SLIM 811
Compact, complete, ultra-thin
The SLIM range, high-performance and even
smaller, offers all the advantages of the TACTYS
keyboard in an ultra-flat version with a simple,
elegant design. The SLIM fits discreetly on the
work station, nice and compact on a trolley.
Standard ‘full-travel’ keyboards, even the sealed units, do not make disinfection easy. Germs are deposited on and between the keys and cannot
easily be removed. Furthermore, their surface changes with frequent use of disinfectants used in hospitals (see study overleaf ).
SLIM 811 : Huge benefits in terms of hygiene
Touch-sensitive, ultra-flat, tempered glass keyboard with Touch Pad and numeric keypad, the SLIM 811 combines
hygiene, design and comfort. Its totally smooth Touch Pad dispenses with the need for a mouse for completely clean
workspaces. With its adjustable sensitivity, it adapts to all users, guaranteeing fluid and rapid data entry. Its smooth
surface can be disinfected with a single wipe and its small footprint makes it ideal for use in all environments.
The 10 advantages of the SLIM 811
 Smooth and clean. Its surface can be effortlessly disinfected in a
single wipe, thus saving time and ensuring germ-free quality.
 Integrated mouse: fitted with a large Touch Pad, thereby minimising the contaminable components in the working environment
 IP65-waterproof and all-round hard wearing. It can withstand moist environments and any hospital chemical products
 Sensitivity adjustment. Its new adjustment system allows it to
adapt to each user
 Adjustable audible beep. The audible key stroke beep, that can
be adjusted in volume, punctuates rapid, reliable data input
 Plug and play. It can be used immediately. It has an integral
numeric keypad and a lock function for cleaning
 Compatible with gloves: the keyboard, like the Touch Pad, responds to contact with all types of gloves (latex and non-latex)
 100 % PC-/Mac-compatible: The keyboard layout and shortcuts
are exactly the same. Design. It is ideally suited to all environments
 Comfortable. With its capacitive, touch-sensitive, tactile technology, key activation is smooth
 Compact. As it is so small, it can be used anywhere: on a work
station, operator’s console, trolley, arm rest etc.
A complete and reliable waterproof tool,
which can be disinfected in a single wipe
Innovative and full size, the SLIM 811 is a high-performance
tool that guarantees a germ-free environment when
inputting data. Without a mouse and mechanical keys,
the work station remains clean and operational. Placed
on the work station, mounted on a stand or sitting on a
trolley, the small SLIM 811 adapts to any location and will
become a key component in your armoury in combating
hospital-acquired infections.
Microbiological efficiency in biocleaning
The biocleaning efficiency of the TACTYS keyboard has been compared with
that of the silicone keyboard. Following artificial contamination and drying with
two bacterial strains: Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus epidermidis, with approximately 106 bacteria per cm2 , the surface of the keyboards is
cleaned with disinfectant wipes (EN1040 and EN1276). 30 minutes later, using a
sterile sponge soaked in 10 ml of neutralising solution, the keyboards are cleaned, the 10 ml is subsequently collected and the results analysed. It transpires
that after contamination, the number of bacteria was reduced by 4 decimals
compared with 2 for the silicone version.
> à 3 billion
150 millions
< 1000
Pasteur de Lille Laboratory, Hospital and Industrial Hygiene Centre of Excellence, Nov. 2009.
Before cleaning
After cleaning
See diagram: E. 3 for Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.
Adjusting the audible
beep and tone
Direct access to
function keys
Locking for
5 levels of sensitivity
Numeric keypad
Large touch pad
Dimensions :
437x140x15 mm
100% PC/Mac
Tactys key
Windows key
Mac key
Spécifications :
• «Zero Newtons», touch-sensitive keyboard: enter data without applying
• Smooth keyboard made of 3 mm tempered glass
• Screen printing on the back of the glass therefore cannot fade
• 0 mm shift, static device
• All surfaces guaranteed waterproof to IP 65
• Works with gloves, even lined ones
• Resistant to all disinfectants
• Plug and play (instant connection)
• USB cable connection, with output protector
• 100% PC-/Mac-compatible through simple keyboard access
Right & left click
• Windows and Mac keys
• Windows and Linux PC-compatible version
• Numeric keypad, all keyboard shortcuts
• Direct access to function keys
• Keyboard locking function for cleaning
• Adjustable sensitivity through a combination of keys
• Adjustable audible beep through a combination of keys
• Complies with European standards: 100 % ROHS
• EMC certified by the IRSEEM laboratory
• Dimensions 437x140x15 mm
• Large format Touch Pad 55x75 mm, 100% smooth and integrated
• Touch Pad comfortable with all types of gloves
Made in France, designed and manufactured in France,
all our keyboards include a 3 year return to base warranty  Tel. +33(0)1 46 31 16 21  e-mail:
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