Just Repair It! A cost effective alternative to fiber optic

Just Repair It! A cost effective alternative to fiber optic
Just Repair It! A cost effective alternative to fiber optic drop replacement
Direct Buried Fiber Optic Cable Repair for FTTH
Competition Drives Everything!!
As the number of FTTH network deployment projects continues to
grow, service providers are increasingly confronted with the problem of how to efficiently and cost effectively repair cut or damaged
fiber optic drop cables at the subscriber’s premise. A couple of profound changes in the telecommunications landscape place particular
importance on the correct solution to this problem. First, due to
the array of services (Voice, Data, Video) provided by today’s
broadband networks, the quality of service provider’s outside plant network is more critical than ever.
Second, with the number of service providers available to most broadband consumers today, the speed
and efficiency at which repairs and service restorations take place can affect the subscriber’s decisions regarding whether to stay with their existing provider or move to an alternative provider. Given this competitive environment, it is imperative that service providers have a fiber optic drop cable repair solution
that is reliable, economical, permanent and easy for the technician to install in the field.
You say con-du-it . . I say can’t do it…
In the typical FTTH network, the annual fiber drop cable budget is significant. Tom combat damage that
can be done to fiber drop cable, some service providers have considered placing the fiber cable in conduit.
However, in many cases placing fiber drop cable in conduit is cost prohibitive. In fact, in some instances
the cost can be twice the cost of direct burying the cable. In addition, where conduit is used and the drop
is cut or damaged, the conduit must first be repaired before the damaged drop can be repairs or replaced.
This has driven many of the major service providers to a direct buried solution, particularly in existing
neighborhoods where placing conduit can be more difficult.
Repair or Replace?
In the legacy copper plant of most service providers, the common practice of repairing direct buried drop
cables not only restored network integrity but also saved the service provider significant dollars annually.
In the new fiber network, the service provider is now faced with a decision; replace the entire damaged
fiber drop cable or repair the damage.
This decision has a major impact on the service provider’s maintenance budget. Replacing the entire fiber
optic drop cable can be difficult and time consuming, particularly where the drop length is long, or where
the drop cable has been installed under a roadbed, driveway or sidewalk. Also, when extensive high-end
landscaping would be disturbed, replacing an entire span of fiber drop cable can be impractical. Clearly
significant dollars can be saved if truck rolls, replacement fiber cable and contractor costs are minimized
by using a repair philosophy.
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