Catalog 5-1-15

Catalog 5-1-15
Distracted Driving
Port Sharing
GPS Integration
Improve Driver Safety
Often companies have a need to allow drivers to monitor critical tasks at all times. Gas companies may require that a leak order be immediately acknowledged or telco companies may
need to send outage notifications to field personnel. With DriveScreen each company can
decide which if any applications can be used while driving.
Fully Configurable to meet your driving Environment. With our ConfigIT UI you can design
a user experience that meets the needs of your drivers. Each mode is available to you with
the purchase of DriveScreen .
Limit Use to One or More Applications
DriveScreen can force one or more applications to open or be pulled up from the Taskbar
whenever the vehicle is in motion. This application can be set to allow or restrict input from
the user by limiting the use of the mouse or keyboard independently.
Hide All Applications
DriveScreen can be configured to switch to a Motion Desktop while in motion so that the
user cannot interact with any applications. Customizable for the display of any graphic including a black screen
Show Current Screen
DriveScreen can be configured to leave the screen active while preventing user interaction
with the mouse or keyboard.
Use indoors or outdoors
Silent install
Easy to maintain
Over the air upgrades
Fast deployment
Comes with access to Mobile Systems Manager
GPS or IPC Motion Sensor device required.
Perfect add on product for mobile deployments. If you are concerned about drivers safely
using mobile devices in a vehicle and you want to create a custom user environment then
DriveScreen is the product for you. Log on to to download a detailed description of DriveScreen and other IPC products.
One GPS is all you will ever need!
SmartPort turns one GPS antenna into hundreds! Plug in your GPS and SmartPort does
the rest.
Simply point your GPS enabled applications to your virtual ports and all of your programs can share one GPS signal.
How SmartPortTM Works
SmartPort creates virtual ports that pass the exact same data as the real port. Your additional GPS enabled applications point to virtual ports and work as though they are connected to the GPS.
Features of SmartPort
Unlimited virtual ports
Monitors where the GPS is attached and automatically adjusts if the GPS port
Survives Dock and Undock events
Survives log-off
Survives Standby
.Net remoting enabled
Works with any NMEA GPS
Unlimited virtual ports
Virtual Ports are not listed in Device Manager to prevent unauthorized use
Easily configured using IPC ConfigIT
Works with these GPS Devices
Trimble (@Road ilm’s)
Wireless Matrix R101 and R112
Serial GPS
Dell internal GPS
Panasonic internal GPS
San Jose
Mobile Systems Manager
The IPC MSM Server is an authentication server that provides our customers
with capabilities to manage the deployment of IPC applications With MSM
you can:
Initiate or grant device overrides
Upload and assign new config files
View version mismatches
View License Count
Identify non-reporting devices
Export data
Reports is a companion product for use within our Mobile Systems Manager
Server. Customers with external GPS devices can monitor GPS attach and
detach to determine compliance with distracted driving procedures. Devices
running Reports call into the MSM Server and report:
User name
Computer Name
GPS Status
 Device detached
 Device attached
The MSM Server can be configured to send emails to supervisors that have
selected devices to watch and GPS status notifications can be exported from
the server.
IPC Reports provides all of this information without monthly fees. Simply
maintain a Software Support Agreement and unlimited access is assured.
Your GPS system needs to work, but you also need to be able to work
with the system. That is why we developed our GPS Performance
Suite. You are a professional and you need professional tools.
Whether you need to make settings changes, monitor the GPS signal
or log critical data we have the tools you need.
MouseTrap dynamically traps the flying mouse caused by Microsoft
OS interpretation of the GPS as a mouse. When this occurs Mousetrap captures the event and corrects the issue without user interaction.
Visual GPS
Testing tool from San Jose Navigation that allows IT professionals to
easily evaluate GPS performance.
GPS Data Analyzer
NMEA Logger is a tech tool that can be used to analyze the performance of your GPS system by logging GPS data so that it can be analyzed to troubleshoot GPS performance. It is designed to give the
technical support staff a look into the system so that adjustments can
be made.
IPC Motion Sensor
Can be internally mounted within GamberJohnson dock or externally attached via
USB. Use for indoor applications of
US Globalsat MR 350 Antenna
Powered by SiRF III chipset for the best
signal obtainment in any environment.
Permanent mount. Specify either USB or
serial adaptor.
San Jose GM-44K
Low power 32 channel reception smaller
footprint than SiRF but more powerful.
Has adjustable baud rate for maximum
San Jose AU-3C Multi-Band Antenna
Permanent Mount Antenna that includes
GPS and all cellular networks. One
antenna works for all networks.
US GlobalSat BU-353
Magnetic mount antenna with SiRF III chipset.
Can be placed on the dash for faster
deployment and flexibility.
Serial to USB Converter
Convert serial connections to USB
10’ USB to USB Extension
Use with BU-353 for roof mount
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