chaindrive™ distribution amplifier

chaindrive™ distribution amplifier
smart sheet
Order No. R700 0120
The ChainDrive is a 500 series module that packs a 1 x 4 distribution amplifier in a single wide module.
DA’s (distribution amplifiers) are used in all types of audio applications such as splitting a signal and
sending it to various processors in the studio, to various amplifiers in a PA system or sometimes to
different rooms in a venue. You connect to the ChainDrive using the XLR input on the 500 series power
rack then use the four front panel outputs and level controls as needed. The ChainDrive is unique in
that it can distribute both balanced and unbalanced signals or be used to distribute stereo signals. For
those equipped with a Workhorse, you can use two or more for 1 x 8 or larger DA setups.
FULL ENCLOSURE - 100% steel casing reduces magnetic interference
from other nearby modules that may cause pollution.
• 1 x 4 distribution amp in 500 series
• Easy access front panel controls
• Balanced and unbalanced operation
• Also capable of distributing stereo
• Multiband compression set-ups
LEVEL CONTROLS 1 ~ 4 - Used to set the output gain for each
channel on the ChainDrive
LARGE ID NUMBERS - Make it easy to read and quick to adjust.
This is particularly important given the compact nature of 500
series modules.
OMNIPORT - Unbalanced input with auto-balancing circuitry and
priority switching. Used to convert unbalanced signal to
• Driving multiple effect processors
• Splitting signals to drive amps
• Sending signals to multiple amplifiers
• Super easy to use!
POWER - Convenient front panel LED indicator lets you know
the ChainDrive is properly connected and power is present.
OUTPUTS 1 ~ 4 - Balanced line ¼” TRS outputs for each of
the four channels. May also be used as an unbalanced output or a
TRS stereo out depending on the source you have connected.
• Works in any 500 series rack
• Expands to 1 x 8 or larger setups
• Lets you create innovative signal paths
DOUBLE LAYER FRONT PANEL - Steel construction adds rigidity to
reduce stress on the PC board. Provides the solid feel one expects from
a Radial product.
STEEL SHAFT POTENTIOMETER - Eliminates problems associated
with plastic shafts for greater durability. Dual wafer through-hole solder
points for improved long-term performance.
LOW NOISE ELECTRONICS - High performance ICs combine with
Accustate auto-padding input to deliver low noise and minimal distortion
at all levels.
GOLD PLATED 15-PIN CARD EDGE - Double-sided to ensure positive
connection to the receptacle for improved mating connection.
Multiband compression
Feeding multiple effects
Feeding amps and pedals
With a ChainDrive you can split the signal to
feed multiple dynamic processors for multi-band
compression and have different frequencies
cause compression to occur depending on the
program material.
Add character spice and effects to any track by
sending it into the ChainDrive and then have it
feed various effects processors simultaneously.
Use Shuttle modules and the Workhorse for
return paths and mix each stem as needed.
Use the ChainDrive as a guitar distro
to feed various guitar amps and effects
simultaneously. Add mics and then mix to
create the tastiest audio soup ever!
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