Observit BIT VMS

Observit BIT VMS
Observit Video Systems
Observit BIT
Mobile Video Surveillance
Observit Video Systems
BIT - VMS for Mobile Video Surveillance
Industry-leading video surveillance for mobile units
Observit BIT integrates Axis local camera applications and edge
storage with Observit cloud services to create a reliable, costeffective, connected and easy-to-use VMS for transport and mobile
ACAP and New technology – new
Whether you run a service with a few or tens of
thousands of vehicles in the fleet, network video
makes a noticeable improvement in your Balance
Sheet. The introduction of network video has
revolutionized the way public transportation
professionals work with passenger experience,
passenger behaviour, safety, security and vandalism.
Network video provides a whole new set of tools to
reach operational excellence.
Applications and services executed in the camera make
it even easier. ACAP, the Axis Camera Application
Platform, a runtime environment for Video Analytic
applications executed directly in the camera, make the
camera an intelligent device. The applications, we call
them ACApps, Axis Camera Applications, is easy to
install and make the video solution independent of
other infrastructure components like local NVR, NAS,
PC server’s etc.
BIT VMS with ACApp - many
Install the camera in the vehicle and the BIT ACApp in
the camera and the system is up and running.
Observit BIT take advantage of Axis new cameras with
ACAP. This is new easy way to use CCTV in the
transportation segment. CCTV solution in a vehicles or
other mobile devices have never been easier and more
Axis Camera: The BIT VMS is developed for the
high-performance AXIS Network Cameras specially
designed for video surveillance in buses, trains, subway
cars and emergency vehicles. The rugged and discreet
AXIS cameras have protection against dust and water,
and can withstand tough conditions such as vibrations,
shocks, bumps and temperature fluctuations. In
addition, the cameras' active tampering alarm can
detect tampering attempts such as blocking or spraypainting. The cameras are specially adapted to respond
quickly to changes in light levels, ensuring that high
image quality is maintained even in difficult, low or high,
light conditions. The BIT ACApp take advantage of the
storage capacity provided in the camera.
ACAP Store: Observit Acap Store, a central
marketplace and distribution platform for intelligent and
smart video analytics applications for Axis cameras and
AXIS Camera Application Platform, ACAP , is an open
platform that enables application developers to develop
and sell the Axis - compatible applications.
Observit Acap Store will do deployment of BIT ACApps
software available quick and easy.
With Acap Store Observit partners can deploy Observit
BIT to their customers in a new way by selling,
distributing BIT ACApps directly to their customers'
cameras, over the net, hassle free.
Communcation: The Observit BIT VMS is taking
fully advantage of IP technology, the high quality Axis
cameras and the possibilities to make the solution a
remote and monitored solution. The communication
needed is 3G / LTE or wifi. The BIT VMS will work even if
communication in the vehicle will be lost during
operation. BIT have no other requirements than to have
communication, monitored and managed
communication preferred.
Observit Video Systems
BIT VMS take fully advantage of
the new Axis Cameras
Activate BIT VMS and the video surveillance system is ready to use
BIT VMS with ACApp
Observit BIT VMS take advantage of the evolution in
the IP technology with ACAP and Axis new video
cameras in the transportation segment. The new Axis
cameras with new functionalities make the BIT solution
a perfect match to support an easy and quick
deployment of a professional CCTV solution in a
vehicles or other mobile devices.
BIT VMS is an IP based CCTV system, VSaaS, where the
customer are able to setup the system in the cloud
quick and easy.
Setup the preferred system info. Register your
company and system name. Create the logical units as
garage, depots, harbours etc and the vehicles or similar
that will have cameras installed.
Install the camera in the vehicle and the BIT ACApp in
the camera and the system is up and running.
Observit VMS
In the BIT VMS solution the organisation will register
and manage the CCTV system in the cloud. All in an
easy-to-use web interface. Setting up company info,
preferred organisational structure as garage, depots
and physical locations for the camera, if they are
BIT VMS is a professional video surveillance solution.
The well recognised Observit central management and
monitoring solution serves as a solid backend. This is a
reliable and stable platform for the the BIT VMS. All
devices and units are monitored and managed through
the central webbased system called OMS. Total control
of system, devices, inventory, logfiles etc, as well as
management and organisation of the logical structure
of depots, vehicles and functionality.
The the BIT ACApp will keep all your unique customized
settings for the camera.
The ACApp will handle recordings and settings, upload
requests, keep log and report status and alarms and
communicate all info to the central webbased VMS.
BIT also communicates with other cameras within the
same local net, called BITcc, “BIT camera cluster”. The
BITcc could be the cameras in a single bus or similar.
Using BITcc, cameras in the unique BITcc will
communicate with each other and cooperate to create
a rich and functional environment.
Within the BITcc cluster the cameras will be able
optimize usage of network capacity at upload of
recordings. The cameras will cooperate and monitor
each other within the cluster, perform corrective
actions automatically, typical a camera could try to
restart another camera etc.
BITcc will manage and reduce the traffic from a BITcc
cluster to the central BIT VMS. One unit collecting
status from the other units in the cluster, reporting the
total cluster status to the VMS.
The network load from the BITcc system is normally
very low. At upload of videos the BITcc will handle the
upload in an optimal way for the current network and
connection. Even if the communication is unstable the
upload will be handled in a very intelligent way and no
videos will be lost in transfer.
If GPS is provided GPS info could be consolidated and
merged with the video on the server side.
The BIT ACApp could be installed locally, over the web
using ACAP Store, or pre-installed.
