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A Г [ (5 Console Speaker System
Canes 1AM
Fine furniture system
The new Electro-Voice Aries console speaker
systems integrate fine furniture design and construction
with acoustical excellence — at surprisingly modest
cost. The Aries is available in three styles: Traditional,
finished in rich cherry; Contemporary with stylish
pecan finish; and popular Spanish in rugged oak. These
superb designs will be a proud addition to home decor.
Close attention to detail is evident in these systems.
Select North American veneers and hardwoods are used
on the cabinets. Two final lacquer coats, each baked
and hand rubbed, assure beauty and durability. Hard-
ware, grill cloth selection, and finish all contribute to
the authenticity of design. Careful cabinetmaking tech-
niques result in a totally sealed, especially solid unit.
Superior sound
As important as appearance is, the essence of high
fidelity componentry is fine sound. The ability to
reproduce music in thrilling, realistic concert-hall style
is possible because of Electro-Voice's advanced audio
engineering knowledge and design creativity. Not satis-
fied with staying abreast of the ‘‘state of the art”, E-V
engineers strive to improve it, continuing their tradition
of Setting New Standards in Sound.
The Aries is a three-way system incorporating a
12-inch woofer, 6-inch midrange, and 2'%-inch tweeter.
Cabinet, all internal components, crossover, and
acoustic damping have all been carefully designed and
integrated to result in the epitome of “fine-tuned”
WOOFER — The foundation of the Aries brilliant
performance. The nine and one-half-pound magnet
structure provides highest efficiency consistent with
precise transient response. New sealed-foam, half-roll
surround of the woofer assures stable suspension of the
cone and yet allows long-throw cone movement of up
to %-inch. The woofer will handle 50 watts of continu-
ous sine-wave power. Extremely low distortion, even
Frequency Response: ........... 2510 20,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance: ................. 8 ohms
Power Handling Capacity
Program: ....ooecocscoroesaaroarooe 35 watts
A NI ints Cale ear OBS
Dimensions: ........ . 224" H x 27%" Wx 164" D
Style/ Finish:
Contemporary/Pecan; Traditional/Cherry; Spanish/Oak
Net Weight: 2....0.000000 000 a aa sim em RIS.
Shipping Weight: aa A Aa AA 75 lbs.
Nat. Advertised Price: ............ 0... $275.00
reproducing the lowest organ pedal tones.
MIDRANGE — Special attention has been given to
this speaker which reproduces sound in the most sensi-
tive range of the ear. À specially selected and treated
cone and suspension insure smoothness and low dis-
tortion. The midrange speaker is mounted in its own
sealed and internally-damped enclosure preventing
interaction with the woofer.
TWEETER — Smooth, natural very-high-frequency
reproduction is the most critical area of any speaker
system. To assure performance identical with labora-
tory standards, special production techniques were
developed. All parts of the tweeter are assembled and
then cured together, relieving stresses and eliminating
non-uniformity. Damping compound is hypodermically
metered into the speaker compliance roll. The result is
remarkably good tweeter performance, uniform from
unit to unit,
CROSSOVER — Top-quality crossover compli-
ments the other components and assures uniformity of
good sound. Mylar tweeter capacitor maintains response
to beyond limits of hearing. Iron-core woofer circuit
inductor minimizes resistance losses. Five-position
ceramic rotary switch permits adjustment of high-end
response up to 10 db at 10,000 Hz to exactly match
room acoustics or precise listening tastes.
A | —
7 A Y e
y № ЖЕРЗЕЗЕ à 8 5585888:
Individual Component Response
novo у —
HH 5
FHM 51
= ¥ ESEFsEg
5 & & 582883
ral E
ha E
ria 21
ride di
"Ня ОЕ
Crossover Response
A Subsidiary of Gulton Industries, Inc,
ENA Fasil St Bıschsnan Mirhinan 49107
itha in U.S. À
2 5 3852595 8 8 S8E8M3 3
ы E
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Fad Gl
ma DE
Maximum Sine Wave Power Input
| 595 |
1 KHz 5 KHz 10 КН: 15 КН: 20 KHz
Acoustic Balance Switch Settings
Your E-V Distributor
AUDIO Magazine had this to say
about the ARIES sound:
“In listening to this speaker
system, we were impressed with
its full-bodied sound and smooth
top end. It seemed not to add any
coloration of its own to the source
material being played—which
is just as it should be. The bass
response was particularly
(October, 1969)
And from the CBS Labs analysis
for HIGH FIDELITY Magazine:
“With its ARIES series of speaker
systems, E-V is making an
obvious effort to appeal to those
concerned with decor as well as
with sound. The former appeal is
evident in the three styles in which
the new system comes (traditional,
contemporary, and Spanish).
The latter consideration becomes
evident as you listen to the ARIES:
it's a full-bodied, clean, wide-
range reproducer."
(February, 1970)
Finally, Hirsch-Houk Laboratories
sums it all up in the pages of
“From the test data, one would
expect the ARIES to be a smooth,
clean-sounding system, and it
did not disappoint us. The sound
was well dispersed, with no
hint that it emanated from three
drivers—the result of careful
choice of crossover frequencies
and well-matched driver
characteristics. The ARIES had
a light, effortless quality with
a palpable lower bass when the
program material called for it.
Altogether it is a fine system,
as appealing to the eye as it is
to the ear.”
(February, 1970)
All agree:
ARIES sounds as good as it looks.
And vice versa.
Lye Le EE EP,
EET A LTR Ty a EL a Te rn ee re
For complete copies of all three reports, write us today. But to see ...and hear... what inspired this praise, visit your E-V high fidelity
showroom soon. Listen to ARIES. $269.95 suggested retail in your choice of styles. It can be an eye-opening experience.
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