Seymour 135B • pinhole camera design by Lena

Seymour 135B • pinhole camera design by Lena
Seymour 135B • pinhole camera design by Lena Källberg •
Make a pinhole from a piece of thin metal foil, for instance an aluminium food container. ½” x ½” should be a
nice enough size. Make a tiny hole in the foil by pushing the tip of the tip of a sawing needle though the foil;
the hole should ideally be a little less than 1/100 of an inch. Sand off any burr using very fine emery paper.
Glue this page to a sheet of black cardboard. Cut out parts1-6. Also cut the square holes for the pinhole in
parts 1 and 2 according to the layout. Mark the foldings, i.e. the dotted lines, using, for instance the back side
of the blade of a knife (scalpel or sharpie knife).
outer box
Center the pinhole in the square
hole in part 1and tape your
pinhole to the inside of it, using
black tape. Fold along the
dotted lines and glue the longer
sides together (glue goes where
the arrow points).
inner box
Cut the square hole in part 2
before you glue it together.
This is where the pinhole piece
will fit. Fold along the dotted
lines. (If you need a hint, the
box should be folded like a
matchbox, .)
film mask
Tape or glue the shutter to
the front side of the
camera. Center the
shutter piece in front of the
pinhole. Part 5 is the
shutter itself and should fit
nicely into part 4.
Save this stage for last.
To be taped to the top (open side)
of the inner box.
(Note! This is a de luxe option.)
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