Observit Video Systems
Easy and simple to deploy
Cost-efficient and trouble-free
Central operation and
maintenance in the cloud
Sustainability – environment
Reliable - available - serviceable
The system is reliable, available and serviceable
with a documented High Availability. Recorded
video and pictures are always available, in high
quality, accessible from anywhere, at any time.
Monitored - maintained
The system is easy to maintain and the services
are continuously monitored during operation,
to ensure that problems are detected when
they occur. Any problem or reduced
functionality are reported to the operation and
maintenance center for automatic or manual
action. Expensive on-board service is avoided
because maintenance and configuration, as
well as adding new features, is done remotely.
Recorded material can be accessed at any time
without waiting for the vehicle to arrive to the
depot or station. Recordings are uploaded from
the vehicle during operation to a central video
storage, for later analysis. In critical situation,
remote live video and live audio streams can be
Installation is time and cost effective with a
minimum of simple steps to follow. The
completed installation is documented and
Efficient video analysis
Efficient and easy to use Observit Player, with
synchronized playback from all cameras. It is
very easy to export video and to analyze
incidents in multiple cameras in parallel.
Future proof
BIT VMS is a future-proof system, built on open
Built for fleets, sustainability and cost
Observit BIT VMS
Trouble-free and cost-efficient mobile surveillance.
Observit Video Systems
BIT VMS in short
 Local, in camera software
 Recordings, reports, status, loggings
 Camera Cluster
Operation and Maintenance
Cloud based Central operation, maintenance and inventory
Immediate report of malfunction
Remote corrective action and software upgrade
Qualification of critical alarms
Encrypted pictures
Secured communication
User authorization
Logged actions
Installation and service
ACApp camera installation
Quality assured easy installation
ACApp BIT Software remotely deployed
BIT Central management cloudbased, no installation
Automatic system test and installation report
Video Access
Remote upload of recordings to central server
Access with Player, smart easy to use GUI
3G/LTE, wifi
Remote Live video and audio access
 Full HDTV quality maximum frame-rate in H.264 and JPEG
 Recordings bookmarked and protected on Edge Storage
Image Analysis with Player
Synchronous playback from multiple cameras
Fast ff and rewind
Zoom in/out
Smart event search
Easy to select and download footage
Timestamp and position
User-friendly graphical interface
Observit Acap Store
 Add intelligent video analytics software (ACAP´s), directly to the
cameras, during operation.
Observit Video Systems
Sustainable remote system – reduce C0 2 and lower cost
Remote management and access is one of the advantages of installing and operating hosted video.
You don’t need to physically handle the camera to investigate an incident. Instead, you can see and
analyze the material from a distance using a computer/device, and then take appropriate action.
Alarm operator significantly reduces the number of emergency call-outs. One study shows that as
much as 90 percent (!) of all call-outs are false alarms. Every call-out adds considerable costs in
terms of transportation time, gas and vehicle maintenance, and generates unnecessary CO 2
Remote access also facilitates the maintenance of the Video surveillance system. Camera
maintenance, upgrades, diagnostics, troubleshooting and retrieving image material.
A camera with remote access reduces the number of maintenance visits by
about 50 percent.
A reduction in both CO2 emissions and costs quickly becomes evident as a result of less driving
time, less fuel, lower vehicle costs and less time spent on performing camera maintenance.
Example: Eight hours reduction in retrieving, delivering and management of hard-disks with video,
50 km driving per incident, once a year, in 1.000 vehicles, results in total savings of 62 ton CO2
emission and aprox. € 1.9M over a five-year period.
Avoiding physical retrieval and management of hard disks in 1.000
vehicles over a five-years period, the Mobile Video Surveillance
system from Observit will save:
€1 900 000
62 ton CO2 emissions
25 000 liters of fuel
Observit Video Systems
Observit VMS video management systems delivers value
Sustainability – Green traveling
Cloud based IT services lower the energy consumption with 80% - 90%.
Alarm operator significantly reduces the number of emergency call-outs. One study
shows that as much as 90 percent (!) of all call-outs are false alarms.Camera with
remote access reduces the number of maintenance visits by about 50 percent.
Considerable savings in terms of transportation energy waist, time, gas and vehicle
maintenance and unnecessary CO2 emissions.
Security Manager
Have total control and accessibility of all cameras in the vehicles. Recordings, live view
and easy configuration, everything distributable remotely. Integration to alarm, Alcohol
interlocks, Driver panels, People Counter etc. make the solution a solid ground for the
security and safety in the vehicles.
Improve the profitability, significantly reduce vandalism, improve staff security and at the
same time provide even better service and safety for the passengers. Safety cameras for
the staff make the public transportation company a greater place to work and will
encourage the use of public transportation. Easy and cost effective handling of crime
reports etc. The extra eye, video camera, can be used in several ways for marketing.
Passenger and Drivers
Passengers and driver can be safe and secure, independent what time of day it is, when
traveling by bus, subway or commuter train equipped with Observit Mobile Video
Surveillance System. The system operates 24 hours a day and reduces criminal activities and
inappropriate behaviour to a minimum. If an incident nevertheless occur an Alarm Centre
can connect the vehicle and within seconds stream and analyse live video to support police
Public Transport Authority
Safety cameras in buses, subway and commuter trains will create a secure and safe
environment for passengers and encourage the use of public transportation. It is
important that passenger’s confidence that the safety system always works is maintained.
Observit Mobile Video Surveillance System operates 24 hours a day and immediately
reports malfunctions to operational management. Daily operating statistics verifies the
high availability of the system. Improved sustainability including lower CO2 emissions.
Observit Video Systems
Mobile Video Systems
Axis Video Hosting provider
Alarm centers
Offices, buildings and schools
City surveillance
Unmanned sites
Transportation & vehicles
IP Video surveillance systems since 1996
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