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Server management made convenient
via LAN or WAN access!
Key Features
Connect to remote
computers over an
Ethernet network.
Single-, dual-, and
quad-user versions.
Up to 1280 x 1024 @
85 Hz resolution.
Local port for KVM
control station
Display four server
screens in quadscreen format.
Scale screen images
Easy to install and
Autosense network
connection speed.
Compatible with many
KVM switches.
Include brackets for
or the ultimate in remote
computer server management,
order a ServSwitch™ Ultra Remote
or ServSwitch Remote. These
compact, rackmountable devices
bring remote server connectivity
to you in the form of an Ethernet
LAN/WAN connection, giving you
computer CPU access anywhere
in the world.
By extending a KVM switch’s
user port for operation from a
remote workstation or location,
the ServSwitch Ultra Remote or
ServSwitch Remote lets you tap
into a network server from home
or another office.
In addition to an RJ-45 Ethernet
port for a remote connection, the
Single-User ServSwitch Ultra
Remote and ServSwitch Ultra units
provide an integrated switched
analog KVM port for the local side.
Use this port to attach a keyboard,
monitor, and mouse and gain direct
access to the unit.
For port density up to two or
four remote users, order a DualUser or Quad-User Ultra Remote.
The dual and quad models contain
two or four independent
ServSwitch Ultra Remote units in
a single rackmountable chassis.
They enable multiple users to
have remote access to servers
by connecting to the KVM inputs
on the Dual-User or Quad-User
Ultra Remote units.
The Single-User ServSwitch
Ultra Remote (ACR9000A) differs
from the other models in that it’s
designed for future connections
and long-term use. It includes dual
USB Type A connectors that are
reserved for future applications
and will soon support connections
via a dialup modem.
If you need a single-access
model and don’t think you’ll need
these type of connectors in the
future, you can get the job done
with our low-cost ServSwitch
Remote (ACR9005A).
All ServSwitch Ultra Remote
and ServSwitch Remote units also
include a pair of DB9 connectors
for future use.
The ServSwitch Ultra Remote
and ServSwitch Remote are fully
embedded products with no hard
drives or complicated operating
systems, so they’re highly reliable
and available. To begin configuring
the Ultra Remote for connection to
your network and set password
information, just access the analog
KVM port(s) on the local side.
Advanced viewing options.
With the included remoteaccess client Viewer software
installed on your workstation,
you can see up to four connected
servers in your data center (as
long as the Ultra Remote/Remote
is attached to a compatible KVM
switch) in real time.
For easy viewing, the client
interface displays these four
remote computers simultaneously
within a split-screen format in
color, shades of gray, or black
and white. A computer-selection
box for each quadrant of the
screen appears on the software’s
You can also use a singlescreen view, in which the video
image from only one remote
computer is shown in the display
An advanced scaling function
even resizes the video image to fit
your window and allows you to
reposition video images of any size
image anywhere on your monitor‘s
screen. This helps you monitor the
connected servers while you
tend to other tasks. Place a scaled
image of your server in the corner
of your monitor screen or work
with it at full resolution.
What’s more, because the
scaling function requires less data
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View servers from a remote
location using a TCP/IP
network connection.
ServSwitch Ultra
Remote (ACR9000A)
LAN Connection over UTP Cable
Local Monitor
LAN PC with
Remote Viewer
Software Installed
Local Mouse
Local Keyboard
KVM Switch
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to transmit images, you’re able to
obtain video updates quickly over
slower links. There’s also reduced
demand on network bandwidth.
Plus, with the ServSwitch Ultra
Remote or ServSwitch Remote,
you won’t have to operate multiple
mouse cursors—that is, a cursor
for both the local mouse and
another for the remote server—
which is often the case with many
competing products. Instead, use a
single mouse cursor to control both
the local screen and the remote
screen that’s being displayed. This
makes switching between the
remote servers and the
applications on your own PC
smooth and effortless.
And there’s no fiddling with
complicated controls to get the
optimum video quality. The
ServSwitch Ultra Remote and
ServSwitch Remote do it all
automatically. Supporting full 16-bit
color in resolutions of up to 1280 x
1024 @ 85 Hz, they offer enough
resolution to support PC, Mac , and
even Sun servers.
