37946 Portable Wire Crimping Tool
 B7946 Portable Wire Crimping Tool
No need for pricey long handle crimping tools and replacement jaws. This tool does a 3 point
crimp all at one time and it crimps up to 4 awg cables!
The B7946 is a new versatile wire crimping tool. Tight work areas are not a problem for this
small hand held crimper. Can be held with a 3/8” drive extension or ratchet as well as a 19mm
or % inch open end wrench. Ratchet the movable crimping head down onto the 2 point base to
make a 3 point crimp. Can be used with a 3/8” impact rechargeable drill for heavy duty wire up
to 4 awg. Can be held in a vise for bench work.
* Crimps cable terminal ends onto cables up to 4 awg.
* Convenient 3/8" drive holding fixtures on top and bottom
* Adjustable wrench holding slot on back of tool
* Portable, durable and compact- No need for a hhmmer
* Crimps cables on the vehicle, boat, airplane
* Great for stereo installs
* Hardened fine thread drive screw for precise crimps
Innovative products since 1966.
E-mail: sales@ezred.com
Call: 1.800.522.7947 Fax: (607) 467-
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