A 4090B 500W 100V Public Address Power Amplifier

A 4090B 500W 100V Public Address Power Amplifier
Redback® Public Address Amplifiers
Product Guide
A 4090B 500W 100V Public Address Power Amplifier
A 4090B 500W 100V Public Address Power Amplifier
Manufactured in Australia to stringent engineering criteria, the
Phase 4® A 4090B amplifier exhibits remarkable performance and
outstanding reliability. Over 2 years in design and development, the
evolution of the Phase 4® series included extensive consultation
and input from pro sound contractors and installers across the
country. The host of features incorporated commend this amplifier
series to the most demanding of pro sound and industrial PA
system applications.
Key Features
3 Multi-stage thermally cued fan cooling
3 LED bargraph VU meter
3 Input signal presence indicator
3 Output peak limited
3 2U 19” rack mount
3 3 Pin XLR input, 3 Pin XLR loop output
3 Rear mounted level control
High Performance
3 100V, 70V and 4 - 16Ω output terminals
Frequency response extends from 50Hz to 15kHz at a total
harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 0.5%. Output is 4 to 16
ohm, 70V and 100V line.
3 Thermal and overload protection
3 240V AC or 24V DC operation
3 Australian designed & assembled
Thermally Cued Fan Cooling
Redback® Phase 4® amplifiers incorporate on demand multi-staged
thermally cued fan forced cooling. The output power stage is
thermally monitored enabling automatic operation of a long life
cooling fan to "off", "low" or "high" air flow through a specially
designed tunnel heatsink. To minimise ambient noise, In quiescent
or ordinary cycle paging mode the fan is inoperative.
Protection Features
Over temperature sensing is employed to shut down the amplifier
in extreme over heat conditions, eg extreme over load and /or over
drive misuse. Re–start is automatic once normal temperatures are
About Redback® Public Address Amplifiers
Redback amplifiers are proudly designed, engineered and
manufactured in Australia.
Each unit is covered by a comprehensive 10 year parts and labour
warranty. Redback® offers rock solid reliability from over 30 years
experience in the commercial sound industry. Redback® offer locally
available servicing and parts, plus the ability to offer feedback direct to
the manufacturer.
The output voltage is limited to 110V maximum RMS voltage
irrespective of load impedance to prevent damage to speaker load.
Standard 100V line PA amplifiers can deliver up to 180 volts or
more under conditions of high drive and very light loading. This
output over voltage can quickly destroy any loudspeakers
In the event of an overload, the output current is limited by the
internal circuitry, thus reducing the output voltage at the speaker
terminals. The front panel ‘Overload’ LED flashes, indicating a fault
with the speaker circuit.
Assembled & Distributed in Australia by Altronic Distributors Pty. Ltd.
Ph: 1300 780 999
Fax: 1300 790 999
Internet: www.altronics.com.au
A 4090B 500W 100V Public Address Power Amplifier
Rear Panel
1 DC blade fuse 20A
5 Volume control
2 240V AC input
6 XLR 3 pin male balanced line out
3 100v, 70V and 4-16Ω terminals
7 XLR 3 pin female balanced line in
4 24V DC input
8 DC blade fuse 20A
Power output:
500W watts RMS
< 0.5% @ 1kHz
Output line:
100V, 70V or 4-16Ω
Signal to noise ratio
Frequency response:
50Hz - 15kHz, -3dB
Input sensitivity:
Power supply:
240V AC or 24V DC
Current draw:
500mA Standby, 35A Full load
240V AC power:
IEC power connector
24V DC power
Heavy duty binding post
10A AC, 2 x 20A DC fuse
LED indicators:
Over temp, Overload, Signal, Peak, Power, VU
Volume 1:
6 7
Redback® Public Address Amplifiers
Product Guide
Controls line 1
On/Off switch
Line In
3 pin XLR female (balanced)
Line Out
Screw terminals for 100V
line, 70V line and 4-16Ω
3 pin XLR male (balanced)
Notes: We do not recommend using this amplifier with a combination of low
impedance and 100V line speakers.
Architect Specifications
A 4090B
423W x 380D x 88H mm
The amplifier shall have a power output of 500 watts RMS. The unit shall have a balanced 3 pin
XLR line input. Frequency response shall be 50Hz – 15 kHz (-3dB).
A volume control shall be positioned on the rear panel. The front panel shall have a LED bargraph
VU meter, power switch, power LED indicator, signal presence LED indicator, output peak limit
LED indicator and overtemperature LED indicator.
The unit shall operate from 240V AC or 24V DC and each shall be individually fuse protected. It
shall have multi stage thermally cued fan cooling. The unit shall have automatic shutdown and
restart in the event of an overload condition.
The amplifier shall be capable of delivering full power of 100V RMS into a 20 ohm (500W)
inductive load with less than 0.5% distortion measured at 1 kHz and with a signal to noise ratio of
less than 90dB. The speaker outputs shall be 100V, 70V and 4-16 ohms provided via screw terminals.
The output voltage shall be limited to 100V RMS to provide speaker protection. A 3 pin XLR line
out socket shall be provided on the rear panel.
The amplifier shall be housed in a high quality 2RU metal chassis suitable for rack mounting.
The amplifier shall be a REDBACK PHASE 4 model A 4090B.
Assembled & Distributed in Australia by Altronic Distributors Pty. Ltd.
Ph: 1300 780 999
Fax: 1300 790 999
© 2013 Altronic Distributors Pty. Ltd. Specifications subject to change without notice. E&OE. Revision date: 25/06/2013.
Internet: www.altronics.com.au
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