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20 - channel splitter
The PPB20 is a special kind of audio splitter in that it splits one incoming signal up to twenty outputs (as opposed to the usual three). This splitter is especially intended for press conferences, in
which a speaker addresses a number of journalists. Instead of each journalist having to place his
or her own microphone in front of the speaker, the PPB20 splits up the signal of one microphone
up to twenty outputs.
Apart from a microphone input the Palmer Press Patch Box also offers a line input. This feature allows you to mix numerous microphone signals together on a separate mixer and then send the mixers’ line output to the PPB20. You can select the input via a switch on the front. Both input sockets
can be found on the front and on the rear of the device. The inputs are transformer balanced. The
maximal amplification is 76dB for the microphone input and 56dB for the line input. To optimise the
dynamic response and the signal to noise ratio the input gain can be adjusted in two steps by the
use of a 30dB boost button.
The LED meter helps monitor the input level. The meter covers a large dynamic range from -40dB
to +10dB. You can also monitor the input signal using the integrated headphone amplifier.
All of the 20 Outputs of the PPB20 are transformer balanced. The nominal output level is +4dBu
at a nominal impedance of 300Ohms. Additionally, Channels 19 and 20 have TRS jack sockets for
balanced/unbalanced signals and also cinch sockets (-10 dBu nominal level).
To avoid interferences between the individual channels, ten low ohmic driver circuits are used to
drive ten Transformers, each of which split up the input signal to two outputs. All outputs are thus
galvanically isolated and the possibility of ground loop hum is eliminated. The output pairs coming
from each transformer are decoupled from each other by the use of resistors. In case of a short
circuit on the output, only one other channel will be affected in that it is dampened by 3dB. All the
other channels remain completely unaffected.
Each output has its’ individual ground lift switch on the rear of the device.
Where more than 20 outputs are required, additional PPB 20s can be series-connected via a rear
BUS IN/OUT socket.
The PPB20 is powered by an internal 230 Volt power supply. Power connector, fuse compartment
and power switch can be found on the rear of the device. In addition, you will find a 4-pole XLR/M
socket for a bipolar DC power supply (+/- 12V). Since both voltages can be applied simultaneously, the additional DC voltage can be used as an emergency power supply in case of a power
cut. Please contact us, should you have further Questions concerning such emergency power supplies.
- XLR/F, one transformer balanced input each for microphone and line levels,
- input select switch
- ground lift switch.
- Impedance for both inputs: 2000Ohms
- Max. input level: Mic: 0dB, Line: +20dB
- Max amplification to output: Mic: +76dB, Line: +56dB
- 20 XLR/M, transformer balanced with ground lift switch
- Nominal output level: +4dBu (LED Meter shows 0dB)
- Maximal output level: +20dBu
- Nominal output impedance: 300Ohms
- 2x Stereo jack inputs balanced/unbalanced, nominal level -10dBu
- 2x Cinch inputs unbalanced isolated/ground-free, Nominal Level -10dBu
- Headphone output: Stereo Jack, Tip and Ring switched to mono. Suitable for headphones with
an Impedance of 8Ohms to 200Ohms. Adjustable level
- LED Meter: 10 Segment meter ranging from -40dB to +10dB
- Bus in and out via mono jack
- Power supply: Integrated 230V (others available on request) or +/-12V
- 19” Housing, 3 units high, approx. 200mm deep
18 19
01) Microphone input
02) Line input
03) 20 x Line outputs
04) Jack and RCA outputs for channels 19 and 20
05) Headphones jack
06) Headphones Level
07) Protectiv cap for input level (see points 15 to 18 for details)
08) Power switch
09) Connects electronic ground to chassis ground
10) Fuse and mains connector
11) Star ground connector
12) DC in
13) Individual ground lifts
14) Bus connections for linking numerous PPBs
15) Microphone and Line Inputs including ground lift (same connections as on the front)
16) Meter
17) Input gain
18) Input select mic/line
19) 30dB boost
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