Line amplifier PSA 350-1/2
Line amplifier PSA 350-1/2
The PSA 350-1/2 Line amplifier is designed
to amplify radio and TV signals for distribution in a medium-sized network. PSA 350-1/
2 with an additional RA-18 plug in module
can also be used for interactive systems. The
PSA 350-1/2 accepts 117 and 230 VAC.
Like other Naval products, the PSA 350
series are designed to meet the special
requirements of world-wide marine use.
See overleaf for further details of specific
Size: (H) 165 mm x (W) 230 mm x (D) 85 mm
Output level at 129 NTSC chs (102 dBµV)
-55 dBOutput level
-50 dB
-57 dB
Attenuation 0.1–30 MHz:
0–13 dB
Attenuation 40–890 MHz:
0–18 dB
Tilt adjustment 40–890 MHz: 0–18 dB
-40 – +35 C°
<95% non condensing
EN 50083-2
EN 60065
2.6 kg
Input voltage:
Input/Output impedance:
Input/Output connectors:
Frequency range:
Gain 40–890 MHz:
117/230 V AC +10/-15%, 50–60 Hz
75 ohm
0.1–30, and 40–890 MHz
Operating gain: Min. 30 dB
Full gain: 34 dB
Gain 0.1–26.5 MHz:
Min. 15 dB
Noise figure:
Max. 7 dB
Output level, 2 sign 60 dB IMA: Max. 120 dBµV
Return Loss:
Current consumption:
Attenuation 0.1–30 MHz:
Attenuation 40–890 MHz:
Tilt adjustment 40–890 MHz:
20 dB at 40 MHz (-1.5 dB/octave)
400 mA
0–13 dB
0–18 dB
0–18 dB
Frequency range:
Fixed slope:
Output level (for reference):
Noise figure:
Return loss:
5–25 MHz
15.5 dB*
0–13 dB
±0.5 dB
6±1 dB
105 dBµV 4chs
8 dB nor.
15 dB
* 0 dB (RB-0A) return bridge 5-25 MHz can be supplied on special request
Since 1971, the objective of Naval Electronics has been to offer the
best possible products for TV and Radio reception at sea. Naval
began with omnidirectional antennas and is the world leader in this
field of technology today. Now, with an expanded product range, the
name Naval means much more than antennas. Naval operates in
more than 40 countries and has installations on thousands of
vessels all over the world.
All specifications stated are subject to change without notice.
© Copyright 2009 Naval Electronics AB
Naval Electronics AB
Höjdrodergatan 18, SE-212 39 Malmö, Sweden
Tel. +46(0)40-29 20 45. Fax +46(0)40-18 74 13
Operation temperature range:
Indoor use only.
Line amplifier PSA 350-1/2
Examples of possible PSA 350 configurations
The PSA 350-1/2 amplifier features low noise and
is designed to operate under difficult conditions at
sea, with wide variations in the input signal. The
PSA 350-1/2 amplifier works well as a L ine amplifier
with the AM plug in unit,or as a subamplifier in larger
installations equipped with the CAS 3500 main system. The PSA 350 can also be used in an interactive
system eg. Pay TV, videogames a.s.o
Use as line amplifier
The PSA 350-1/2 is also well suited as sub-amplifier in
larger systems or as an interactive unit e.g for Pay TV
In connection with main CAS amplifiers.
PSA 350-1
PSA 350-2
Order No. Type
AM-FM-TV Line amplifier
FM-TV Line amplifier incl. interactive unit eg. RA-18B
Shippingweight: 2.9 kg
Standard package: 1, Volume: 4 dm3
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