Sovelto Online - How to Participate a Course Using Adobe Connect

Sovelto Online - How to Participate a Course Using Adobe Connect
Sovelto Online - How to Participate a Course Using Adobe Connect
Hardware and Software
Sovelto is using Adobe Connect environment to deliver online training. You can simply use your web
browser with a Flash player plugin as client software.
Please visit the following link and check your hardware and software compatibility well in advance
before the course. Do this test from the same network location you are going to be during the actual
The script is checking your:
Flash Player version
Adobe Connect Connection requirements
Your network speed
Adobe Connect Add-in plugin existence
If you get similar results as above your computer is ready!
If the Flash player is missing or the version is too old, administrative privileges are often required to
install or update the player.
Do these tests well before the beginning of the course, so that the technology will not be an
obstacle. If necessary - contact your organization administrator for assistance.
You should also reserve a peaceful quiet place for the online session. Consider also whether you
should have a separate headset and an external microphone, or are the computer integrated devices
Adobe Connect is also available as a separate client software for Android and iOS devices. While the
software is ok for basic use, some might consider doing exercises with a tablet a bit too challenging.
Connecting via Web Browser
1. Open your web browser and visit the link you get in the course confirmation
(Demo connection
2. Enter as a Guest. Type your name and press "Enter Room".
3. After a while Adobe Connect session starts. Please wait for the course host to accept your
Voice and Video
4. In the Adobe Connect client you can see a microphone icon. Click it and select "Connect My
5. Next you will see Adobe Flash Player request to use your camera and microphone. Accept
the request by clicking "Allow"
6. Similarly - start your own video by clicking "Start My Webcam".
7. Note that this just starts your webcam. If you want to share your video, click "Start Sharing".
Now your video is delivered to other participants. Please note that the voice and video
function independently of each other. You can also mute either one separately by clicking
the icons again.
Troubleshooting Voice and Video Issues
Be sure your microphone / webcam is plugged in BEFORE you log in to Adobe
Connect. Otherwise, quit Adobe Connect, plug in your microphone / webcam, and log in
Be sure you click "Allow" when you get a popup asking for permission for Adobe Connect to
access your microphone.
When you're in an Adobe Connect session, run the Audio Setup Wizard, under the "Meeting
-> Manage My Settings" menu item. The most important part is Step 2, where you select
which microphone you are going to use. Make sure you select the right microphone.
If your microphone is not listed, you need to restart your computer with the microphone
connected. If after a restart it is still not listed, you might need to install drivers for your
You can access the Audio Setup Wizard any time in an open classroom that will be provided
by your instructor.
Make sure that your microphone and audio headset work with your computer when you are
not logged in to Adobe Connect. If it does not, and you can't hear the audio and/or can't be
heard when you speak into the microphone, contact your local support.
Adobe Connect Session Window Summary
Your Connection Status
You can check your network connection status (latency / upload / download). Click on the narrow
green rectangle in the upper right corner.
If the network connection status is poor, try to free some capacity. For example - stop your own
video sharing.
Entering the Full Screen Mode
Sometimes it is useful to use full screen mode with video or shared content. You can enter the full
screen mode by clicking the arrows icon on the upper right corner.
Now we are in a full screen mode. Where is the window top bar?
You can recall the window top bar by pointing your mouse over the picture and the top bar appears
again. Now you can see the restore icon (four arrows pointing inwards) on the upper right corner.
Click it to restore the smaller window.
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Thank you for your participation!

* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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