Quick and secure CPU access.
Compatible with nearly all IBM
PC computers as well as with
many industry-standard KVM
switches (including many of those
in the ServSwitch family), the
ServSwitch Ultra Remote and
ServSwitch Remote let you tap into
standalone or KVM-switched PCs.
Via a TCP/IP connection, you can
access Mac, Sun, and other highresolution servers connected to a
KVM switch, too*.
Access to attached servers
is through a password-protected
menu within the Viewer software
interface. Just enter the IP address
of the Ultra Remote/Remote, click
on the Connect icon, and enter the
correct password. You’re now
connected to the KVM switch or
standalone computer. Frontpanel LEDs show power and the
currently connected input port
(either remote or local KVM).
Password security prevents
unauthorized configuration. In fact,
the ServSwitch Ultra Remote and
ServSwitch Remote are designed
with the highest consideration for
security. They encrypt connections
with Blowfish or triple DES
technology. You can also set the
Ultra Remote/Remote unit to
automatically terminate a session
when it no longer detects keyboard
or mouse activity after a certain
amount of time.
Easy to install and configure.
To install the ServSwitch Ultra
Remote or ServSwitch Remote,
you’ll need one, two, or four
standalone computers or KVM
switches to be viewed and
accessed, as well as:
• local PC keyboard(s) with
PS/2 connector(s),
• local VGA monitor(s),
• an active Ethernet TCP/IP
• network cable(s) with RJ-45
male connectors
• at least one network PC
where the Viewer software
can be loaded.
The software runs on
Windows 95 or above operating
systems. At minimum, you’ll need a
PC or compatible with 4 MB of free
disk space and 32 MB RAM. The
PC must also have a keyboard and
mouse and a network connection
with TCP/IP protocol.
Setting up the ServSwitch
Ultra Remote or ServSwitch
Remote is easy. You can either
place it on a flat surface or use the
included rackmount brackets and
screws to mount it in a 19" rack.
Installation includes
connecting the ServSwitch Ultra
Remote or ServSwitch Remote unit
to a standalone computer or KVM
switch and your Ethernet network.
You only need to set a few basic
communication parameters from
a simple menu. These parameters
include IP address, subnet mask,
gateway address (optional), and
speed/duplex if you’ve connected
the Ultra Remote/Remote to a LAN
device that requires a particular
data rate or duplex setting. By
default, the ServSwitch Ultra
Remote and ServSwitch Remote
are set to “Auto,” meaning they
autosense and autoadjust to the
best available data rate (10 or
100 Mbps) and duplex setting (halfor full-duplex) on their network
Once these parameters are
set on the box, you can access
the Ultra Remote/Remote via the
Viewer program installed on a
remote-access workstation. A
setup wizard guides you through
the software installation process.
Using this program, configure
settings such as user management
and security. You can use the
Viewer software to set user IDs
and passwords, specify the type of
encryption between the Ultra
Remote/Remote and Viewer
stations, and program an inactivitydisconnection timeout for Viewer
* NOTE: The Viewer software can be installed on PCs only, and the only types of devices you can attach directly to the ServSwitch Ultra Remote or ServSwitch
Remote are IBM PC compatible computers and KVM switches. To find out if your KVM switch is compatible with the ServSwitch Ultra Remote or
ServSwitch Remote, call Tech Support.
