Tablet management and configuration

Tablet management and configuration
Tablet management, configuration,
useful apps, and
Tablet management
Tablet configuration
Useful apps
Tablet management
• After tables are procured, mgmt should
carefully catalogue each unit and assign a
coding system.
• The code can be the serial number, or in some
way linked to the serial number.
• This code will allow managers to keep track of
each individual tablet, and link them directly
with Supervisors and Enumerators.
Tablet management
• The coding system can even come in handy
when creating email addresses, and google
accounts for enumerators, etc. This code can
become part of your data management
Tablet management
• Labels should be placed on the tablets that
provide contact details of survey management
incase the tablet is lost.
Tablet configuration
• For the enumerator tablets, the Interviewer
application will need to be installed. Notably,
once the tablet has been synced w/ a server, it
cannot be synced with another server without
clearing the data from Settings-> Application
Manager -> Interviewer -> Clear data.
Tablet configuration
• All applications that can be deleted and not used
for data collection, communication, or navigation
should be deleted.
• Applications which cannot be deleted and are
not useful for data collection, communication, or
navigation should be locked using Perfect
AppLock which can be d/l’ed from GooglePlay
• Tablet should be encrypted, and password should
be kept with the code, and other information.
Useful apps
• Navigation
– Google Maps
– Google MyMaps if shapefiles are available
• Communication
– Gmail: each tablet should have a corresponding email
address allowing managers to send messages to all
– GoogleHangout
• Configuration
– Perfect AppLock
• Tablets
– Any tablet as long as it runs Andriod > 4.1, and <=
– Screen size 7’’, 8’’, 10’’ are suitable. Larger isn’t
– WiFi module, and allow SIM cards (2 sim card slots
may be useful’)
– GPS sensor
– Camera
– Battery: shoot for at least 8 hours of life.
– Tested models:
• Tablets (accessories)
– Cover for storage and protection
– Bag for concealing tablet
– Anti-glare film
– Extra battery pack or recharger
• Laptops: For supervisors
– Screen size: 14-inch or more
– Memory: 2Gb and more
– OS: doesn’t really matter, just need a browser
• Server:
OS: Windows Server 2008 or newer
CPU: 2 cores or more
Memory: 3.5 Gb or more
HDD: 50 Gb or more
IIS set up, with ASP.NET MVC Version 4.0
HTTP (port 80) traffic allowed firewall
• Connectivity
– HQ, and Supervisors have to have internet access to
use server.
– Interviewers do not necessarily need internet access if
there can transmit data via Wifi to Supervisor.
– A wireless router in the office is useful for
troubleshooting and practice with tablets on 3G
connections. This saves money on data as well.
– In the field, a mobile battery operated router can be
used for a LAC so multiple devices can transmit data.
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