PDM-3M - Thorvin Electronics

PDM-3M - Thorvin Electronics
Hand held microphone unit with controls and indicators
Unidirectional electret condenser microphone with
switch and bi-colour LED indicator
Can be mounted on a seat back
Digitally controlled with solid state switching
Uses loop-through connections
These units are designed for use with conference
systems where a mobile hand microphone is required.
They are electronically identical with the other IDN
type delegate units and can be connected into the
delegate cable network at any point in the same way
as the other types of delegate units.
The electronics are contained in a robust enclosure
suitable for standing on the floor or table. The case
has mounting points which enables it to be fixed to the
side or back of a chair, or under a table top if required.
The electronics unit has a single switch for REQUEST
or MIC ON, indicators (WAIT/MIC ON) and an ALERT
indicator for "Message Waiting" or "Speech Time ". It is
possible to cancel requests and to temporarily mute
the microphone when it is live. The microphones can
be switched by the user or by an operator using a
CPM-401/2 manual control console or a computer
control system. They can be used in either delegate
control mode, with the possibility of operator
intervention, or in central control mode. In the operator
controlled mode it is possible to temporarily mute
individual units and to assign VIP status which allows
delegate switching without operator intervention.
The Hand Microphone unit has a detachable AM1HSW unidirectional electret condenser microphone
with a 2m coiled cable, and a built-in REQUESTON/OFF switch with bi-colour LED indicator operating
in parallel with the controls on the case. The units are
digitally controlled and connect to the cable network
via a 7-conductor captive cable (length 3m) and there
is also a socket which enables the Hand Microphone
Unit to be incorporated into a chain with other delegate
units using loop through connections. The units are
assigned their pre-set address code via digital
switches on the back of the case.
Delegate Unit
REQUEST/CANCEL switch (ON/OFF in Delegate
control mode).
LED indicators; WAIT (green)
MIC ON (red).
ALERT (yellow).
Chairman's Unit
ON/OFF and PRIORITY switches/indicators.
Hand Microphone
REQUEST/CANCEL switch (ON/OFF in Delegate
control mode) and bi-colour LED indicator (red/
2m coiled cable with connector (AM-1HSW)
Delegate Unit with AM-1HSW Microphone
Sensitivity ; -63dBV ±3dBV
Rear attenuation ; -20dB at 1kHz
Frequency response ; 100Hz - 15kHz (-3dB)
S/N at 1mV input ; 72dB (A wtg)
Distortion at 1 kHz ; less than 0.15%
Microphone cable ; length 2m
Preamplifier and Switching Unit only
Input level ; -63 dBV nom.
Frequency Response ; 40Hz - 50kHz (-3dB)
Distortion at 1 kHz ; less than 0.04%
Captive cable ; length 3m (extension cables
length 5, 10, or 20m)
A - 3m captive cable with line connector (for
connection to the network)
B - 7-way DIN type connector (for loop-through
C - 10-way 'video' type connector (for hand
microphone with controls)
The delegate unit shall be designed for use with a hand held microphone. The case shall be of robust
construction suitable for floor or table top use or for fixing on the side or back of chairs. It shall have a
preamplifier with compressor/limiter and a REQUEST switch (ON/OFF in delegate control mode), LED indicators
(WAIT/MIC ON), and an ALERT indicator (for Message Waiting or Speech Time). The unit shall be digitally
controlled and shall connect to the delegate network via a 3m 7-conductor captive cable with locking connector.
It shall also have a 7-way locking DIN type socket to enable it to be connected into a chain of delegate units in
loop-through configuration if required. The Hand Microphone shall be a unidirectional electret condenser type
fitted with a REQUEST/ CANCEL switch (ON/OFF in delegate control mode), and a bi-colour LED indicator
(WAIT/MIC ON). These controls shall operate in parallel with the corresponding controls on the Delegate unit.
The microphone shall be 130mm in length and 22mm in diameter, and shall plug into to the delegate unit via a
2m coiled cable and a 10-way connector. The Hand Microphone Unit shall have a frequency response of at least
125Hz-15kHz (±3dB), S/N better than 72dB at 1mV input (A wtg), and distortion less than 0.15%.
We reserve the right to vary the specification without notice in the interest of product improvement
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