eye-diagram Test, Peak-to-Peak Jitter, Inter-pair and Intra-pair
Skew, Rise and Fall Time.
Automatic Pass/Fail Notification for Quick Conformance to Standards
Supports All Resolutions up to UXGA
Half-clock and Pseudorandom Patterns for Various Resolutions allow
Testing as per DDWG Procedures
Online Context-sensitive Help provides Assistance
Sophisticated Report Generator Saves Time
Unique Result-comparison Feature enables Comparing Results of Tests
Conducted on Two Different Devices
DVI Physical Layer Compliance Testing
Characterize the Quality of Your DVI Designs
Data Sheet
indication for the conducted tests, substantiated with detailed results, makes
TDSDVI the preferred solution for DVI compliance testing. An automatic
report generator provides the detailed report for the conducted tests.
Transmitter Tests
Eye Diagram, Peak-to-Peak Jitter, Skew (Intra- and
Inter-pair), Rise/Fall Time
Eye Diagram (high amplitude and low amplitude),
Peak-to-Peak Jitter, Skew (Intra- and Inter-pair)
Eye Diagram (high amplitude and low amplitude)
Half-clock and pseudorandom patterns for resolutions
from VGA to UXGA.
Cable Tests
Receiver Tests
Patterns for Compliance
Testing as per DDWG
Eye diagram showing mask hits.
Engineers involved in design, characterization, and validation of DVI
devices face constant pressure to speed new products to the marketplace.
Developers need to improve efficiency with faster validation cycles.
Design and validation engineers need tools to perform quick and reliable
compliance testing right on their bench.
TDSDVI Compliance Test Solution, coupled with DPO7354 and
DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series oscilloscopes, enhances test efficiency with
faster validation cycles and offers higher reliability for conformance to
Comprehensive Range of Measurements
TDSDVI addresses the wide spectrum of Transmitter, Receiver, and Cable
tests. The portfolio of tests includes eye diagram, jitter, skew, and rise/fall
time testing.
Reliable Testing with In-depth Information
TDSDVI is the industry’s first compliance test tool that conducts testing
according to DVI specification and the DVI Test and Measurement Guide.
It first calculates the unit interval (Tbit), accumulates a million acquisitions,
and performs the eye diagram test on the worst-case eye among the ten
bits of a pixel. The mask hit count provides detailed information about the
signal characteristics.
Easy to Use
TDSDVI automatically sets up the oscilloscope for the selected test,
creates the eye mask, and also performs other parametric tests. Pass/Fail
Tektronix Oscilloscopes Required
DPO7000 and DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series oscilloscopes with firmware version
3.0.0 and above.
Ordering Information
DVI Compliance Test Software
Includes: Application CD and electronic documentation.
To Order Along with the DPO7354 and DPO/DSA/MSO70000
Series Oscilloscopes
Opt. DVI – DVI Compliance Test Solution.
To Upgrade Existing Oscilloscope
Recommended Accessories
Differential Probes
Single-ended Probes
Arbitrary Waveform
Time Domain
P7350, P7330, P6330
Jitter and Eye Analysis package
AWG5000 and AWG7000 Series
DSA8200 and 80E04
DVI Compliance Test Solution — TDSDVI
Data Sheet
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Updated 25 May 2010
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14 Oct 2010
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