Device Entitlement Gateway
Offering overview
Device Entitlement
Entitlement management
Communications service providers are investing in
auto-configuration or entitlement servers to provide
service configuration data to devices both during service
initialization and on a regular basis.
Entitlement management is technology
that grants, resolves, enforces, revokes,
and administers fine-grained access
entitlements—also referred to as
authorizations, privileges, access rights,
permissions, and/or rules. The purpose
of entitlement management is to execute
access policies toward services, devices,
data (structured/unstructured). To manage
entitlements, communications service
providers are investing in auto-configuration
or entitlement servers to provide service
configuration data to devices during service
initialization and on a regular basis.
What is HPE’s Device
Entitlement Gateway
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers a
flexible entitlement management product that
handles device entitlements for both the iOS
and Android platforms—Device Entitlement
Gateway (DEG).
Two main functions are handled by HPE DEG:
•Authentication of the subscriber and device
•Service configuration
With HPE DEG, iOS device management
is simplified and made compliant with iOS
entitlement server requirements. For the
Android mobile platform, HPE DEG offers
a service configuration function similar to
the one used for RCS-compliant devices.
HPE DEG has a number of core functions
to handle an entitlement framework:
•Device and subscriber authentication
•Authorization of device entitlements
•SMS-less Feature Registration
•Usage and Subscription dynamic
•VoLTE Entitlement Management
•VoWiFi Entitlement Management
•Non-SIM Devices Service Entitlement
Management (iOS only)
Offering overview
HPE DEG architecture
Carrier service core
HPE DEG is composed of two main
Profile and
•The core DEG element identified as the
DEG Application Server—hosts the main
services needed to process the requests
from devices, and support all required
interfaces to the carrier’s platforms and
back-end systems
IMS Prov
Entitlements + Service Data
•Apple Push Notification Service (APNS)
interface to deliver Push Notifications
related to configuration updates to
iOS devices
•Flexible XML “templates” for service
configuration data toward Android devices
•Websheet integration—allowing for close
collaboration between HPE DEG and the
carrier’s web/portal servers associated with
service configuration (for example, VoWiFi
Location update)
Serv 2
Entitlements + Service Data (E&FR)
IMS Core—
3G/4G & Wi-Fi
•Authorization function—interacting with the
carrier’s Subscriber Information and Profile
database to obtain the entitlement status of
•Outbound provisioning—interacting with
the carrier’s core network system to initiate/
activate entitlements as needed
Service Prov
Within the sub-components, HPE DEG offers:
•Authentication function—leveraging
information from the device’s U/ISIM and
the carrier’s 3GPP AAA/HSS system
Serv 1
•The DEG Manager Server—hosts the
different management tools and the
centralized data view of the HPE DEG
deployment and configuration.
•Direct HTTPS-based interactions with
iOS and Android devices
IP Network—
Figure 1: The network architecture for HPE DEG—The different integration points
among DEG, the carrier back-end systems, and devices.
The DEG Manager has a number of
management tools for ease-of-operation and
platform manageability:
•Monitoring tool to track the activity of
specific devices
•KPI tool—offers periodic generation of key
performance indicator (KPI) reports
•An Operations Console to monitor the
different HPE DEG modules of the platform
•An alarm interface based on SNMP,
connected to the Customer’ Network
Operations Center (NOC)
Hewlett Packard Enterprise has deployed
HPE DEG around the world for both iOS and
Android use cases, ensuring deep technical
and market expertise about the evolving
market for advanced device entitlements.
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