Key Benefits:
Analog Video Input –
works with many video
sources and cameras
High quality audio
recording via internal or
external mic
Low-cost connectors, easily
adapted for different jobs
Removable Compact Flash
card – no downloading!
Simplified programming
and operation
Solid-State Digital Video/Audio Recorder
Best Uses:
Fixed installations
Ideal Users:
Live surveillance teams
Counter-drug operatives
Technical investigators
Intelligence and counterintelligence operators
Military LE groups
IG offices
VAMPIRE is an ultra-small digital audio / video recorder
designed specifically for covert collection efforts. With an array
of color and B&W camera options, VAMPIRE is highly flexible
and suitable for a wide variety of concealed video surveillance
applications. VAMPIRE is able to operate for up to 4 hours from
the internal Lithium-Polymer battery; external powering is also
possible for extended record times. Additionally, VAMPIRE
records audio, either from its integrated high-quality
microphone or from the optional mono or stereo external
microphone. All recordings are made to removable Compact
Flash (CF) cards, which can be removed and played on
Windows PCs.
Product Highlights:
For more information or to receive a
price quote, visit the our website at or send us an
email at
Camera Flexibility – Any PAL or NTSC camera or video source may be
used, with the built-in programmable voltage source capable of supplying
power over a range of 5VDC – 11VDC.
Impressive Accessories – VAMPIRE has many accessories, including night
vision cameras, infra-red cameras, and camera camouflages.
Removable Media Card – Recordings are stored on PC – readable Compact
Flash memory cards: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB capacities are available.
Power Options – A small Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery on board the
unit allows for approximately 4 hours of record time. An optional external
battery offers longer record time, and the included external power supply
offers unlimited usage. Software settings and CF card capacity also
determine record times.
Manual or Auto Recording – VAMPIRE records either manually (via button,
external controller, or external voltage signal) or automatically, via real-time
clock timer.
Concealable – Dimensions of 2.9 x 2.1 x 0.5 inches – including battery,
memory card, and housing.
BASIC SET (No Camera), includes:
Storage Medium Removable Compact Flash card, Type I
128GB maximum supported capacity
File System
MS-DOS/Windows FAT-16 and FAT-32
File Limit
Max. 4 GB in single file
File Format
AVI for audio/video, WAV for audio-only
Motion JPEG 2000 for video (codec
required), selectable LPCM (uncompressed)
or ADPCM for audio
Video Format
PAL or NTSC (automatic detection),
interlaced or progressive scan
Frame Rate
1-30 frames per second, 3-13 Mbits/s
Recording Mode Normal (records until memory card full) or
Loop Mode (overwrites oldest files when
card full)
• VAMPIRE recorder • 8GB Compact Flash Card • software CD •
USB Cable • USB 2.0 CF card reader • AC charger unit • Printed
user’s manual • Compact plastic carrying case
MEGA SET (With Camera), includes:
All items in BASIC SET, plus:
• Micro-miniature color camera • External stereo microphone •
External controller • 8GB Compact Flash Card • Video “Y” output
• Color camera • Pinhole lens color camera• Micro-miniature color
camera • Button disguise camera • Glasses disguise camera •
Headphones disguise camera • Night-vision camera • B&W camera •
B&W IR light camera • Wide angle camera • Camera camouflages •
Additional camera lenses • Single external microphone • External
stereo microphone • External control switch • Video “Y” output
connector • External 4 “AA” battery pack • 12VDC car charger
adaptor • CF cards (2GB to 16GB capacities) • USB 2.0 multi-card
reader • Multi-card stand-alone CD/DVD burner (for transferring
your recordings to low-cost archive media) • Extra 2.5mm and
3.5mm mini jacks available on request
Audio Converter
Delta-sigma 24-bit dual-channel (stereo)
8kHz to 44.1kHz sample rate
Integrated Knowles FG-series electret, or
external stereo microphone
Mic Powering
1.3V DC regulated, 0.1mA max current
Gain Presets
Mic 16dB, Mic 32dB, or Line level
Pushbutton on unit, external remote
control switch, internal timer control, or
USB 2.0 port • CD-ROM drive • Compatible sound card • MS XP,
VISTA or 7 • Media Player 10 or higher • Compact Flash slot and Svideo output recommended
Built-in Lithium-Polymer, 3.7V, 1.8Ah
Switching power supply adapter included
External Power
4.8V to 6V DC; 1.2A continuous, 4A peak
0.1mA sleep / switched off
0.4A to 1.2A recording, 4A peak
Camera Power
5V to 11V DC, 100mA
Software programmable
Recording Time
Up to 4 hours run time with internal battery,
depending on camera and settings used
Video Input
3.5mm mini jack, 4-pole gold plated
Carries 1Vpp 75Ω analog video, power,
triggering, and ground
Audio Input
2.5mm mini jack, 4-pole gold plated
Carries two channels of mic- or line-level
audio, mic power, and ground
5-pin “Mini-B” USB connector, gold plated
Single microswitch, 2x recessed LEDs
2.9” x 2.1” x 0.5” (including battery, memory
card and housing). Scratch-resistant,
lightweight aluminum housing
Simplified configuration software CD
included; software can also install directly
from recorder via USB
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