Crimping tool

Crimping tool
Crimping tool
To fit terminal clips on to copperfoil
User Guide
Thank you for chosing this crimping tool. Please read this
user guide carefully before use of this product.
Copper foil cable cannot be connected directly to a hearing
loop driver’s loop terminal. Instead the copper foil has to
be joined with a common round cable before connection to
the loop terminal. This system with terminal clips is used
as a fast, easy and inexpensive alternative to soldering the
connection wire to the copper foil. The crimping tool is
used both to fit the terminal clips onto the copper foil and to
crimp the terminal clips to the connection cable.
Art nr 861040
Art nr 861045
1. Adjust the crimping tool’s opening
For the terminals to be properly crimped, the
pliers must be correctly adjusted. When the
crimping tool is closed, the opening must not
be larger than 1.3mm. To adjust the crimping
tool, unfasten the screw and turn the toothed
disc on the side of the crimping tool according
to fig. 1.
fig. 1
2. Fit the terminal clips onto the copper foil
Centre and fix the terminal clip along the
copper foil cable. Firmly press together the
clip with your fingers.
Crimp the terminal clip with the outer flat
part of the pliers from both sides in a
45° angle across the perforated part
according to fig. 2.
Press with
CAUTION! Be careful not to press across the tool here
Warning! Don't
the terminal clip’s ”hinge”.
press here
Press with
the tool here
fig. 2
3. Mounting of connection cable in the clip
CAUTION! Use a connection cable of
sufficient length to reach to the loop driver’s
loop terminal. Calculate with approx. 30 cm
extra cable to facilitate connection to the
driver’s loop terminal.
Strip of about 6mm of insulation and insert
the cable into the terminal clips round top. If
you use a double stranded cable, both ends are
inserted in parallel. If you use a single stranded
cable, bend the cable double as shown in
fig. 3.
Crimp the clips round top around the
connection cable with the crimping tool as
shown in fig. 4.
fig. 3
fig. 4
4. Insulation
Insulate around the terminal clip, with eg black insulating tape, both around at
the copper foil end and the connection cable end.
5. Connection
Connect the connection cable to the loop terminal of the loop driver according
to the loop driver’s installation manual.
Basic knowledge in audio and video installation techniques is required to
achieve existing regulations. The installer/planner is responsible for the
installation hereby avoiding any risk or cause of fire. Please (also) note that
warranty is not valid for any damage or defects on the product due to incorrect
or incautious installation (or usage).
Technical data
For additional information, please refer to If required, other
technical documents can be ordered from
Please follow existing disposal regulations. If you respect these instructions
you ensure human health and environmental protection.
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