WMU-6000FS 802.11g Wireless HD + Printer Server

WMU-6000FS 802.11g Wireless HD + Printer Server
802.11g Wireless HD + Printer Server
rom the pioneer in multi-function USB storage,
AirLive Corp introduces the AirLive WMU6000FS. A wireless Hard Drive + Print Server
that deliver phenomenon 48Mbps file transfer
throughput, the fastest in its market.
Built-in 2.5" Drive Bay
The WMU-6000FS is a wireless file server with one 2.5" Hard Drive bay and 2 USB 2.0
ports. Therefore, you can install any 2.5" IDE Hard Drive and share it instantly on the
network. Users can use My Network Place to access the Hard Drive. Even set it as a
network Drive. So you can save or read files directly. The WMU-6000FS can set
username and password to limit access only to certain users. Best of all, Internet user
can access the device throughput standard FTP client.
802.11G Wireless Multifuncton AP
The AirLive WMU-6000FS is equipped with 802.11g wireless
technology. So you can build a wireless network around it. It's
wireless AP function is available in 4 separate modes : AP, WDS
Bridge, WDS Repeater, and Ethernet Client. So you can build a new
wireless network or integrate the device into existing wireless
environment easily. WPA and WEP encryption are standard for secure
wireless Transmission.
USB 2.0 Ports
If you want to share your USB storage or Memory Card quickly. You can use the built-in 2 x USB 2.0 ports.
Simply connect your USB pen drive or Card Readers, then the WMU-6000FS can share the USB storage
instantly at up to 15Mbps speed. Furthermore, you can copy the content of the USB storage into the Hard
Drive by simply pressing the "Backup" button. Then you can take advantage the ultra fast 48Mbps
throughput of the IDE drive. Moreover, because of its small size, you can carry it with you with a memory
card reader to perform as an OTG (On-The-GO) device for your digital Camera.
USB Print Server
You can share many USB printers wirelessly through the built-in USB printer function. The device uses
standard LPR TCP/IP print for printer sharing. For compatible list of printers, please click on the "Printer
List" on the top tool bar for details.
Perfect Companion to Digital A/V Streaming
\The ultra fast IDE throughput of the WMU-6000FS makes it a perfect companion for your A/V Streaming
Media Player. You can simply download any audio and video clip directly into the WMU-6000FS. Then your
A/V Streaming Player can player the audio/video from WMU-6000FS directly. At the amazing 48Mbps
throughput, you can play any MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, RealAudio, QuickTime, and other video files fast and
If you didn't want to buy Wireless Hard Drive before because of the performance problem. It is time to
change your mind. With the WMU-6000FS, you have the complete wireless storage + AP solution. Best of all,
it is amazing small so you can carry it anywhere. Why leave your computer on constantly just for file sharing?
Get the WMU-6000FS.
* Wired connection
** Limit 5 concurrent Samba users.
· RISC 2000
· 4MBytes Flash
· 32MBytes SDRAM
Hard Disk Support
· IDE 2.5"
Support File System
· FAT / FAT32 / EXT2
File / Disk Management Tools
· Format / Scan Disk / Partition
Folder Access Permission
Web-based Management
File Transfer Interface
· USB 2.0 Host
Ethernet Port
802.11g WLAN
LED Indicators
· Power / HDD / WLAN / LAN / USB drive /
· Printer / Backup / HDD full
Ordering Information
802.11g Wirless HD+ Print Server
Control Buttons Function
· Backup / Shutdown / Reset
· 802.11g Standard
Compatible with 802.11b
Data rate: maximum up to 54Mbps
Range coverage up to 100-300 meters
(depend on actual environment)
Security: 64 /128 bit WEP,WPA
Wireless Mode: Client / AP / WDS / Hybird
· Input Power: 5VDC, 2A
EMI / Safty: FCC Part 15 / CE Mark
Dimension: 162(L)x92(W)x25(H)mm
OS Support
· Windows98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP
Print Server
· Use LPR protocol
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