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iXP1-500 Guidelines
Read the following guidelines carefully before
using the iXP1-500.
iXP1-500 adapters are not water resistant.
Should moisture get in your iXP1, the unit
should be dried completely before using.
If the iXP1-500 is submerged in water do
not attempt to use the iXP1-500 or you
may run the risk of electrical shock.
Restricting Children Access
to your iXP1
iXP1 adapters are not recommended for
use by small children under 10 years of
age. Small objects like the iXP1-500 are
something the may put in their month.
iXP1 USB Power Connector
iXP1 connector adapters are designed for
USB connector styles and type A
connectors use on USB ports on laptop
and desktop computers.
To connect or disconnect your iXP1-500
power adapter you must place your fingers
on the housing of the iXP1-500 and do not
remove by pulling from the USB cable.
Dropping or excessively impacting the
iXP1-500 will cause damage.
USB Power Adapter
Technical Support
Technical support is available to all registered users
of Xmultiple products. Technical Support contact
information can be found on our website at
Web Support
iXP1's website has most technical information you will
need. Please connect to our website at www.iXP1.com
and click on the "Technical Resource" button at the
top of the homepage. You may also find the answer
to your problem in the Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ) section of the Support area on the iXP1
Website: www.iXP1.com.
C on t en ts I n c lu d e
iX P1 –5 0 0 M an u al
90 day limited warranty.
Xmultiple Technologies, Inc.
1060 Los Angeles Avenue, Simi Valley, CA 93065
Avoid Dropping or Impacting
Your iXP1-500
Water Resistant
Connecting & Disconnecting
“ Power For The Information Age ”
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iPad Charging
From Your PC
I X P 1 - 5 0 0
iXP1-500 adapters are not
Step 1: iXP1-500
Congratulations on your
purchase of the Xmultiple
iXP1-500 USB Power Adapter
Thank you for purchasing the iXP1500. With the iXP1-500 you can now
charge your pad computer with a USB
port on your laptop or desktop
computer. iPad users know iPad
charging with a USB port is in most
cases not feasible – The iXP1-500
solves this problem
Users of non Apple computers and some
Apple computers cannot charge the iPad
unless they use an electrical wallplate. The
10W Power Adapter which is packaged
with the iPad is required if a user wants to
charge the iPad. Therefore, to charge the
iPad you must use a wall outlet.
Unless you have a 2.0 USB connector on
your laptop or desktop which will operate
with the iPad for charging. Apple states on
their website that some USB 2.0 ports and
accessories do not provide enough power
to charge the iPad. When this occurs the
message "Not Charging" appears in the
status bar next to the battery icon. This
appears to happen in most cases.
As it turns out the iPad will not charge
through USB ports on non-Apple
computers. iPad charges just fine through
the wall charging brick and accompanying
USB data cable. The iPad charges just fine
when connected to USB ports on iMac,
MacBook Pro.
Step 2: Charging Your Pad
Computer with Your
Getting Started
No large manual is required with the
iXP1-500 because it is so easy to use.
1. Turn on the power to your personal desktop
computer or laptop.
2.Attach the iXP1-500 female Type A USB
connector to the male Type A USB connector on
your USB USB cable which is include with your
pad computers.
3. Insert the iXP1-500 male Type A USB
connector into the female USB port of your
desktop computer or laptop.
4. Your pad computer will start charging.
Check the battery charging status on your pad
computer to verify it is charging.
5.Charge your pad computer until its power
charge indicator shows you have a 100%
charge. Listed below are IXP1-500 benefits.
Female USB Type A connector to attach to your
existing Apple USB cable’s male USB Type A
Remove iXP1-500 to sync
Male USB Type A connector to attach to your
Integrated patent pending circuit to support the
iPads power requirement
White Color to match your white Apple charge/
sync cable
Black Color also available
Works with car adapters and most hubs
Attractive Packaging & Small compact form factor
Protective Cover
iXP1-500 is Patent Pending
The iXP1-500 is a patent pending product with
a power circuit which is unique. Most iPad
users are going to want to purchase multiple
Xmultiple is known worldwide for our
‘4,978,317’ patent for integrated lights in RJ
connectors. The next time you plug in the
networking cable for an Internet connection to
your computer or networking device, you will
see our blinking lights. We also would like you
to check out our XP1Power cables which have
an integrated rechargeable battery in the USB
charging/sync cable. The XP1Power will charge
almost any cellphone, smartphone, wireless
headset and many other battery powered
iXP1-500 Solution
The iXP1-500 adapter has been designed to
solve the USB power with an inexpensive
solution. Simply attach the iXP1-500 adapter
to your existing Apple USB cable and your iPad
will charge from your computer's USB port –
Guaranteed. The iXP1-500 charges the iPad
using the USB port on the user's computer. No
need for a wall outlet. No more frustration. iPad
is a trademark of Apple Inc.
I X P 1 - 5 0 0
Power For The Information Age
Phone: 805-579-1100
Fax: 805-579-7800
E-mail: orders@xmultiple.com
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