Robotics Safety Test

Robotics Safety Test
Robotics Safety Test - ODD
True (A) or false (B)
1. Wear eye protection when there is a danger to your eyes
2. No playing or running in lab areas.
3. You may throw tools or materials to your partner to save time.
4. Clean up all work areas and dispose of materials properly.
5. If you keep your work areas neat and organized you will save time.
6. If you use hand tools when others are standing within your safety zone you risk hitting them
if your hand slips.
7. Don’t wear loose or baggy clothing or jewelry when using tools.
8. Tie back dangling, long hair when using tools or testing robots.
9. It is not necessary to wash hands after using lab materials.
10. You can get cut many times by touching a spinning or rotating tool or gear.
11. Loose wires never get caught in moving parts.
12. It is not necessary to power down and disconnect the battery when making changes to the
13. Use tools properly and for their intended use.
14. You may cut or bend materials without the teacher's permission.
15. Students who short (connect) the wires from the battery together will be sent to the office.
16. You should never allow the robots to collide or touch.
17. Testing a robot on a counter or table may result in it falling off the table and become
18. It is a good idea to read the directions twice before building.
19. Carrying your robot by the frame, instead of the arm or wheel will prevent damage to your
20. You can strip out a screw or ruin a tool if the tool is not completely inserted into the screw
head socket
21. Keep robots out of liquids or dirt.
22. Planning your assembly steps before you begin will result in less frustration.
23. Keeping small parts in a tray will keep you from crawling around on your hands and knees.
24. Picking up electrical parts by the wires may cause the wires to break off.
25. If it takes a lot of force to assemble or disassemble your robot you are doing something
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