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Professional 5 Channel Club Mixer
Introducing the CS-02 Professional 5 Channel Club Mixer, Gemini’s solution for the Club DJ.
The CS-02 features a wide array of premium features such as channel-assignable DSP Effects
module and an Auto-BPM feature with rotary tempo control. This new mixer also comes with
loads of inputs that you can assign to absolutely any channel you desire. With all this and more,
the CS-02 serves as a solid contender for high-end mixers in the industry.
• 5 Channels with pre-fader LED VU meters and 3-band rotary EQ
• 3 Mic, 10 Line, and 3 Phono/Line Convertible Inputs
• Master, Booth, Record, and Zone RCA outputs w/ Zone device
selection control
• 25 Channel-Assignable DSP effects with bright blue backlit LCD
display and 5-bank memory recall
• 6-Device Input routing matrix on each channel
• 30mm linear DSP parameter control
• Rotary Dry/Wet control
• Auto & Tap BPM counter with optional EFX tempo synchronization
• Face-mounted RCA Rec Output and Aux Input
• Dedicated faceplate-mounted 1/4” XLR combo mic input
with 3-band EQ
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• Master, Booth, and Zone outputs with independent rotary
volume controls
• XLR Master Balanced Output with master attenuation switch
• Balance control with Mono switch
• Push button Cue Section with CUE/PGM control & Split
Cue function
• Large blue backlit EFX On/Off button
• Replaceable faders with X-Fader Curve Control
• X-Fader assignment on each audio input channel
• Dual VU master meters
• 19” Rack ears included
The mic section features an
XLR input and 3-band EQ with
volume control and talkover
function, top-mounted for
The zone select switch lets the
user choose which channel will
go through the ZONE output,
which lets the user send another
audio output to an additional
location. Volume control for
this feature is also included.
The input assign switches
allow for the assigning of
inputs to virtually any channel,
giving the user the freedom t o
personalize the way they
control the music.
The tempo section controls
how the EFX sync with the BPM
of the current track. Simply
press the TEMPO ON button,
and the EFX will automatically
sync with the current track
according to the settings on
the rotary control. The EFX
can also be synced up to a
tempo of the user’s choosing
by tapping large LED-lit button
in time.
The cue section features two
rotary control knobs that allow
the user to control the cue volume,
as well as adjust how loud the
cued channels and PGM channels
come through the headphones.
The section also features a
1/4” headphone output.
X-Fader Assign switches give
the user control over whether
the respective channel is controlled
via the X or Y sides of the
crossfader. When in the OFF
position, the audio for the
respective channel will not be
affected by the fader and go
straight to the master output.
The back panel of the CS-02
features 10 line, 3 phono/line
convertible inputs, as well as
2 1/4” Mic Inputs. On the output
s i d e , t h e r e a r e M a s t e r,
Record, Booth, and Zone
Outputs as well as Balanced
XLR Outputs.
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The EFX assign buttons select
the channel that the user wants
to affect with the selected DSP
effect. LED-lit indicators let the
user know when this feature is
switched ON or OFF.
The fully featured EFX section
gives the user the power to utilize
25 DSP effects with a wide
range of parameters. The
module includes an LCD
screen for viewing the current
ef fect, an EFX selector for
switching between ef fects,
r o t a r y D r y / We t c o n t r o l ,
p a r a m e t e r f a d e r, a n d 5
Memor y Recall Banks to let
the user utilize previously
programmed settings and
expand their range of creativity
in the mix.
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