Screencast-o-matic ProPage Basics

Screencast-o-matic ProPage Basics
Screencast-o-matic ProPage Basics
Screencast-o-matic software can be used to create presentations, lectures, demos and other courserelated recordings—anything you can capture on your computer screen and/or webcam including live
action, PowerPoint presentations with your voice, computer applications, mouse clicks, documents,
action on websites, audio through your microphone, etc.
Screencast-o-matic will produce a MP4 video file that can be easily saved to your computer and uploaded
to your GoucherLearn course site, or posted on YouTube.
To use the Welch Center’s
“ProPage” account for Goucher
recordings, click here:
Enter the password and click
Submit. (Get the password from
Click Start Recording.
(Later you can click
Open Pro Tools for editing.)
Click the Record Screencast
button to launch the new v2.0
If prompted, click to download
the screen recorder.
For the best audio recording,
connect a headset with a
microphone to record your
Screencast-o-matic ProPage Basics
Select the recording features
desired. Select Screen, Webcam
or Both. Screen will record
everything seen on your
computer screen, live action,
documents, mouse clicks,
applications, websites, …
Webcam will record just what
your webcam sees.
Both will record everything on
your screen and your webcam.
The webcam live action will be
recorded in the bottom right
corner of the video.
This is an example of the screen
layout created in a video made
using the Both recording option.
All live action on your computer
screen is recorded as well as all
live action shot through your
webcam. The webcam recording
appears in the lower right corner
of the video on top of the
recording made of your
computer screen.
The instructor can work through
a PowerPoint presentation or
other documents or websites to
present lecture material.
If the Screen recording option is
selected, the webcam image in
the corner is not recorded.
Screencast-o-matic ProPage Basics
This is an example of a video
created using the Webcam
Recording option.
The instructor can speak directly
into her webcam to record a
lecture if desired.
Notice the widescreen format
that is used. The latest versions
of Screencast-o-matic and
PowerPoint default to the
widescreen format, which is
Click the Narration link to select
the headset microphone you are
Speak into your microphone to
test your microphone
Green bars should appear in the
Narration section if the audio is
connected properly.
To record the Computer Audio
(audio from videos played or
sounds made by your computer
during the recording) click the
Computer Audio link and select
Yes. Be sure to comply with laws
regarding re-recording
copyright-protected videos.
Screencast-o-matic ProPage Basics
Drag the recording frame
(highlighted in yellow here) to
surround the area that you want
to video.
We recommend using the
default widescreen recording
frame size.
Keep Screencast-o-matic open
and open the PowerPoint and
other documents, websites, etc.
that you want to record in your
Close all other items that you do
not want to record (email, etc.).
If you use a PowerPoint file,
position the recording frame
around the main presentation
screen only.
Click and drag the corners of the
recording frame to adjust and
maintain the widescreen format.
Everything outside of the
recording frame will not be
recorded so you can click on
each page of the PowerPoint on
the left as you advance through
the lecture and only the main
page inside the frame will
appear in the video.
Click the Rec (Record) button to
begin recording.
Screencast-o-matic ProPage Basics
Keep tract of the recording time.
If using the free account, the
recording will stop after 15
minutes per video. The
recording button becomes a
Pause button to use if needed.
Click the Pencil icon to Draw &
Zoom during the recording if
If you click the pencil icon, the
Draw & Zoom tools appear at
the top of the page. Select a
color and a shape and drag the
shape over the page to place it
on the page during the
To Zoom in during a recording,
double-click on the page.
Practice using the Draw & Zoom
tools in advance.
Advance through your lecture to
complete the recording.
After clicking the Pause button,
click the Rec button to continue
recording or click the Done
button to end the recording.
Screencast-o-matic ProPage Basics
The completed video recording
Click the Play button in the
bottom left corner to review the
Click Save as Video File to save
the recording on your computer
as an MP4 file, which you can
drag and drop, to uploaded it to
your course site.
Click Delete in the right corner
to delete the recording if
Click the Publish button.
Wait a few seconds for the
recording to reach 100% to
Publish to Video File.
Screencast-o-matic ProPage Basics
When completed you will
receive a green check mark.
Click the OK button to exit.
The video recording will be
found on your computer
desktop and can be dragged
(uploaded) right into your
GoucherLearn course site.
During playback, mouse clicks
appear as halos that fade in and
out to show where you clicked
on the page.
Screencast-o-matic ProPage Basics
At the top of the Screencast-omatic home page, click the Help
link to find instructional videos.
The Scripted Recordings feature
is used to add text captions to
the bottom of your videos.
To learn how, click the Scripted
Recordings tools link below and
review the four Scripted
Recordings tutorials for the new
v2.0 recorder.
Scripted Recordings tools:
Other tutorials:
Editing tools:
Screencast-o-matic ProPage Basics
Best practices for recording:
1. Conduct a short test recording. Audio should be clean and easy to hear. Video should have sufficient
2. Introduce yourself at the beginning of your recording. What interests you about this topic? Why is the
topic relevant to the class? What do you intend to accomplish in delivering the lecture?
3. Do not read a prepared script, but keep a list of topics you want to cover.
4. Aim for a relaxed, conversational delivery and a spontaneous feel.
5. Engage your audience. Pose provoking questions; describe memorable experiences; make connections
with a current situation; share a “truth” you’ve learned over the years. As you speak, imagine you are
speaking to just one student. Make imaginary eye contact.
6. Do not refer to due dates, assignments, the weather, holidays or seasons, as these elements may
change over time.
7. Record in sections that are a maximum of 10-15 minutes in length.
August 2015
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