counting scale - Avery Weigh

counting scale - Avery Weigh
Precision counting
scale for industrial use
Quartzell™ technology provides extreme
accuracy down to 10 mg piece weight
Precision parts
The ZK830 combines exceptional accuracy, reliability and robustness in a single design.
Programed with multiple applications, the ZK830 can maximise operator efficiency in
many different industrial environments, from counting and checkweighing to general
high resolution weighing tasks.
From micro components to larger items, the ZK830’s
high precision Quartzell transducer weighs with an
accuracy not seen in other weighing scales in its class.
Miniscule weight changes are detected by the
ZK830’s 1 billion internal count resolution. The unique
base provides 1100% overload protection, providing
high accuracy and repeatability even in extreme
working conditions.
A robust, die-cast clamshell base enclosure guarantees
the ZK830’s accuracy, providing robust protection for
the internally mounted precision Quartzell transducer.
175 lb (80 kg) Model
12 in x 14 in (305 mm x 355 mm) platter
An intelligent spring breakaway mechanism provides
shock and side load protection that cushions the
internal weighing system from the daily wear and tear
of typical industrial weighing environments.
The ZK830 is available with a wide range of
capacities from 1 lb up to 175 lb (500g to 80kg) meeting most application requirements. A high
precision scale offering 100,000 divisions
(non legal-for-trade) or 10,000 divisions NTEP, OIML
and Measurement Canada legal for trade is available.
70 lb (35 kg) Model
9 in x 12 in (230 mm x 305 mm) platter
10 lb (5 kg) and 2 lb (1 kg) Models
6 in (150 mm) round platter
Precision digital counting scale
As industries move to reduce inventory and work closer
to a just in time manufacturing process, component
count accuracy becomes more critical to operations.
Data control
In addition to the capacity for storing up to 40 piece
weights internally, the ZK830 can also link with external
PC controlled databases, using simple SMA commands
to import and export data from other sources.
With its digital Quartzell transducer, the ZK830 can
bring full control of stock quantity. Conventional
analogue loadcells cannot offer the same level of
precision as the Quartzell.
Count accumulator
The ZK830 has been designed to accurately count
small components from a minimum of 10 mg with an
accuracy greater than 99.75%. By utilising its 1 billion
internal count resolution, the ZK830 can calculate
accurate piece weight down to 10 decimal places.
Check counting
Created to adapt to most inventory control processes,
the ZK830 can count and sample components quickly
and accurately in a number of different ways, from simple
one key press bulk sampling to a two key press dribble
sampling process requiring minimal operator training.
The ZK830 has also been designed to speed up
sampling processes, whether used in positive or
negative sampling routines. For negative sampling,
sample parts can be taken directly from a larger batch
already on the scale, making the process less time
Enhanced functionality
Installing an easy-fit numeric keypad module to the
side of the indicator boosts the ZK830’s functionality,
giving the operator flexibility to select from up to 40
stored piece weights and tare weights, ideal for harder
to count components. Data can be easily recalled
through the keypad or by use of a barcode scanner.
This optional keypad allows a second analogue or
digital remote base to be connected to the system,
allowing the operator to weigh a greater range of
The base switching option helps to obtain the best
possible accuracy, by allowing items to be sampled
on a smaller capacity base, while the batch counting
takes place on a larger capacity base. Base switching
can be selected manually, but for optimum speed, it
can also be programed to occur automatically.
Ideal for use when counting large quantities of the
same part, to keep a running total.
Designed to make repetitive counting faster and more
efficient, this function gives an easily visible under,
over or accept window to alert the operator when the
required number of parts is reached. Ideal for most
packing operations.
Fold-able carrying handles allow the scale to be easily
moved between different counting tasks. An optional
clamp down plate can be used with a battery power pack
to mount the ZK830 onto a mobile cart, making item
picking in a large warehouse easy and more efficient.
Simple but effective
Created with the user in mind, the ZK830’s
easy-to-use six key indicator has been designed
to keep operator training to the minimum and
to speed up the weighing process. The ZK830’s
firmware uses proven easy-to-use sampling
routings, which help speed up throughput while
reducing operator fatigue.
Mounted to the front of the BSQ base, the
indicator can easily be removed from the base
unit for desk or wall mounting.
A low power IBN display and energy saving
transducer make this scale ideal for use in all
types of bright or low lit areas, or in applications
where battery power is required.
Tailored solution
The ZK830 offers a wide range of connectivity options, allowing many
different devices to be linked to the scale, including PCs, printers,
scanners, remote displays, stack lights
and second remote bases.
The rugged, reliable Quartzell transducer uses
two, highly-accurate double-ended tuningfork quartz crystal sensors. The resulting digital
frequency greatly reduces weight conversion errors while increasing speed
and accuracy. Because each cell uses two quartz crystals, the Quartzell
transducer eliminates external influences such as temperature and pressure.
Quartzell load cell
Easy, efficient checkweighing
With its clear and easy to set up under, over and
accept weight bands, the ZK830 has been created
with the operator in mind.
The ZK830 can quickly display weight within an
accepted band at a glance, for a fast and efficient
checkweighing process.
The ZK830 offers a wide range of connectivity
options, allowing the scale to be linked to most PCs
and printers. This makes production data capture for
analysis effortless and enables production lines to be
fine tuned to maximise output.
Flexible connections
With a full range of ports, this high resolution
checkweigher can be connected to a wide range of
devices from PCs and printers, to scanners, remote
displays and external light stacks, making data
capture easy.
Ball top option
For applications where heavy boxes or
items are constantly being weighed to
reduce lifting and increase throughput.
Designed with prominent under, over and accept
bands, the operator can quickly and easily identify
when the required weight has been reached: ideal
when repetitive checkweighing is required.
When fitted with a remote keypad, the ZK830 can
store up to 40 individual PLU target bands along
with any required tare weights.
High precision, robust base scale
transaction counter, accumulator and percentage
This rugged industrial base scale has been designed
to give outstanding high resolution weighing
accuracy, even when used in some of the harshest
industrial environments.
Digital precision
Designed to work in industrial working areas
where other balances can’t function, the ZK830
combines the strength, accuracy and reliability of
our renowned BSQ bench base range with a userfriendly indicator.
The ZK830’s impressive 100,000 division resolution
can be increased by a factor of 10 with its high
resolution function: ideal for tasks that require
increased resolution.
A high resolution general weighing application
simplifies the operator functionality when in
gross or net weighing mode. When fitted with
a remote keypad, up to 40 stored tares can
be held within the scale for fast and efficient
weighing tasks.
Additional software functionality can be
activated by the supervisor to enhance
the functionality of the ZK830, including a
The Quartzell’s digital signal allows the scale to
weigh faster and with greater resolution than
standard load cells. Small and large items can be
weighed on a single base, allowing one scale to do a
job that might previously have required several. With
a fast return to zero between readings, the ZK830
provides speed and repetitive accuracy that can
be vital in situations where highly accurate weight
readings are required.
Flexible Options
The ZK830’s robust design, connectivity options
and flexibility make it suitable for use in a wide
range of environments including shipping areas,
warehouses and production lines.
I/O Relays
Scale Interface
RS232 (2)
Additional Options
›› Remote keypad (required for PLU storage
or when a remote base is installed)
›› Draft shield option (up to 10 lb/5kg only)
›› Under hook option (up to 10 lb/5kg only)
›› Battery options
›› Clamp down plate
›› Ball top (12” x 14” / 305 x
350mm option only)
›› Remote base analogue card
›› Wireless card
›› Printer
›› Barcode scanner
›› Stack lights
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