Economical, Fully Radiometric, Hand

Economical, Fully Radiometric, Hand
Economical, Fully Radiometric, Hand-Held
Thermal Imager with Visual Camera
Easy-to-use, high-performance infrared camera with sizeable 3.5” LCD, laser pointer,
and digital visual recording for demanding PPM applications
• 320 x 240 Resolution UFPA Detector
• Resolution of 0.06°C (at 30°C 60 Hz)
• Temperature Range -40°C to 500°C
• Focus Range of 12" to Infinity
• Weighs 2.9 lbs with Battery
• Digital Visual Recording
• Laser Pointer
• Optional Additional Lenses, Including the
SpyGlass™ Lens
• Revolutionary DualVision Image
Composite Functionality Now Available
• Transfers Images Using USB 2.0
• 3.5" Articulated LCD
M7800 Sample Images:
Fuse Clip
Contactor Connector
M7800 Thermal and Visual Imager
Mikron’s M7800 is an extremely lightweight, high-performance handheld IR camera offering a
range of capabilities for an economical price. Completely self-contained in a highly-durable
housing, it is both dust-proof and weather resistant, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The
M7800 is ergonomically designed for comfortable one-handed point-and-shoot operation
and features 320x240 resolution at a 60Hz refresh rate.
The M7800 measures the passive infrared radiation emitted by the target surface. It then
converts the radiation into a two-dimensional image relating to the temperature distribution at
the target surface. The resulting temperature distribution can then be viewed in
one of several color ranges (including grayscale) on the flip-up 3.5 inch TFT
LCD display. The M7800 also offers a visual camera, and laser pointer to
more easily visually pin-point problem areas for further analysis.
The on-board diagnostic software provides an intuitive menu system,
controlled by a simple button system on the back of the camera. The
camera allows you to select up to four areas on the image to select as
“regions of interest.” These selected areas allow the user to zero in on
specific areas of concern. The M7800 can also simultaneously record
high-definition 14-bit thermal images with corresponding digital visual images.
The camera is battery operated, uses advanced uncooled UFPA microbolometer
technology, and stores images and data to internal flash memory. Saved
images and image data can be transferred to an external device using USB
In addition to its on-board image processing capabilities, the M7800 is fully
compatible with Mikron’s M7800™ Thermal Imaging Software package, which
provides fully-comprehensive, post image analysis and report generation
DualVision: Visual and Thermal Composite Image Functionality
What is DualVision? DualVision is the ability to display
a thermal image over a visual image, on the M7800's
sizable 3.5" LCD. The percentage of the
thermal image can be adjusted from 0-100%, over the
visual image, allowing the operator to fine-tune the display, and pin-point problems faster! Both types of
images can be saved and downloaded to a computer
via USB 2.0.
DualVision is an optional additional feature for the
M7800. Ask your sales representative for pricing
details, or call 1-888-506-3900.
At right, the M7800 LCD is shown with thermal image
overlayed on the visual image. The camera user may
adjust the opacity of the thermal image to show the
entire thermal image, or just the hottest problem areas.
SpyGlass™ Lens and ViewPort Inspection System
Mikron Infrared, Inc.
has been an innovative leader in the field of infrared non-contact
measurement since 1969. Mikron offers Value Imageering to help
customers solve their most challenging application problems.
Value Imageering is a unique turnkey package. It consists of complete
engineering, design, software, and installation services to meet the
most severe and difficult thermal imaging system requirements.
Today, Mikron provides industrial customers and R&D laboratories
with accurate instrumentation ranging from convenient portable
cameras to complete thermal imaging systems.
Mikron ViewPort
Hotspots in electrical cabinets can be quickly pinpointed while circuits are
energized and under load, using Mikron’s SpyGlass™ Lens and economical
Raising the safety and convenience standard for thermal inspections, the SpyGlass™
Lens and ViewPort encourage frequent examinations of electrical switchgear because
– with cabinet doors closed – no downtime is required to de-energize circuits for safety
reasons. In addition, keeping cabinet doors closed reduces the risk of arc flash.
Characteristics of the solution:
• Permits thermal inspection of electrical switch gear
without opening the enclosure and disconnecting circuits.
• Views entire scene through a 0.5" (13mm) diameter
hole in the cabinet.
• Offers 53°H x 40°V (66° Diagonal) Field of View.
• Provides minimum focus range of 3".
• Large depth of field reduces the need to re-focus for
different cabinet depths.
• Provides Temperature Measurement accuracy: ±3°C
• The lens weighs only 1.14 lbs. and measures
6.4" (long) x 2.75" (Diameter)
• Attaches to the Mikron 7500,
7600 and 78XX cameras,
making the camera a
multi-purpose imager.
