iPad: Basics Guide - Wapiti Regional Library

iPad: Basics Guide - Wapiti Regional Library
iPad: Basics Guide
Swipe up and down
or side to side to see
more screens or move
up and down a page.
Pinch open on a
photo, webpage, or
map for to zoom in on
Pinch closed to zoom
back out.
What is an iPad?
iPads are a popular type of tablet computer made by
Apple. Because Apple products use a different type
of Operating System the iPads look different than
other tablets.
To get the most out of your iPad you will need access
to Wifi (wireless internet).
Using the Touchscreen
Tap on the screen to open
an application or a link.
Turning On/Off:
To turn on the iPad, press and hold the Power
Button until the screen turns on.
When you turn the iPad on or wake it up you need
to swipe your fingers left to right over the screen
to log in.
To turn off the iPad press and hold the Power
Button until slide to power off appears on your
screen. Swipe your finger left to right on it to
finish turning it off.
Put the iPad into sleep mode by pressing the
power button once. The screen will go black, but
the iPad will stay on.
To wake up the iPad press the button once.
Power Button
Adjusting Volume:
The Volume Buttons are on the right edge of the
The top button makes the volume louder.
The bottom button makes the volume quieter.
Charging your iPad
The Battery icon shows you how much power the
iPad has left. To charge the iPad use the cord it
comes with. It can be charged by plugging it into a
computer or into an outlet.
The plug-in is on the bottom edge of the iPad.
Charger Plug-In
Volume Buttons
iPad Home Screen:
What you see on the main screen:
1. Camera—most iPads have a camera on the front
and back.
2. Wifi signal—shows you if you are connected to
the internet.
3. Battery power.
4. App icons—apps are games and other programs.
5. Popular App icons
6. Settings icon—change font size, screen brightness,
connect to the internet and more.
6. Home button—click to go back to the Home
Screen from whatever you were doing.
Changing Settings:
Bluetooth to connect to each other. Turn it on or
The Settings icon takes you to a menu where you can
off or use the settings to connect to another
adjust the iPads settings, connect to Wifi and update
device to share files.
your iPad.
Tap on the Settings icon to view the
Bluetooth—Many devices and even vehicles use
General— Tap on General to see another menu
including the Accessibility menu. Use these to
make using the iPad easier for people with sight,
Tap on the slider button to turn a
hearing or mobility issues.
setting On (green) or Off (white)
Settings you can change:
Wifi—Connect to wireless internet. Tap on the
name of a Network to connect to it.
Display & Brightness—Change how bright the
screen is and adjust how big the text size is.
Sounds—Turn sounds on or off and adjust how
they sound.
Touch ID & Passcode—For security you can add a
password or fingerprint recognition to the iPad.
Getting Apps
Apps or Applications are programs that are designed
for tablets. iPads come with some apps already on
Tap on the App Store icon.
Use the Search bar at the top to look
them like the Camera and Safari which is the iPad’s
for a specific app like OverDrive.
internet app. Other apps include games, budgeting
tools and email programs.
The App Store will show you new and popular
apps on their main page.
A good app for library users is OverDrive which lets
you borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks from the
Swipe up and down and side to side to see more.
Get more information about an app by tapping on
To get apps you use the App Store. There are many
good free apps, but some require you to pay.
Get button beside it.
You must be connected to a Wifi network for
internet to download apps.
You will be asked to enter your Apple ID. Create
one if you do not have one.
You also must create an Apple ID using an email
address to use the App Store.
To download an app tap on it and then tap on the
Tap on Install and the app will download onto
your iPad.
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