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RJ Adapter
The RJ Adapter is a plug-and-play device that
provides a gateway from Distech Controls’
configurable range of RJ9 accessories to
Distech Controls’ ECB-PTU and ECL-PTU
Series controllers.
The RJ Adapter is sold individually or in sets of 5.
The RJ Adapter enables the compatibility of
PTU Series controllers with the following RJ9
£ Allure RS-Smart-Sense Series
£ MS2 Series
£ RIR Series
£ RFR-K Series
£ RS-DL Series
£ RS-LCD Series
Features & Benefits
A touchscreen color display for your
Smart Room Control Solution
The RJ Adapter allows you to connect the Allure
RS-Smart-Sense, providing you with a high-end
device to complement your Smart Room Control
solution. Ensure occupant comfort with a full
color, touch sensitive color screen and intuitive
interface which provides real-time control of
comfort parameters: temperature, fan speed,
Find the device suitable to your needs
Answer your project's specific requirements with
most of the RJ9 range sensors now available for
the PTU Series controllers, a broad array of
models suitable for a wide range of
environments and applications: receivers, multisensors, room sensors, remote controls… .
Enable radio communication on your
PTU Controller
Thanks to the compatibility with MS2-R and
RFR-K receivers with PTU Series controllers,
you can now benefit from radio communications
allowing you to choose between infrared or
radio technology to meet the requirements of
your wireless installation.
Simplified refurbishment
The RJ Adapter facilitates the replacement of
PFC Series controllers by the industry-leading
PTU Series controllers. Save time and costs as
your RJ9 accessories installed in the building
are now compatible with our industry-leading
PTU Series controllers.
Model Selection
RJ Adapter Adapter for the connection of RJ9
accessories to PTU Series
Box of 5 RJ Box of 5 adapters for the
connection of RJ9 accessories to
PTU Series controllers
Product Specifications
Power Supply Input
16 VDC maximum, Class 2
Power Consumption
At the connected controller, an additional 60mW
RJ-45 Port
£ Rate
£ Communications
£ Cable length
£ Cable Type
£ Connectors
38 400 bps
depending on RJ9 accessory cable (180 m – RJ-9 cable length)
T568B Cat 5e network cable, 4 twisted pairs
RJ-9 Port
£ Rate
£ Communications
£ Cable length
£ Cable Type
£ Connectors
600 bps
please refer to the RJ-9 accessory datasheet
Distech Controls’ RJ-9 cables
Dimensions (H × W × D)
18 x 77 x 27 mm
27 [1.06]
65 [2.56]
77 [3.03]
Shipping Weight:
£ Box of 5 RJ Adapter
£ RJ Adapter (unit)
mm [inches]
0.13 kg
0.03 kg
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Relative Humidity
0°C to 40°C
-20°C to 50°C
0 to 90% Non-condensing
Standards and Regulation
IEC61000-6-3: 2006 + A1: ed.2010; Generic standards for
residential, commercial and light-industrial environments
IEC61000-6-1: 2005; Generic standards for
residential, commercial and light-industrial environments
RJ Adapter
General Installation Requirements
For proper installation and subsequent operation of the device, pay special attention to the following
£ Upon unpacking, inspect the contents of the carton for shipping damages. Do not install a
damaged device.
£ Ensure proper ventilation of the device and avoid areas where corroding, deteriorating or
explosive vapors, fumes or gases may be present.
Any type of modification to any Distech Controls product will void the product’s warranty
Take reasonable precautions to prevent electrostatic discharge to the device when
installing, servicing or during operation. Discharge accumulated static electricity by
touching one’s hand to a well-grounded object before working with the device.
General Wiring Recommandations
Risk of Electric Shock: Turn off power before any kind of servicing to avoid electric
All wiring must comply with electrical wiring diagrams as well as national and local electrical
Supported Quantities
The PTU Series controllers support a maximum of 4 room devices, to be chosen among:
Controller Model
Room devices
ECB-PTU Series
Allure EC-SmartComfort
ECL-PTU Series
Allure EC-Smart-Air
Allure EC-Smart-Vue
RJ Adapter + RJ-9
Max number of room
Permitted Subnet ID
Addressing range2
1 to 4
1 to 4
1 to 4
No addressing
Table 1: Number of room devices supported by PTU Series Controllers and allowed addressing range
1. Adding devices to the subnetwork decreases the system responsiveness. This may be the origin
of a certain delay, which could be an issue for commands needing a fast response such as lighting
and shades/sunblind commands.
2. The indicated addressing ranges are specific for each group of device.
4 different Subnet ID codifications are used on the ECx Subnetwork
- 1 for Allure EC-Smart-Vue sensors
- 1 for Allure EC-Smart-Comfort and Allure EC-Smart-Air sensors
- 1 for EC-Multi-Sensors
- 1 for ECx-Light/Blind expansion modules
Consequently, an Allure EC-Smart-Vue sensor and an Allure EC-Smart-Air sensor can
have the same Subnet ID, but an Allure EC-Smart-Air sensor and an Allure ECSmartComfort sensor must have a different Subnet ID
3. A controller can support a maximum of two (2) Allure Communicating Sensor models equipped
with a CO2 sensor. Any remaining connected Allure Communicating Sensor models must be
without a CO2 sensor.
RJ Adapter
About the Subnetwork Bus
Sub-Network bus
Total length: 180 m (600 ft) maximum
RJ-45 ECx Sub-Network bus
RJ-9 Patch Cord
Max length depends on the RJ-9 accessory patch cord
(Sub-Network Bus max length - RJ-9 Patch Cord)
Max length according to
accessory specifications
RJ Adapter
EOL termination permanently
enabled (not configurable)
RJ9 Accessory
Controller Series
Typical ECx Subnetwork devices
EOL termination disabled
Figure 1: RJ Adapter Wiring
Connection Cables
The maximum length of the room device subnetwork bus is 180 m (600 ft).
For ECB/ECL-PTU Series controllers, the maximum length between two consecutive devices on the
subnetwork bus is 30 m (100 ft).
Subnetwork Bus Topology and EOL Terminations
Only a daisy-chain topology is acceptable for the room device subnetwork bus. T-connections are
not allowed.
The controller must be the first device on the Cat 5e Cable Subnetwork bus as its internal EOL
termination is permanently enabled.
The RJ adapter must be the last device on the Cat 5e Cable Subnetwork bus as its internal EOL
termination is permanently enabled.
All other room devices must have their EOL terminations set to OFF.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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