T3 Repeater User Info

T3 Repeater User Info
T3 Repeater Mounting Assembly
Locking Washer
T3 Repeater
Only To Be Removed By End User
T3 Repeater
Top View
U-Bolt and
Bracket Assembly
Solutions for Life Safety
U-Bolt and
Bracket Assembly
T3 Repeater
Side View
Corporate Headquarters
305 Bend Hill Road
Fredonia, PA 16124 U.S.A.
Improper Installation May
Degrade Performance
Solutions for Life Safety
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P/N T3 Repeater 1109
T3 Repeater
T3 Repeater
Case: Rugged, industrial
grade, waterproof enclosure
● Case Dimensions: 6.25"
Wide x 15" High x 3.5" Deep
● Color: Medium gray
● Weight: 8.5 Lbs. (without
cable and mounting
● Power Requirements:
120 VAC
● Receiver Type: Frequency
hopping spread spectrum
● Operating Frequency:
902 - 928 MHz
● Operating Environment:
0 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
Optional Internal Heater
Optional Internal Heater available
for use in environments -30 to 100
degrees Fahrenheit
Antennas: 3.5" Internal
● Compatible Equipment:
Grace telemetry products
Dual Mounting Brackets for
Recommeded Pole Mounting
Inside View
Front View
Shown with Optional Internal Heater
Water Tight Seal
Red Activity Indicator
Amber Power Indicator
Bottom View
This view shows the Activity and
Power LED indicators
T3 Repeater System
The T3 Repeater is a system
option designed to enhance signal effectiveness in harsh environments by retransmitting signals to and from tough and hard
to reach areas. The T3 Repeater
retransmits signals from the Base
to the PASS or Personal Body
Alarm and from the Pass to the
Base. The T3 Repeater is omnidirectional, enclosed in an industrial grade case and is perma-
nently mounted. The T3 Repeater
is powered by 120 VAC, with a
lead acid battery backup system.
Repeater Operation
Once the repeater has been prepared for AC power, the unit may
be plugged in. The Amber AC
Power Indicator glows indicating
the system has power and is
ready for operation.
A red Activity Indicator light is
located on the bottom left of the
repeater. The Activity Indicator will
flash when signals are received
from a TP3 or the Base and are
retransmitted. Operation may be
checked by manually activating a
TP3 and watching the Activity Indicator light on the bottom of the
repeater for flashes.
T3 Repeater
System Installation
Remove Cover and Connect Negative (– Black)
Battery Terminal Before
Secure Cable to
Pole with wire ties
Backup Power Supply
The lead acid battery system will
automatically provide approximately 50 hours of continuous operation with the loss of 120 VAC.
With loss of power, the Amber AC
Power Indicator will not glow. The
backup battery system is automatically activated keeping the
repeater ON and ready for operation. The red activity Indicator will
flash as signals are received and
Always test System for
proper operation before
field use.
Remove Cover and Connect
Negative (– Black) Battery Terminal Before Installation.
Command Base
LCD T3 ,
Multichannel Base,
or other Grace
Telemetry Bases
Non-Metalic Pole
Hardware for recommended pole mounting is included with each T3 Repeater. See next page for
mounting instructions.
DO NOT Mount T3 Repeater against walls or metal
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