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The NeXT External
CD-ROM Drive
provides immediate
access to large
of information.
With a capacity of up to 680 megabytes of stored data, the NeXT™ External CD-ROM
Drive is ideal for people who desire an efficient means to generate a backup copy of their
system software from a CD-ROM disc. CD-ROM discs also provide a convenient way to
update or load additional software onto your hard disk drive or network server. You can
copy industry standard files such as TIFF, EPS, RTF, or text, into applications running on
your NeXT computer, or move the data onto your hard disk, to take advantage of all the
editing options available on NeXT systems.
The drive also allows you to explore the multitude of CD-ROM discs holding digitally
recorded text, graphics, and sound files, as well as listen to your favorite audio CDs
by using the drive’s RCA jacks. Switch back and forth, as you desire.
The NeXT External CD-ROM Drive supports the major file formats, High Sierra,
ISO-9660, and Rockridge, making it possible to select from an expansive range of available
CD-ROM titles, as well as high-quality color and PostScript® image files.
680 MB capacity
Large enough for full system software releases. Unlike having a software
release on floppies, the single CD-ROM is convenient for updating your
hard disk. You don’t have to constantly swap floppies.
Integrated 64-kilobyte
RAM cache buffer
Improves the transfer rate of data to the computer, which is important when
reading large image or text files.
High Sierra, ISO-9660 and
Rockridge file format
Allows you to work with discs produced in industry-standard formats.
Front-loading disc design
Quick and convenient access to the drive. Allows you to stack additional
peripherals on top of the drive.
Auto-loading and eject
Allows simple disc insertion and automated disc eject when the computer
has completed using the data on the disc.
Leveraged network sharing
Allows drive to be shared across the network, enabling all network users to
access data and applications, and to update to new system software from a
single drive.
NeXTstep™ system software
distributed on CD-ROM discs
Low-cost and convenient way to update to a newer software release.
Universal power supply
Allows you to take the CD-ROM drive anywhere in the world.
Automatically switches from 100V to 240V.
Audio compatibility
Allows music to be played from standard music CDs from either the RCA
jacks or from the headphone jacks with appropriate software. The
headphone volume is easily adjusted from the front of the drive.
12 cm Compact Disc
n CD-ROM Mode-1 data disc;
CD ROM Mode-2 data disc;
CD-Audio disc; or
audio-combined disc
n Data: 680 MB
n Block size (bytes)
Access time: 380 ms (average)
Rotational Speed
Inner tracks 530 rpm at
CLV = 1.4 m/s
n Outer tracks 200 rpm at
CLV = 1.4 m/s
n Buffer RAM: 64 KB
n Data Transfer Rate
Sustained: 150 KB/sec
Burst: 1.5 MB
7 in. (w) x 1-3⁄4 in. (h) x 12-7⁄8
in. (d) (177.5 mm x 44.0 mm x
325 mm)
6 lb. 6 oz. (2.9 kg)
Environmental Requirements
Operating temperature:
41 F to 113 F (5 C to 45 C)
n Operating humidity: 10%
to 90%
n Storage temperature:
22 F to 131 F (-30 C to 55 C)
n Storage humidity: 10%
to 90%
Read error rate
(including retry)
n ECC on: 1 block/1012 bits
n ECC off: 1 block/109 bits
n MTBF: 20,000 POH
Audio Output Level
Line out: 9.5V at 47kW
n Headphone: 9.55V at 32W
Electrical Requirements
AC line voltage: 100 to 240V
n Frequency: 50 to 60 hertz
n Power consumption: 0.25A
To use the NeXT External CDROM Drive, you will need a
NeXT computer, a SCSI-I–to–
SCSI-II cable, as well as a SCSI
terminator if the drive is the last
external SCSI device connected to
your NeXT computer. You will
also need NeXTstep Release 2 or
later. For support of the Rockridge
format and for sharing CD-ROMs
across a network, NeXTstep
Release 3 is required.
NeXT External CD-ROM Drive
Order No. N3010
Order No. N7007
For additional information, call 1-800-TRY-NeXT
NeXT Computer, Inc. 900 Chesapeake Drive, Redwood City, CA 94063 USA
©1992 NeXT Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. NeXT, the NeXT logo, NeXTstep, and NeXTstation are trademarks of NeXT Computer, Inc. PostScript and Display PostScript are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc. All other trademarks mentioned belong
to their respective owners. NeXT will from time to time revise the specifications described herein, and reserves the right to make such changes without obligation to notify the purchaser.
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