Package Includes
Hardware Required: Monitor that
supports your computers’ highest
video standard; in multiplatform
applications, it should be a
multisync model
System Requirements for Remote
Client Software:
IBM PC or compatible with 4 MB
of free disk space, 32 MB RAM,
and Microsoft Windows 95 or
Compatibility: Keyboard: PC/AT ,
Video: VGA, Super VGA, XGA;
Mouse: PS/2 mouse only
Compliance: CE (EN55022 Class B,
EN50082-1/EN60555-2, LowVoltage Directive), FCC Part 15
Subpart B Class A, IC Class/
classe A, UL , cUL, TUV, VCCI
Protocol: TCP/IP
Standards: VGA, SVGA, or XGA
video from directly attached
computer; Mac, Sun, RS/6000 , or
SGI™ video can be displayed if
the computers outputting these
standards are attached to the unit
through a KVM switch
Resolution (Maximum):
1280 x 1024 @ 85 Hz
Video Bandwidth: 150 MHz
Distance (Maximum):
Users connected through TCP/IP:
No distance limit;
LAN cable to directly attached
hub, router, network switch,
or other LAN device:
328 ft. (100 m);
VGA or PS/2 cabling to any
directly attached monitor,
keyboard, or mouse:
20 ft. (6.1 m) or;
Original ServSwitch or coax
cable to any directly attached
CPU or KVM switch:
20 ft. (6.1 m)
Speed: 10/100 Mbps
User Controls: Rear-mounted rocker
switch for power; keyboard
commands; on-screen menus;
Viewer software program
installed on LAN PCs
Interfaces: To KVM switch or CPU:
Proprietary composite of IBM
PS/2 keyboard and mouse
and VGA, SVGA, or XGA video;
Network: 10/100BASE-T Ethernet;
VGA IN/OUT and to monitor:
VGA, SVGA, or XGA video;
To keyboard and mouse:
IBM PS/2 type
Connectors: Video:
ACR9000A: (3) HD15 F;
All others: (1), (2), or (4) HD15 F;
Keyboard: (1), (2), or (4) 6-pin
mini-DIN F;
Mouse: (1), (2), or (4) 6-pin miniDIN F;
To ServSwitch or CPU: (1), (2), or
(4) DB25 F;
Ethernet: (1), (2), or (4) RJ-45;
Power: (1) IEC 320 receptacle;
ACR9000A also has (2) USB
Type A F connectors for future
All switches also have (2) DB9 M
serial connectors for future
Indicators: Front-panel LEDs:
Power (indicates that unit is
receiving AC power),
Remote (indicates log in by
TCP/IP user[s]),
Local (indicates log in by local
Serial (non-functional),
Viewer software includes various
indications and warnings
• ServSwitch Ultra Remote or ServSwitch Remote
• (1), (2), or (4) 6-ft. (1.8-m) power cord(s)
• (1), (2), or (4) 5-ft. (1.5-m) DB25 male to DB25 male ServSwitch-toServSwitch expansion cable(s) for attaching compatible KVM
• (1), (2), or (4) 5-ft. (1.5-m) DB25 male to HD15 male and dual 6-pin
mini-DIN male ServSwitch CPU cable(s) for attaching standalone
• (1) 1-ft. (0.3-m) HD15 male to HD15 male video-loop cable used to
enable permanent local-monitor attachment
• (2) 3.5" diskettes for Viewer remote client software
• (2) 19" rackmount brackets and (4) screws
• Users’ manual
Ordering Information
ServSwitch Ultra Remote
Dual-User .............................................................ACR9002A
ServSwitch Remote
For KVM-switching capabilities, you’ll need a compatible
KVM switch. For details on whether the switch you want to
use is compatible, call our FREE Tech Support.
Temperature Tolerance: 32 to 113˚F
(0 to 45˚C)
Humidity Tolerance: 5 to 80%
Enclosure: Electrogalvanized steel
Power: 90–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz,
Size: ACR9000A, ACR9002A:
1.75"H (1U) x 16.7"W x 9.7"D
(4.4 x 42.4 x 24.6 cm);
ACR9004A: 3.5"H (2U) x 16.7"W x
9.7"D (8.9 x 42.4 x 24.6 cm);
ACR9005A: 1.75"H (1U) x 8.9"H x
8.4"D (4.4 x 22.6 x 21.4 cm)
Weight: ACR9000A: 8 lb. (3.6 kg);
ACR9002A: 9 lb. (4.1 kg);
ACR9004A: 11 lb. (5 kg);
ACR9005A: 4.1 lb. (1.9 kg)
Black Box offers the best warranty program in the
industry—Fido Protection . For more information,
request FaxBack 22512.
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