November 1st, 2016: Technical ventilation of safety storage cabinets

November 1st, 2016: Technical ventilation of safety storage cabinets
asecos: Technical ventilation of safety storage
cabinets increases the flexibility for hazardous
material storage
Gründau, November 1st, 2016 – asecos now offers recirculating air filter systems for technical ventilation in combination with
safety storage cabinets, as an alternative to costly exhaust air
systems. The compact recirculating air filtration systems are
ideal where no existing extraction systems are present. This
allows you, the user maximum flexibility when choosing the
location for your cabinet.
The new system is incorporated with the cabinet as standard on
the FlameFlex FX (Flammable Liquids BSEN14470-1)
ChemFlex CX and Corrosives SLX-LINE. The integrated recirculation air filter system removes and filters all fumes dangerous to health and the environment. Whether you are extracting
flammable, corrosive or chemical vapours then asecos have the
perfect solution.
Secure storage and clean air
asecos recirculating air filter storage cabinets are able to permanently retain almost entirely all vapours from hydrocarbons
and inorganic hazardous materials up to filter saturation. The
recirculating air filter storage cabinets have been tested and
certified in extensive test programs by infraserv Höchst, an accredited testing body in accordance with the German Hazardous Substances Act (GefahrstoffV).
Control functions: always keep an eye on safety
The FlameFlex, ChemFlex and SLX safety storage cabinets are
equipped with a state-of-the-art 4.7” graphic display touch panel
where the air recirculation rate is displayed and monitored permanently. The display indicates the time remaining until the
next filter change and gives a warning alarm for manual filter
saturation. All alarms are given visually and acoustically. The
system additionally has a potential-free alarm contact for connection to a control room.
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asecos GmbH
Christina Bien
Tel. +49 6051 9220-523
Fax: +49 6051 9220-727
asecos GmbH
asecos is the leading German manufacturer of highly-insulated safety
storage cabinets for flammables. For more than 20 years asecos is
actively involved in international associations and working groups to
develop innovative and sustainable products to meet the challenges of
storing hazardous materials in 21st century laboratories and industrial
facilities. asecos cabinets are built according to European and American standards and can be integrated into casework or used as freestanding storage solutions. In addition asecos also offers many products for the safe handling of chemicals as well as a variety of extraction
systems. Abroad asecos is represented by own subsidiaries in the
Netherlands, France, Spain and the UK and maintains a global network
of specialized dealers and distributors.
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