• SpyGlass™ Lens and ViewPorts are
patented under
US Patent No. 6,798,587 B2
Ask your sales representative for a data sheet on this
fantastic inspection combination.
M7800 Sample Images:
14 kv Connectors
ViewPort Design and Approvals:
All three styles of the patented Mikron ViewPorts have received UL and CSA approval for use in the United States and Canada, and also comply
with IEEE Std. C37.20.2-1999. The ViewPorts are designed for use with NEMA Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 5, 12, 12K, and 13 enclosures.
Inductive Heating
Starter Lug
14 kv Switching
Technical Data:
Temperature Range:
Measurement Accuracy:
Field of View:
Focus Range:
Instantaneous FOV / Spatial Resolution:
Image Update Rate:
Spectral Band:
Range 1: -40°C to 120°C (-40°F to 248°F)
Range 2: 0°C to 500°C (32°F to 932°F )
±2% or 2°C of reading
21°(H) x 16°(V)
30 cm to infinity (12" to infinity)
1.2 mrad
60 frames per second
0.06°C (at 30°C 60Hz)
320 x 240 Uncooled Focal Plane Array Microbolometer
8.0 to 14.0 μm
Visual Camera
Effective Image Pixels:
Field of View:
Focusing distance:
Auto Exposure:
752 (H) x 480 (V) pixels
34.6° (H) x 25.9°(V)
1 lux
30 cm to infinity (12" to infinity)
Laser Pointer
650 nm (red) Laser Diode 0.5 mW
Display Type:
A/D Resolution
B&W/Color Image:
Image Zoom:
3.5" color LCD display
14 bit
Several palettes available
2:1, 4:1 (with spatial filtering)
Text annotation
Date/time; Temperature units °C/°F; Multi-Language; LCD intensity (high/normal/low); Battery Status Indicator; Color Bar; Temperature Range Scale,
Isothermal Band Display (max 4 bands)
NTSC/PAL composite video signal, S-Video
Video Output:
Measuring Functions:
Signal to Noise (S/N) Improvement:
Image Processing Functions:
Emissivity Correction:
Environmental Temp. Correction:
Background Compensation:
Auto Functions:
Image Processing
On-Board Flash Memory:
Image Storage Functions:
Stores up to 1,300 images
(dependent upon the camera configuration)
Save individual images or thermal/visual composites with or without text annotation; view thermal image gallery (12 thumbnails); replay images; and create,
change, delete and rename directories and image files.
Downloading and Image Viewing Software included
Lemo Connector:
Transfers images and image data to a personal computer (Requires
Windows™ XP)
Requires standard RCA adapter or S-Video adapter
Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature (w/out batteries):
Environmental Protection:
-15°C to 50°C 90% Relative Humidity or less (not condensed)
-40°C to 70°C 90% Relative Humidity or less (not condensed)
IP 54 (IEC60529)
30G (IEC60068-2-27)
3G (IEC60068-2-6)
Power Source
Power Consumption:
Battery Type:
Battery Operating Time:
AC operation:
Power Saving:
Approx. 6W (typical)
Li-ion; rechargeable, field replaceable (spare battery included)
Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes (display shows battery status)
AC adaptor: 100V to 240V, DC 7.2V (nominal)
Manual and/or automatic standby mode
Physical Characteristics
Camera Dimensions:
Camera Weight:
Tripod Mounting:
203.2 mm x 228.6 mm x 101.6 mm (8" x 9" x 4")
1.3 kg including battery (2.9 lbs. including battery)
Standard, 1/4" - 20
Telephoto 2.0, Wide Angle, SpyGlass™ Lens
Off, S2, S8, S16
Screen display
Variable level/sense; Multi-point temperature display (4 pts); Multi-point emissivity display (4 pts); Temperature difference (@T) display; Max/Min (peak
hold) temperature display; Alarm (full screen or specified box); 2x and 4x digital zoom (Run/Freeze); Box setting (max 5 boxes)
0.10 to 1.00 (at 0.01 steps)
Provided (including interval NUC)
Automatic level and sensitivity; level trace and auto gain control
Mikron Infrared, Inc.
Thermal Imaging Division
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1101 Elevation Street, Suite 3
Hancock, MI 49930
Tel: (906) 487-6060
Fax: (906) 487-6066
Mikron reserves the right to change specifications to reflect the latest changes in technology and improvements at
any time without notice. These changes will be reflected in subsequent editions of our literature when warranted.
M7800_datasheet Rev. 011207
Standard Accessories: (2) Li-Ion Batteries, Smart Battery Charger, AC Adapter and DC Interface Cable, USB Cable, Lens Cap, Shippable Carrying Case,
Downloader Software, Neck Strap, Operating Manual on CD, Lemo to RCA or Lemo to SVideo Adapter. Several add-on lenses available at additional cost.
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