i3SYNC Touch World`s first wireless touch solution - i3

i3SYNC Touch World`s first wireless touch solution - i3
Diest, December 2016
Press release
i3SYNC Touch
World’s first wireless
touch solution
Sharing a presentation on the big screen
Plug and play
seems easy enough, but in practice it’s
The tool does not require any installation.
often not easy. If you have managed to
With one push on the button, you instantly
set up a connection, it doesn’t mean
share the screen of your mobile device on
you’re there, because you still have to
the presentation screen. Every participant
find the appropriate screen resolution.
can connect a unique transmitter to his
Fortunately, you can use this wireless
mobile device. This way, they can share
touch solution to avoid this chaotic state.
It’s simply a matter of connecting a
transmitter and receiver.
Wireless connection
i3SYNC Touch is a wireless solution that
keeps your meeting space clean and
organized. A wireless solutions implies
no cables to contend with. The tool
consists of a transmitter and receiver
which can communicate wirelessly. You
connect the transmitter to your laptop
their screen in turns, which strongly
(or another HDMI compatible device) and
promotes collaboration and flexibility
the receiver to the presentation screen.
in the meeting room. Those who are
They synchronize instantly, even without
connected to the shared screen, can
internet connection. Once they’re paired,
preview the connected devices on the
your mobile device is connected to the
presentation screen and lock specific
presentation screen.
transmitters, if necessary.
Interactive screen sharing
i3 stands for interactivity, integration
The wireless tool is equipped with a
and inspiration in learning and meeting
touch functionality that makes the big
environments. In Belgium, the name
screen interactive during screen sharing.
VANERUM is most known: it is the Belgian
This means you can interact directly with
i3-Solutions branch with focus on furniture
what’s displayed on the big screen. This
and classic boards. Turnover in 2015:
allows you to quickly browse through the
60 million euros.
slides of your presentation without using
an external remote. In addition, you can
mark specific parts in your presentation
or quickly open other applications. Simply
use the big screen as if it were your small
Caroline Coppens
mobile screen.
Marketing & Communication
For more information about i3SYNC,
T +32 70 220 600 M +32 472 69 60 17
please visit www.i3-meeting.com
i3-Group is a family business from Diest,
Belgium, which is active in 50 countries.
Roughly half of its 300 employees is
working in Flanders. i3-Group consists of
two pillars; i3-Technologies (interactive
technology products, both hardware and
software) and i3-Solutions (furniture &
classic boards).
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