Eaton Visual Power Manager
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Eaton Visual Power Manager
Eaton’s new Visual Power Manager (VPM) software provides data center
managers the tools to monitor data center power devices—including rack
UPSs and PDUs. VPM is easy-to-deploy, simplifies day-to-day monitoring
and helps maintain business continuity.
VPM helps you monitor power equipment, supply predefined and custom reports, initiate mass firmware and
configuration commands and deliver a visual layout of your data center, making it simple to stay in-tune with trends
and identify and resolve any issues. The comprehensive reporting software saves you time, allowing you to stay on
top of power management while focusing on the bigger picture—running your data center.
Key benefits:
Simplify day-to-day monitoring
User-friendly setup streamlines the deployment process relieving
common pain points with software installation.
•Auto discover Eaton UPSs and Managed, Metered Input and
Metered Outlet rack PDUs
•Initiate mass firmware and configuration commands
•Maintain your mixed environment—vendor agnostic*
Time-saving features ease your daily power management workload,
allowing you to perform quick status checks and move on to other
work priorities.
•View trends from the easy-to-access dashboard
•Identify equipment health status within a visual layout
of your data center
•Supply predefined and custom reports, both scheduled
and on-demand
Rack PDU configuration
The data center floor layout tool allows you to
visually see the health status of your power devices
aton, APC, Server Tech, Geist, Raritan, Dell, HPE, IBM, Lenovo,
and Bay Tech are supported
Maintain business continuity
Rack builder
Robust capabilities and real-time monitoring help ensure continuous
power is supplied to your critical equipment.
•Avoid crashes due to UPS and PDU overloads
• Instill system confidence with failover and capacity simulation
•Control PDU outlets and UPS load segments to turn on, off
and reboot hung equipment
View the status and equipment in each rack, and safely and effectively
deploy new equipment, ensuring each rack is optimized and balanced.
Rack PDU monitoring
Rack builder tool
•Search from 20,000+ IT devices in equipment database and simply
drag and drop into place within the rack
•Import existing asset list via CSV upload
• Track U space and weight capacity
• Protect the business continuity with failover assurance
VPM key features:
Power infrastructure monitoring
Floor layout builder
Up-to-the-minute statistics and reporting provides a quick way to
identify potential issues, allowing you to react and take corrective
Easily monitor your entire data center with the visual display of
your floor layout.
With VPM, you receive:
•Real-time reporting to help with power infrastructure monitoring
• Increased awareness with reports, trends and dashboards
• Customizable user access (multitenancy)
• Control of rack PDU outlets and UPS load segments
• Customer billing/chargeback reports
• View into plug and power capacity, as well as power events
•Ability to load balance the phases and set thresholds for over/under
to trigger an alarm
•Predefined trend charts for anomaly identification and analysis
• Visually see anomalies on the data center floor
• Health status lights (green, yellow, red)
•Subdivide, group rows and areas of the data center for
customized reporting
• Simple to set up via photo import
Floor layout tool allows you to visually see your
data center floor
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