Universal Tailpipe Adapter System

Universal Tailpipe Adapter System
Universal Tailpipe Adapter System
Finding and using the right
The new EuroVent QuickLink
Universal Tailpipe Adapter
System solves your exhaust
problems so that connecting
adapters is quick and easy:
tailpipe adapter to fit the
variety of cars and light trucks
that pull into your service bays
can be difficult. With dual
• Tailpipe adapters can be connected
and disconnected in seconds
exhaust systems and recessed
• No removing clamps or unscrewing adapters from the hose
and flush mount tailpipes it can
be virtually impossible. Even if
• Flexible rubber adapters fit most tailpipe configurations. High-temp silicone adapters are also available
the correct adapter is available,
connecting and disconnecting
• Special Y-Hose is designed for dual exhaust applications
from the exhaust hose can be
• Free-standing floor nozzle works with hard-to-reach and flush- mount tailpipes
difficult and time consuming.
• Adapters are accessible and organized using the custom nozzle rack
How QuickLink Universal Tailpipe Adapter System Works
A QuickLink receiver is installed on each exhaust hose of the extraction
system. Each tailpipe adapter is equipped with a QuickLink connector.
• Fits all systems using 4" diameter exhaust hose
• Technicians are more encouraged to use the exhaust extraction system
• The service area is much safer work environment
• Productivity is increased
1. Align pins on the 2. Push pins in the tailpipe to the slots slots.
on the receiver.
3. Turn so pins drop and lock into place.
Universal Tailpipe Adapter Components
Universal Tailpipe
High-quality adapters are flexible
and can be formed to fit most tailpipe configurations including oval
and dual oval designs. Available in
rubber and hi-temp silicone.
Portable Tailpipe
Adapter Stand
No. QCR-1452
Finding the right
tailpipe adapter
has never been easier with the
QuickLink Organizer Rack.
This space- saving rack mounts easily
and holds all the sizes of QuickLink Universal
Adapters you need
to do your job safely. You’ll never have to remove clamps or unscrew adapters from
hoses again. It just takes seconds
to find the size and type of adapter
you need from the QuickLink Organizer Rack, connect it into
place, and you’re ready to go!
Item No.
Dia A
Dia B
QCN-2040 . . . . 4" . . . . . 6" . . . . . Rubber
QCN-2041 . . . . 4" . . . . . 8" . . . . . Rubber
QCN-2041S . . . 4" . . . . . 8" . . . . . Silicone
QCN-6782S . . . 4" . . . . . 6" . . . . . Silicone
4" Receiver with
Damper Control
No. QC-4D
Fits 4" exhaust hose and is designed to accept all 4" QuickLink Tailpipe Adapters. Damper control restricts air flow to prevent
excessive air loss when not in use.
• Rack allows for easy storage and
access for up to 8 QuickLink Universal Tailpipe Adapters and 1 Y-Hose Assembly
• Rack measures 14" wide X 52" tall, assembled.
• Rack can easily be mounted to any wall, support beam, column or post.
4" Y-Hose Assembly
No. QCY-4
• Designed for dual exhaust systems – the QYC-4 uses the same QuickLink connectors used on the tailpipe adapters.
• Makes using a Y-Hose setup simple.
No. QCS-2041
For use with recessed, flush mount or hard- to-reach tailpipe designs. The stand is equipped with a QCN-2041 Tailpipe Adapter and is adjustable for both
height and angle.
To use:
• Place the stand in front and as close to the tailpipe as possible.
• Attach the exhaust hose or Y-Hose.
• Adjust height and angle as required
For more information on
EuroVent ® QuickLink TM, call us
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Barberton, Ohio 44203 Toll-Free Phone: 800.433.0708 Fax: 330.753.6419
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