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Seatronics are the only Eaton accredited manufacturer of Burton connectors with personnel
trained and certified within our moulding facilities based throughout our geographical
locations to support the local operations of our clients.
Our moulding processes replicate those of the
manufacturer to ensure the highest level of quality
assurance. A rigorous test regime dictated by the
manufacturer ensures that the product delivered
to the client meets the same standards as factory
produced products.
Seatronics boast an inventory of over $4m worth
of raw materials and components ensuring that
there are no production delays regardless of your
cable and connector requirements.
All cable and connectors assemblies are available
at short notice should this be required. As a rule
our ongoing commitment to clients is that one off
bespoke cable moulded solutions be available
no more than 3 days from receipt of order. Bulk
purchase or multiple cable and connectors orders
are processed efficiently through our production
planning solution to ensure clients receive their
product in line with the confirmed production
Seatronics have established a number of
bulk supply agreements and are currently
working with a number of ROV manufacturers
offering them a just in time solution to reduce
unnecessary stock holding whilst having a high
degree of reliability in terms of on time delivery.
In addition to Burton products, Seatronics also stock over
3M USD of other cables and connectors including, Seacon,
Subcon, Impulse along with a wide selection of cables
varying from Diver Video and Camera cables to Full Ethernet
with PPS capability or HD video for High accuracy Surveys.
Having the cables ex stock allow us to reduce the lead times
to customers who often are on time critical schedules with
vessels standing by.
Seatronics cables are full ocean depth rated and have a
proven track record in the harsh conditions on the search
for MH370 which we have provided the cabling for the AUV
sensor integration.
• Significant stock holding
• Moulding facilities in Brazil,
Houston and Singapore
• Manufactured under exclusive
private labelling agreement
with Eaton
• Specially designed back
shell as part of the private
labelling agreement, unique to
• Proprietary compound
recipes and custom bonding
agents used to ensure our
moulding process replicates
that of the factory process
• Available from all Seatronics
Seatronics can supply and manufacture a number of cable and
connector variations including, but not limited to, the following:
Neoprene Moulds
Straight Moulds with Neoprene Mould
Tri-Splice Neoprene Mould
Y-Splice Neoprene Mould
Standard In-Line Neoprene Mould
Cable Assembly with Neoprene Mould
Right Angle Moulds with Neoprene Mould
PVC Cable & Connector Moulds
Right Angle Polyurethane Mould with Orange PVC Jacketed Cable
Straight Polyurethane Mould with Orange PVC Jacketed Cable
Straight Polyurethane Mould with Blue PVC Jacketed Cable
Standard In-Line Polyurethane Mould with Orange and Blue Jacketed PVC Cable
Y-Splice Polyurethane Mould with PVC Jacketed Cable
Seatronics Ltd
Denmore Industrial Estate
Aberdeen, AB23 8JW
United Kingdom
Seatronics Ltd
P.O Box 71908, Abu Dhabi
Mina Zayed Port
United Arab Emirates
T: +44 (0) 1224 853100 (24hour)
F: +44 (0) 1224 853101
E: aberdeen@seatronics-group.com
T: +971 (2) 673 3435 (24hour)
F: +971 (2) 673 4377
E: abu.dhabi@seatronics-group.com
Seatronics Inc
1319 West Sam Houston Pkwy N.
Suite 150
Houston, Texas, 77043
United States
Seatronics do Brasil
Rua Saturno, No 402
Granja dos Cavaleiros
CEP 27930 - 190
Macaé, RJ, Brasil
T: +1 (713) 464 3311 (24hour)
F: +1 (713) 464 6111
E: houston@seatronics-group.com
T: +55 22 2765 7630 (24hour)
E: brazil@seatronics-group.com
Seatronics Pte Ltd
25B Loyang Crescent
Blk 302, #02-04,
Singapore 506817
Seatronics Pte Ltd
Level 2
89 St Georges Terrace
Perth, WA6000, Australia
T: +65 6545 7155 (24hour)
F: +65 6545 3717
E: singapore@seatronics-group.com
T: +61 8 9222 5050 (24hour)
F: +61 8 9278 2525
E: perth@seatronics-group.com
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