Getting started with Android Tablets and Smartphone (Including

Getting started with Android Tablets and Smartphone (Including
You can use OverDrive's mobile app to borrow and enjoy eBooks and audiobooks from the St. Charles
City-County District on your Android device.
Getting started with Android Tablets and Smartphone
(Including Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, Nook Color, Nook HD)
Step 1
Download the, OverDrive Media Console (OMC) app, from one of the following:
 Google Play
Step 2
Open OMC and find St. Charles City-County Library District’s OverDrive-powered website. In newer
versions of the app, you can do this by swiping from left to right to open the Home menu, then
tapping Add a library. In older versions of the app, tap the
icon (or, if you don't have this icon, go
to Menu > Get Books).
 Type in your zip code to search for St. Charles City-County Library
 Tap the star to save St. Charles City-County District website to your library list.
 Tap St. Charles City-County Library District to start browsing.
Step 3
Browse the St. Charles City-County Library District collection using the categories at the top or the lists
provided on the homepage (hint: click “view more...” to expand the lists). You can also search for titles
using the search bar at the top or the “Advanced Search” link. Books with a Black icon in the corner are
currently available; a Gray icon indicates you will have to place a reserve.
Step 4
Reading your book (*see note below):
 Click Borrow then Go to Bookshelf (you may be prompted to sign in) to read the title in your
browser or download
 To download click Download and select the EPUB eBook format and click “confirm and
 To read the title in the browser (you must be connected to the internet) click Read.
 To read the title offline Click the O in the upper left corner and choose My Bookshelf, then tap
the cover to open the book.
*Note: To read eBooks in OMC, follow the prompts to authorize your device with an Adobe ID. It’s a onetime, free process that takes just moments to complete.
1. You can return items early.
 If you have downloaded the item, you can press and hold on the picture on the bookshelf to
see a Return option
 If you did not download the item, there will be a Return option below the Read in Browser
2. You can change the checkout time from 7 to 14 days (and vice versa) under Settings. This must
be done before you checkout a title.
December 2013
How to authorize OverDrive's app for Android using an Adobe ID
To read downloaded DRM-protected eBooks on an Android device, you'll need to authorize OverDrive
Media Console (OMC) with an Adobe ID. To enjoy eBooks on additional computers and devices, be sure
to authorize each with the same Adobe ID. You may authorize up to six computers and/or devices.
What you need
 Your Android device
 OverDrive's mobile app for Android
How to Authorize
1. A prompt to authorize displays the first time you download an eBook to OverDrive Media
Console (OMC) for Android.
2. If you already have an Adobe ID:
o Tap Settings.
o Enter your Adobe ID and password.
o Tap Authorize.
3. If you do not have an Adobe ID:
o Tap Get a free Adobe ID. This will open Adobe's website.
o Follow the steps to create an Adobe account.
o Return to OMC and go to the app Settings menu. You can find this in your Home
menu (swipe from left to right across your screen to get there) or by tapping
the Menu button on your device and going to App Settings.
o Enter your newly created Adobe ID, then tap Authorize.
Note: If you would like to download the same eBook to another computer or device, be sure to authorize
using the same Adobe ID.
December 2013
December 2013
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