Radio DTMF Decoder Model 17-95166

Radio DTMF Decoder Model 17-95166
Radio DTMF Decoder
Model 17-95166
Designed to decode DTMF digits broadcast
over VHF radio channels, the Radio DTMF Decoder is typically used in testing of the ManDown feature of Remote Controlled Locomotive
(RCL) systems. It provides a quick and easy
method to verify that the RCL system is sending the emergency DTMF tones during a “man
down” event.
Easily portable - Built into rugged “Pelican”
Decodes DTMF digits received on built-in
VHF radio
Up to 8 VHF radio channels, switch selectable
Speaker, with volume control, to monitor radio audio
Rechargeable gel cell battery
LCD Display
Decoded DTMF Digits, up to 20 digits, then scrolls.
Battery status
Push button to clear decoded DTMF digits.
BNC antenna connector on front panel
Battery Charger connector on front panel
Includes storage space in case for battery charger, antenna and instructions.
Operation is simple. Open the case, attach the antenna, turn on power and select radio channel.
DTMF tones can be heard over the speaker as they are being decoded and displayed on the top line of
the LCD.
The battery condition is displayed on the second line of the LCD, whenever power is applied. The builtin gel cell battery can power the unit for many hours. An AC powered battery charger is included and
11/2012 Specifications subject to change
Winona, Minnesota • 877-843-0767 •
can be stored inside the unit. The Radio DTMF Decoder can be used while the battery charger is attached, as long as the battery has at least a minimal charge.
Physical Description:
The Radio DTMF Decoder is built in a heavy duty Pelican case, offering shock and weather resistance.
The front panel is constructed of steel with silk screened legend. The 2 x 20 LCD display is protected
by a clear polycarbonate window.
The radio is programmed at the factory with up to 8 VHF channels of the customer’s choosing. A rotary
switch provides the user with rapid channel selection. A dsub 15 connector on the front panel allows
convenient reprogramming of the radio, for example, to reprogram the radio channels.
Radio: Ritron DTX Plus VHF transceiver (“transmit” mode not used)
Case: Pelican 1200, 10.6” x 9.7” x 4.9”, rugged & waterproof
Battery: 12V, 2 amp hour gel cell rechargeable.
Charger: Automatic Fast/Float 300 mA charger included
Speaker: Compact, water-resistant speaker
LCD Display: 2 x 20 monochrome display. Top row displays decoded DTMF digits, bottom row displays battery life.
Push button to clear decoded DTMF digits from LCD display.
BNC Antenna Connector on front panel, antenna included
Ordering Information:
Radio DTMF Decoder, with antenna and battery charger
Battery Charger (dual rate—fast/float charge)
Antenna, 6”, VHF, 155—164 MHz, EXB155BN
Antenna, 6”, VHF, 150—162 MHz, EXB150BN
Antenna, 6”, VHF, 150-162 MHz, w/SkirtModel EXB150BNX
Ritron DTX Plus radio, Model DTX-154-OBN6D w/Long Screw Mod, 7.5VDC
Ritron Programming Kit, Model DTXP-PCPK-2.0, including software and pro
gramming cable Note: The programming cable is equipped with a dB 25 connec
tor for the connection to the computer. A dB to USB 2 adapter is available.
Adapter for use with Programming Cable, Model 2147C002. Converts
from dB to USB.
11/2012 Specifications subject to change
Winona, Minnesota • 877-843-0767 •
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