MKT-7.5.3-L-168 BioVID 1080p Manual for email

MKT-7.5.3-L-168 BioVID 1080p Manual for email
BioVID 1080p
Instruction Manual
Model pictured:
BioVID 1080p Microscope Camera
A Micro SD Slot
B DC Power Jack
D Power Button
E Cursor UP Button
F AWB Button
(White Balance)
G MODE Button
H Cursor DOWN Button
J MENU Button
New for 2014, the BioVID 1080p microscope camera features High Def HDMI output to a TV for crisp live teaching,
and includes a micro-SD card for capturing images with the push of a button. Connect to any trinocular microscope
via C-mount threading, and plug the HDMI cable into any large screen HDTV for amazing resolution and fast-action
video (30fps)! The BioVID 1080p has sharp 1080p video resolution and amazing 5mp photo resolution with super
low-light sensitivity, low-noise, and great color rendition. The digital zoom feature allows for close-up magnified
pictures of questionable cytologies, and the on-screen programming functions allow for fine tuning the camera’s
settings for optimal images. This BioVID 1080p works great on compound microscopes for bright field, dark field,
phase contrast, and fluorescence environments, plus on stereoscopes for industrial, dental, and electronics
Included with your camera:
• BioVID 1080p Camera
• 4GB micro-SD Card
• DC Power Adapter
• HDMI Connecting Cable
Please read and complete the warranty form online at The warranty form
documents your purchase. Failure to fill out the warranty form may void any warranty claims on the unit.
P. 770.270.1394
F. 770.270.2389
865 Marathon Parkway Lawrenceville GA 30046
Setting Up Your Camera
1 Open the package and take out the camera, HDMI connecting cable, and DC power adapter.
2 Confirm that the micro-SD card is in the slot on the camera.
3 Remove the cap from the front of the camera, and then screw the camera onto the C-mount of your
microscope/stereoscope trinocular head.
4 Connect the large end of HDMI cable to a TV, and the other end smaller end to the camera HDMI port.
5 Connect the power adapter to the camera DC port.
6 Press the power switch button on the camera for 5 seconds to turn on the camera. The LED work light should turn
7 Turn on the microscope and place a specimen under the microscope. Then adjust the focus until the object
image can be seen on TV.
8 To turn off the camera, press the power switch button for 5 seconds. The LED light will turn off, which indicates the
camera is off.
Button Functions
1 Pressing MENU once will display the menu. Pressing MENU again will close the menu.
2 Pressing MODE button will switch between CAPTURE, VIDEO, and PREVIEW modes.
3 Use CURSER UP / CURSER DOWN buttons to change selections.
4 When in image capture mode, use OK button to capture an image or start/stop video recording.
5 When in menu mode, use OK button to select choice.
6 The AWB button is Automatic White Balance. Remove the specimen and show the camera an empty field of
white light (or if using a stereoscope, place a white paper under the scope), then press the AWB button one time
to white-balance the color.
MENU Instructions
HDMI Video Resolution: Choose 1080P or 720P then press OK.
P. 770.270.1394
F. 770.270.2389
865 Marathon Parkway Lawrenceville GA 30046
Photo Resolution: Choose 2592x1944 (4:3), 1024x768 (4:3), 800x600 (4:3), or 640x480 (4:3) then press OK.
White Balance Mode Selection:
1. Auto White Balance (preferred) will adjust the white balance on real time image automatically
2. Manual White Balance allows user to press the "AWB" button (while the camera is viewing WHITE) to adjust the white
balance one time, and save the adjusted parameter.
3. Fluorescent Light – may select if using fluorescent microscope
4. Tungsten Light – may select if using tungsten microscope
5. LED Light – may select if using LED microscope
Press the OK button to confirm choice.
AE Auto Exposure Selection: Select On (preferred) or Off then press OK.
Cross Scale Selection:Choose On or Off
Double Cross Line: Lines can be selected by pressing POWER SWITCH button, and then the line can move by pressing
Up and Down buttons.
Image Quality Selection:Choose Super Fine (preferred), Fine, or Normal then press OK.
Power Frequency Selection:Choose 50Hz (some international countries) or 60Hz (for USA) then press OK.
*This is an important setting that will affect image quality if set improperly.
P. 770.270.1394
F. 770.270.2389
865 Marathon Parkway Lawrenceville GA 30046
MENU Instructions Continued
EV Exposure Compensation: This feature only works in Manual Exposure mode (when Auto Exposure is turned Off).
USB Connection: The BioVID 1080p camera does not come with software. Leave this setting on Mass Storage.
SD Card Format: This will clear the memory on the micro-SD card if you select Yes.
Language Setting Selection: Many languages are available.
Date/Time Setting: Press the POWER SWITCH button to select Year/ Month/ Date/ Hour/ Minute/ Second, press V ^
button to change numbers and press OK button to confirm.
ICON Show Selection Button: Turn off to remove the menu information on the original screen.
Trouble Shooting:
Image is Green after attempting to white balance: Ensure the protective film has been removed from the camera
sensor. This film is normally removed by the manufacturer just prior to shipping, and placed onto the lens cap. DO
NOT touch the camera sensor!
MKT-7.5.3-L-168 | Rev 0
P. 770.270.1394
F. 770.270.2389
865 Marathon Parkway Lawrenceville GA 30046
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