ADR62X1 Philips Automotive Driving Recorder

ADR62X1 Philips Automotive Driving Recorder
Philips ADR620
Automotive Driving
Full-HD 1080p sharp recording
Wide angle & bright F2.0 lens
Good night view performance
Easy-to-install, plug-and-play
Your reliable witness on the road
Automatically capture your journey in vivid detail
Philips ADR620 automotive driving recorder captures what happens on the road, in case
the unexpected happens. With automatic recording in sharp HD quality video, you have
accurate evidence of your journey, should you need it.
Reliable high-quality video evidence
• Full-HD 1080p sharp recording to capture important details
• 120° wide angle coverage, recording up to 3 lanes of traffic
• 3.1 MP image sensor and F2.0 lens for better night recording
• Videos stamped with date and time for clearer evidence
Easy-to-operate and fully automated operation
• G-sensor detects collisions, triggering emergency recording
• Automatic driver fatigue alert warning beep
• The 2” LCD screen allows instant video playback on the spot
• Automatic recording when you start your vehicle
• Built-in lithium battery for backup recording
Designed and tested for use under tough conditions
• Easy to navigate interface with only four button control
• Designed to perform under tough driving conditions
• High quality accessories for an easy-to-use experience
Automotive Driving Recorder
Full-HD 1080p sharp recording Wide angle & bright F2.0 lens, Good night view performance, Easy-to-install,
120° wide angle coverage
Capture more of the scene ahead with a
proven 120° wide angle lens. You’ll be able to
record up to three lanes of road traffic, helping
you gain a more complete picture of any
incident in front of you.
2” built-in LCD screen
In the first minutes after a collision people are
often angry and looking to apportion blame.
With a convenient built-in 2” LCD screen, you
get instant video playback on the spot,
including a date and time stamp. So you’ll be
better able to resolve any disputes by using
objective evidence, speeding up any roadside
investigation and insurance claim process.
3.1 MP image sensor, F2.0 lens
The Philips ADR620 is equipped with a 3.1megapixel image sensor and bright F2.0 lens.
This helps you capture a sharp, high-quality
recording of your journey, even when driving
at night or in other low-light conditions.
because the Philips ADR620 automatically
overwrites previous unwanted footage, you
don’t have to keep replacing the memory card.
Built-in lithium battery
The Philips ADR620 is equipped with a built-in
lithium battery which gives you 10 minutes of
back up usage without engine power*. *Note
that the built-in battery is mainly used to save
files in the case of emergency recording.
Always connect your ADR620 to external
power while in use.
Driver fatigue alert warning
To help remind a driver to get sufficient rest,
the Philips ADR620 will periodically sound a
beeping warning alarm to alert the driver.
Collision detecting G-sensor
Full-HD 1080p sharp recording
With its full HD 1080p video capabilities, the
Philips ADR620 captures your journey in sharp
and vivid detail. You’ll get clear evidence of the
actions of other road users, including the
ability to record license plate numbers up to 6
meters away.
The Philips ADR620 comes equipped with a 3axis G-sensor module, which detects
movement and triggers an emergency
recording mode. In the event of a collision that
exceeds a certain force threshold, the device
will lock that video clip to prevent it being
overwritten. This important video is then
safely secured on a durable memory card. R85
Heat and vibration resistant
Built from high quality components, the Philips
ADR620 is designed to perform under tough
driving conditions. Rigorously tested, it
operates in extreme temperatures (from 10°C up to 60°C). Furthermore, its durable
construction ensures it can handle the
constant vibrations of a moving vehicle.
High quality accessories
Date and time stamp evidence
Automatic recording
As soon as you turn on your vehicle, the
driving recorder starts operating
automatically. So you’ll never have to worry
about forgetting to turn on the camera. And
Videos recorded with the Philips ADR620
come with a date and time stamp. You’ll be
able to capture accurate evidence for accident
reporting, while supporting and speeding up
the insurance claim process. And with instant
replay of videos, you can clarify responsibility
with law enforcement or other road users on
the spot.
The Philips ADR620 comes bundled with highquality accessories for an easy-to-use and long
lasting experience. When connected to the
cigarette lighter socket, the 3.5-meter power
cable provides reliable power to your device.
Furthermore, to prevent the camera falling off
at a critical moment, such as during a collision
or emergency braking, the long-life 3M tape
will keep your camera securely fixed to your
Automotive Driving Recorder
Full-HD 1080p sharp recording Wide angle & bright F2.0 lens, Good night view performance, Easy-to-install,
Product description
• Designation: ADR620
• Technology: Automotive Driving Recorder
• Image Sensor: 2.1 Mega-pixels CMOS, 3.1 Megapixels CMOS, 4 Mega-pixels CMOS, 3.2 Megapixels CMOS
• Video resolution: Super HD 1296p, Full HD 1080p,
3.1 Mega-pixels CMOS
• Emergency file protection
• Automatic recording
• Aperture Range: F/#2.0
• Auto exposure
• Auto white balance
• Date and time stamp
• Display: 2.0” LCD
• File Format: H.264
• Fixed Lens: FOV 120° (Diagonal) wide angle
• Improved night visibility: No
• Interface: Micro USB 2,0, HDMI, Speaker
• Internal Memory: 4MB SPI flash
• Languages: English, Simplified Chinese
• LCD Auto Off
• Parking monitoring: WaveGuard
• Random Access Memory: 64MB DDR1
• Recording Time: 200min @16GB in full HD
• Collision detecting G-Sensor
• Driver fatigue alert warning
• In-built battery: 340mAh
• Seamless loop rercording
• Memory card support: MicroSD (Class10, Up to
• Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C
• Storage Temperature: ‘-20°C ~ 70°C
Marketing specifications
• Expected benefits: Your road safety guardian
• Product highlight: with fatigue alert
Accessories included
Accessories: 12-5V car charger, USB cable
Power: 12V car adapter
Power cable length: 3.5 m
Accessories: 3M bracket, Quick start guide
Logistic data
EAN (China): 6947939168163
Ordering code (China): 16816330
Quantity in box: 1
Reference: ADR62X1
Weight and dimensions
• Box weight (incl. product): 280 g
• Product weight: 60 g
• Product dimensions (mm): 72.8 L x 53.3 W x 64 H
Issue date 2017-06-16
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