batscanner stand
SD card slot
Volume control
For special use cases it may be needed to change device mode. Set the device mode control
switch to change the detection and standby times:
• 0: infinite detection
• 1: 30s detection, 30min standby (default)
• 2: 1min detection, 30min standby
• 3: 2min detection, 30min standby
• 4: 5min detection, 30min standby
• 5: 10min detection, 30min standby
• 6: 30s detection, 1h standby
• 7: 1min detection, 1h standby
• 8: 2min detection, 1h standby
• 9: 5min detection, 1h standby
• A: 10min detection, 1h standby
• B: 30s detection, infinite standby
• C: 1min detection, infinite standby
• D: 2min detection, infinite standby
• E: 5min detection, infinite standby
• F: 10min detection, infinite standby
Device mode control
LED push-button connector
Speaker connector
Microphone connector
12V Power connector
Package Contents
• BATSCANNER STAND device incl.
SD card
• Start push-button with LED and cable
• Speaker with cable 2m
• changeable Ultrasonic microphone
with cable 2m
• Power supply 12V, 5W
• This manual
Automatically detects bat calls and tunes frequency accordingly
Powerful speaker output, volume adjustable
Starts detection after button push and switches off after a few seconds automatically
Optional audio instruction output from SD card
Configurable detection- and standby times
Water- and vandal-proof for unattended outdoor use
Device mode
• Device does not turn on:
◦ Check power supply
◦ Check push-button connection
• Output volume is to low:
◦ Increase volume
◦ Check speaker connection
• Only noise is output:
◦ Decrease volume to minimize feedback loops or place the microphone away from
◦ Check/replace microphone
1. Use the provided drilling template to prepare a front panel, steel sheet or similar
(thickness max 11mm) for the mounting of the push-button and the speaker.
2. Mount the device in a box, housing or hidden place. Use screws ( 4x M4) to attach the
3. Mount the microphone in a place that ensures a good audio reception but still is protected
from rain and vandals.
4. Connect the microphone, speaker and push-button cables to the device.
5. Connect the power supply to the device and plug it into a power outlet.
Elekon AG
Cheerstrasse 16
CH-6014 Luzern
Open the device housing by unscrewing the four plastic screws.
Optional: Insert a SD card with the instruction audio file (see below).
Change the device mode with the “Mode control” (see below)
Push the button to start detection.
Adjust the speaker volume with the volume control.
Close the device housing and tighten the four plastic screws.
Thank you for purchasing Elekon AG's BATSCANNER STAND.
The BATSCANNER STAND is an automatic bat detector for stationary use. It converts the
ultrasonic bat calls into an audible frequency with the „mixer“ principle (heterodyne). The mixing
frequency is adjusted automatically for the detected bat species. Thus, the different bat species
can be heard without manual tuning. Optionally, an instructional audio file can be played back
before the detection period.
It is ideal for demonstration purposes, exhibitions, booths and can by used by virtually anyone
even without any bat knowledge.
The device is on, as soon as power is available. After power up, it is in sleep mode. The LED is off.
The microphone must be protected from rain and generally from liquids and harsh
environmental influences. The housing, push-button and speaker are waterproof only
if mounted correctly. The speaker must be mounted such that no water can
accumulate between front panel and speaker.
Power supply:
Only use the provided 12V power supply. Unplug from outlet when not in use and
before conducting maintenance. The included power supply adapter must be
protected from liquids and environmental influences. Do not use with a damaged
cord or plug. Do not attempt to open the power supply adapter.
Repairs should only be carried out by a qualified customer care centre. When
disconnecting the power adapter from the wall outlet always grasp the adapter itself
and not the cord.
BATSCANNER STAND microphone must be placed away from electronic devices,
speakers, lamps, machines, cars, or other ultrasonic sound sources. The device is
very sensitive and it will pick up and amplify any noise. This might lead to unwanted
Default mode (without SD card)
The device acts as a simple bat detector. The mixing frequency is adjusted automatically for the
detected bat species and the ultrasonic calls are transformed into audible range.
1. Press the push-button to start the detection. The LED lights red.
2. After 30s the device goes into standby. The LED lights green.
3. After 30min of inactivity, the device turns into sleep mode. The LED is off.
Instructions for safe use:
Please read this manual carefully and entirely before using this product. The product
must be properly installed before usage.
General usage
130×130×78 mm, 350 g
Weather protection
IP66 (except microphone, power supply)
Power supply
12 V DC to 18 V DC, min. 5W
Operating environment
-20°C to 50°C, < 80% RH
Audio converter
Mixer (Digital heterodyne), with automatic adjustment
Input frequency range
15 – 120 kHz
Electret condenser, omni directional, changeable
20W, Range: 350 – 5800 Hz (-10dB)
Instruction mode (with SD card)
The device first plays an instructional audio file and after that switches into bat detection mode
(see above).
Short-Press the push-button to start the audio instruction. The LED lights red.
After the instruction, the detection is started. The LED lights red. (depending on the mode)
After 30s (see chapter 8) detection the device goes into standby. The LED lights green.
Long-Press the push-button to start the detection immediately. The LED lights red.
After 30min (see chapter 8) of inactivity, the device turns into sleep mode. The LED is off.
Dimensions L×W×H, Weight
• Unauthorized reproduction of this manual is prohibited.
• Changes to the information as well as technical specifications and design of the product
• The illustrations used in this manual may differ from the actual product.
• Notwithstanding the foregoing Elekon AG can not be held liable for losses, arising from
the use of this product.
For instruction or demonstration purpose an audio file can be played back.
1. On your computer, use a common audio application to record a WAV-File (PCM, 16bit,
Mono, 44100Hz recommended (up to max. 48000Hz possible)).
2. Name the WAV-File “message.wav” (without quotes).
3. Copy the WAV-File onto a SD card's root folder.
Made in Switzerland
May 2016
© 2016 Elekon AG, All rights reserved. Elekon, the Elekon logo and
BATSCANNER STAND are trademarks and / or registered trademarks
of Elekon AG. Other brand and product names are trademarks or
registered trademarks of their respective owners. Information may be
changed without prior notice.
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