Sounder SO-1 by - LAMAX Electronics
Sounder SO-1 by
Operating Instructions
Bluetooth 4.1
Audio Input
Micro USB
Water Resistant
with a range of up to 10 m
for quick and easy pairing
for 3.5 mm jack connector
call handling
charging and powerful battery
equalization to enhance bass tones
IPX4 rating
On / Off
Increase /
Next / Previous Track
Play / Pause
Hold down to turn the speaker on or
clockwise to increase the volume. Rotate anticlockwise to decrease
the volume.
Swipe your finger across
from left to
right to go to the next track. Swipe your
finger across from right to left to go to
the previous track.
Press to stop playback. Press again to
Press to answer an incoming call. Press
again to end the call. Press twice to reject an incoming call.
Press S-Bass / Normal button to change
the equalization. S-Bass mode enhances
the bass, Normal mode sets a balanced
LED Status Indicators
via Audio
Blue LED ring flashes when speaker is
in pairing mode. Blue LED ring lights up
when the speaker is paired.
Green LED ring lights up when the speaker is connected via the audio input.
Red LED ring lights up when the speaker is charging. Green LED ring lights up
when speaker is charged.
Connecting via Bluetooth
Turn on the speaker by holding . The blue LED ring
flashes and the speaker is now in pairing mode. Activate
Bluetooth connectivity on your phone or other device. In the Bluetooth settings of your device, search for a
new Bluetooth device. Locate “LAMAX Beat SO-1” and
pair with it. If you need to enter a pairing passcode code,
enter “0000” and confirm. When successfully paired, the
track will be heard on the speaker and the LED ring will
turn blue.
If your phone or other device uses NFC technology, simply pair the speaker by activating NFC on your device and
hold it close to on the speaker.
Connecting via Audio Input
Speaker can be connected via the audio input, labelled
AUX IN , using an audio cable with a 3.5 mm jack (cable
included). When the speaker is connected, the green LED
lights up. The speaker’s track controls do not function
when connected through the AUX input.
When the battery level is below 10%, the speaker emits a
short beep. To charge the speaker, connect the micro USB
cable (included) into the charging port labelled DC IN .
Connect the other end of the cable to a computer or USB
charger. The red LED lights up when charging. The green
LED lights up when fully charged. Charging takes approximately 4-5 hours. Do not charge unattended.
Water Resistance
The speaker is resistant to water penetration in accordance with the IPX4 rating. This means it is protected against
splashes of water from all an-gles at the rate of 10 litres
per minute and at a pressure of 80 to 100 kN/m² for at least
5 minutes. Do not immerse speaker in water.
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